Why Are Cartoon Marketing Videos So Popular, Really?

13 October, 2017  

If you are part of that 55% of people that watch videos online every day, then you’ve surely noticed that more and more businesses are making cartoon marketing videos. Even if you aren’t that much of a video fan, you’ve surely come across one. They are everywhere! But, why?


You could argue that they are ubiquitous because they look cute. Or because they can be really funny. Or you can even say that brands are betting on animated videos because the possibilities are endless, story wise. These 3 points have some truth to them, that’s for sure. But there are more specific reasons why cartoon animation is more popular now than ever.  Here are some of the most important ones.

How to make an animated video

#1. They can showcase how unique your company is

You know what sets your brand apart from every one of your competitors. You are aware that your service or product is unique and different. How can you make that obvious to your audience? With a custom animated video, of course!

Going with cartoon marketing videos will help you get your point across in the style that fits you the best. The sky’s the limit! That’s the thing with cartoon animations – you can do pretty much anything you want, because you aren’t bound to real actors and settings. You can take your characters into space or make them live under water if that helps to illustrate who you are.

To achieve that, you’ll need the other ingredient for the perfect video – for it to be custom. In other words, you’ll need all of the elements of the video to be made specifically for your brand. Tailor-made characters and situations will be closer to what you truly are and will be able to prove your point more effectively.

Can you imagine something that works better at showing how unique your company is than unique characters? Of course not! Think of that when you feel drawn to pick template videos based on how easy they are to put together. Or just watch the following video we did for an app called “I’m Here” to see how cool you could look!

#2. Animated marketing videos are fantastic to relate with your audience

Any brand working on an explainer video should be seeking to engage with its audience on a maximum level. At least that’s what companies looking to succeed with their cartoon marketing videos should be looking for. See, an engaged audience is more open to hear what you have to say, which will bring them closer to your brand.

So, how do you get your audience to that engagement level? There are numerous ways but a great first step is to create animated videos with characters that resemble your prospects. When viewers see that the main protagonists of a story are similar to them, they’ll be instantly intrigued as to where that story is leading; empathy doing its job.

Now, when you apply that to explainer videos (where the story is how your brand can solve a specific problem), you’ll have to create characters that don’t just look like them. They should have a similar age, background and, don’t you forget it, the relatable pain points as your target audience. That way, you’ll maximize the chances of relatability for the people watching.

Again, full customization comes to play a major role here. Videos made out of templates can’t guarantee the characters look like your audience – they can just offer you a “closest option” kind of thing. Custom animated videos, on the other hand, are created from scratch so, provided you know who your audience is, you can create the characters to be an extrapolation of your targets.

How do we know this works? Because we at Yum Yum Videos have done a lot of these videos! You can check out the one we did for Gigtown below, which Hubspot picked as one of the best explainer videos on the Internet. Take a look and see how the characters truly target the intended audience for Gigtown.

The cartoon part allowed us to create the characters as we needed them for the story (while adding a fun touch to them). The customization part set aside all worries – we could do anything we wanted to represent the brand! That’s two things you’ll need for your company’s video.

#3. Animated videos give you the best chances for branding

Up until now, I’ve talked about how these videos can show your uniqueness and get you engaged with your audience. You know what would be awesome? If they could also be great to ingrain your brand in your target audience’s minds. Thank goodness, then, that they are perfect for that.

Branding will have you working on how the public perceives your company. And although there are a number of ways in which you can do this, videos are the best. They are short, direct and people truly love them (some say they are even better than text at conveying your message!). Besides, you can work several aspects into it and embed your brand throughout it.

You can put your colors into it, your logo, your communication tone, your brand’s spirit. What you’re looking for here is for the people watching to understand your message first and to start remembering and recognizing your brand on sight as a bonus second. As you can imagine, you could brand any video you work on. But, as with everything in this article, it works better with custom cartoon marketing videos.

The reason for this? It’s far easier to change the colors, the backgrounds, the music and everything you can think of in an animated video than in a real live video. In fact, you can get all that even more easily if you worked with an animated video company capable of giving you fully customized content. Creating things from zero and exclusively for your brand will guarantee your spirit will be in there, right at the core.

Take this video we did for WSP as an example. The colors, the editing, the whole tone suits the brand and makes a lasting impact on the people watching. I bet you’ll remember them once the video is done:

#4. These videos really boost the audience’s trust in you

Look, in the sake of full disclosure, I can’t say that the trust in your brand will stem from the cartoon video just like that. It’s a combination of all of the above that will result in an audience that will see you as a trustful company.  The relatability of your videos and the clear and unique message you send will create a strong bond between your brand and your target audience.

It’s a slow process, mind you, but the results are truly worth it. To get people to trust you, you’ll have to show them that you understand them. You know your audience, know their problems and, even better, know how to solve them. If you make that clear with your marketing videos, then you are on your way to becoming a trusted brand.

In this process, cartoon animation videos are among your best options. That’s because the customization can truly be full here. You can tweak anything and everything to your heart’s desire and your company’s needs – and do some fine tuning to get the best possible results. The custom nature will ensure the process will run its course like I’ve explained above and you’ll get that authority vibe you’re looking for.

#5. ROI loves custom animation

All of the above is enough to justify the popularity of cartoon explainer videos yet there’s one extra benefit that will surely close the deal (if you’re still having doubts, that is). As research has shown, custom marketing videos can increase the sales of your brand by an average of 20%. How that happens is pretty simple.

If you’ve read carefully everything up until this point, then you can understand how a custom video can boost your engagement with your target audience and make them trust you. Basically, marketing videos can turn you into an authority in your public’s eyes. Once that happens, those people will start paying more and more attention to what you have to say.

In other words, you’ll have more people watching your videos, sharing them, visiting your site and researching your brand even more. All of this can have a positive impact on your website’s rankings, improving your position in the search results. That, in turn, will dramatically increase your visibility, which will bring more and more people to your site and in contact with your brand.

Higher visibility and more traffic mean that your sales opportunities will multiply. Of course, that will lead to you making more sales. After all, a well-ranked and trusted company with a unique product should be able to close more deals, right? Well, you can get that if you work in a video marketing strategy in which custom content plays a central role.

In summary

Animated marketing videos are among the best tools a marketer can use. They are great to show what your brand’s all about, increase your visibility, bring more traffic to your website and create a stronger relationship with your target audience. With that set of benefits, it’s easy to understand why so many people are using this kind of video for marketing their companies.

You could argue that creating custom content will cost you more than just using predesigned templates for your videos. I won’t dispute that but I’ll invite you to think about it. Do you really want to look like many other companies out there? Do you want to look ok and be quickly forgotten or be the best in your industry? Do you want your target audience to see you as “just another brand”?

Of course you don’t. Paying the price for custom videos will have huge rewards over time. Combine all of those videos in a clear strategy with precise goals and you’ll see how your money gets back to you in no time. Now you just have to find the right animated video company and start working on a video of your own. You’ll see that the popularity of animated videos isn’t overstated.

Can’t figure out where to start? Contact Yum Yum Videos and let us help you unleash the power of cartoon videos!

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