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4 Great Ways To Explain What Your Mobile App Does


You’ve finally built your mobile app and you’re ready to introduce it to your target audience. Great, congrats! But how can you start to promote it?

If you don’t create a good communication strategy (and also effective channels) to differentiate your app from your competition, or even that infinite sea of apps out there, it will be quite hard to survive. In this blog post, we want to share with you 4 great alternatives you can leverage to start telling the world what your mobile app does and why it´s better than the others.

But listen up! Despite of these four alternatives, it’s vital that you work on an integrated digital marketing strategy that gives you the opportunity to use different tactics (and online communication channels). These are just a few that you can, and should, use combined, but of course you can resort to many others, and pick them up according to your marketing goals. To start, take a look at our suggestions:

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This one could seem like a no-brainer, but to get the most out of screenshots, you really need to go one step further: it’s not just about taking a screenshot and posting it on the app store. You have to use REALLY good images that grab your audience’s attention and, most importantly, explain with photos what your app can do.

To accomplish this, you can add some visual elements and captions to get the most out of your photos. The idea here is to provide your prospects with some useful and appealing visuals that, in just one look, enable them to fully understand the features of the mobile app. When you do this, make sure that you use just a couple of lines to explain only ONE functionality and, also, prevent the text from interfering with what you want to show.

Landing Pages / Microsites

Building a landing page or a one or two-page microsite to show what your mobile app does can work as well as a business card. Provide your prospects with a brief and clear introduction of your app. One of the most important things you should take care of is including a visible “download” button, just like Spendee does.

As you can see, on Spendee´s landing page the most noticeable links are the App Store and Google Play Store buttons. But, at the same time, the page provides some great useful information about the app’s features and functionalities (the possibility to download the app is always visible).

See how Snapchat makes it. Tinder is another good example of a simple, clear and compelling microsite.

Explainer Videos

An animated explainer video is a useful marketing tool that gives you the chance to communicate your business idea in just 90 seconds (or even less!). Videos are always engaging and appealing resources that let you communicate all the benefits and features of your mobile app. But what’s the difference from other marketing tools? Video is highly attractive, memorable and shareable, and it can set up a strong emotional bond with your audience.

Tip: would you like to get more information on how explainer videos can enhance your marketing strategy? Download this eBook for free!


Having your own corporate blog and using it to promote your new mobile app is also another great alternative. To start, you can write a complete story about it in order to tell your audience what´s behind it, how it can solve their problems and make their lives easier. Of course, make sure you include your app link, different screenshots, videos and any other resource that gives them a clearer idea of what your app is about. Afterwards, as a second step, you can go on writing about different topics that focus on your core service (this will help to position you as a reference in your niche), and that are relevant enough to attract new interested people. Check out this link and see how Buffer makes use of its blog: they are constantly posting new, fresh and valuable content related to their core business (social media).

And on your side, what other effective techniques have you already tried out to promote your mobile app? Share your case with us! 

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