Don’t Make A Cartoon Animation Explainer Video (Until You Read This)

20 October, 2017  

I’ve heard about things like: “don’t make a cartoon video if you have a serious company”, “cartoon videos are useful only for B2C companies”, “animated marketing videos can’t create an emotional connection”, “a video can’t be funny if you use animated characters”, and SO many others things. Pay attention to this: they’re all misconceptions!

And in today’s blog post I’m going to give you some strong arguments to refute all of them. Additionally, as a bonus, you will learn how to get the most out of this amazing explainer video style by applying some useful tips. Ready to start?

How to make an animated video

Argument #1: The Most Popular Style

You’ve probably heard about the great benefits video content can bring to your marketing strategy. Of course, among the many types of videos you can find in the video marketing arena (explainer videos, testimonial videos, how to videos, product videos, webinars, etc.), you will pick out those that fit best with your marketing goals.

Animated marketing videos are one of the best formats to deliver your business idea in just a couple of seconds, while you also get to entertain your viewers, engage them and guide them to take the next step in your sales funnel. Among the different explainer video styles, cartoon animation videos stand out as one of the most popular styles, and are widely chosen by marketers. Is it that SO many marketers are making the wrong choice? Don’t think so…they are just aware of the great benefits this style offers (which we will cover in the next few paragraphs).

In cartoon animation, the storytelling technique is a key asset and the characters make up the true essence of these videos. We’ll talk about this in more detail.

Meanwhile, check out this stunning example of a cartoon animation:

Argument #2: The Amazing Features And Benefits Of Cartoon Marketing Videos

Cartoon marketing videos have the great ability to “humanize” your brand like no other type of video can do. And, if we want to be more specific, we can go deeper into their tremendous benefits. Take a look:

  • Nostalgia: cartoons take us to those old times when we were kids. All the positive memories of that time: joy, freedom, games, amusement,… think about the huge power of communicating your marketing message by making use of such a lovable resource! Isn’t it just great? People love animated characters as they remind them of that special phase of their lives.
  • Customization: animated characters can be tailored to meet your target audience characteristics (age, gender, style, look, attitudes, etc.). This way you can enhance their engaging power even more and make them feel emotionally closer to the story. They will just feel that the story was specially crafted for them!
  • Flexibility: cartoon marketing videos are widely known for being used for B2C companies: they are a great tool to boost the emotional connection with the audience (they connect with real people with real emotions). But cartoon videos can also provide huge benefits for B2B companies. It’s also possible to trigger emotions in B2B companies and this format is perfect for that!
  • Versatility: another great thing about character animation videos is that they can be mixed with other types of explainer videos to maximize your marketing results. For instance, you can try mixing cartoon animation with motion graphics, or mixing it with whiteboard animation. This way you will be getting the most out of the two techniques!

Argument #3: The Amazing Power Of Animated Characters

Animated characters have a huge engaging power. Just check where its “magic” lies.


This is maybe one of the most remarkable features of animated characters: the ability to generate some kind of empathy in your audience, to the point that they will experience the same feeling that the characters are having on screen (joy, excitement, fun, nostalgia, or any other depending on the story of course). By triggering empathy you will generate some expectations in the viewer about how the story will evolve and how the “problem” will be solved (with the help of your product). This type of identification helps you a lot to achieve your marketing objectives! You can go over this article to learn more about the relationship between emotions and video marketing.


By tailoring the design of the characters to the characteristics, behaviours and attitudes of your target audience you can set up a strong connection from them towards those characters. And guess what? This makes your video even more attractive, appealing and memorable! Additionally, you will be generating trust towards your brand, as you will show them that you have a true interest in solving their problem.

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Cartoon marketing videos are the best format to add a dose of humor to your video. It will help you boost engagement and interest! And animated characters are your key ally to achieve that. Think about any kind of possibility: crazy scenarios, ridiculous metaphors, unreal circumstances, or any other. Everything is possible in the world of cartoon animation! Just get creative and let your imagination flow! Keep in mind that this way you can explain any concept you have in mind while you also entertain your audience and make them laugh. You don’t have to be necessarily realistic! In fact, in this type of video you don’t have the limitations you could find in other videos, so get creative and take advantage of that!

Just take a look at this ninja-marketer. Have you ever imagined something like this? 🙂

So far: we’ve given you three strong arguments so that you can fully understand the huge power this explainer video style has and start considering it for your video marketing plan.

Now, let’s do a quick recap…

When Should You Pick Out A Cartoon Marketing Video?

We want to help you understand when you should go with this style.

Consider making a cartoon explainer video if you:

  • Want to make a super brief video that lasts less than 60 seconds. Remember that this style is great to deliver your messages in a fast and straightforward way.
  • Want to bring a more personal / human approach to your brand.
  • Want to add a dose of humor. This style works very well for that and animated characters give you a wide range of possibilities in this sense.

As you can see for yourself, you can start discarding all those misconceptions we mentioned in the intro. Now you know that character animation is a great alternative for any kind of company, that it has an amazing power to generate emotions in your target audience, that it has a unique ability to make people laugh, and so many other advantages.

So, if you want to start working on your next cartoon video, we have some special tips to share with you….

Bonus Track: 5 Tips To Boost The Effectiveness Of Your Cartoon Video

  1. Make it fully custom: this way you will generate a strong connection from your audience and boost engagement. Check out these tips on how to customize your marketing video.
  2. Give it  great quality: high quality in every stage of the video production process is a must to get to an effective marketing video. And, in this sense, choosing the right explainer video production company is the first step.
  3. Give your video the right length: based on our experience, we recommend that it’s between 60 and 90 seconds. That’s the ideal time to pass out your key messages while you keep your audience’s attention.
  4. Choose a professional voice over: make sure the voice over talent is a native speaker of the language your target audience speaks. This will make your video more credible, professional and convincing.
  5. Apply your brand colors: keep in mind the influence of the psychology of color in marketing. By applying the colors of your brand pallette in your video you will help your viewers understand who is behind that product and make it easier to remember your video in the future. See how Gigtown applied the orange color to boost recognition in their video here:

At Yum Yum we have wide experience in developing any kind of explainer video, including cartoon videos. Just take a look at our best 10 character explainer videos so that you can see how we work and also get some inspiration for your next marketing video. We suppose now YOU love cartoon animation TOO! 🙂 So, if you need help with your next marketing video, feel free to get in touch with us!


We have demolished all those myths around character animation and have shared with you some strong arguments to understand why this style is widely chosen by marketers of ANY kind of company to boost engagement with their audiences. We have also shown you some key tips to make your cartoon video highly effective. Now it’s your turn. Ready to develop your brand new character animation video? 🙂  

Finally, we invite you to surf our blog to get the latest tips around the fascinating world of video marketing!  

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