What Brands Can Learn From Educational Video Content

6 June, 2017  

Educational video content gives you the chance to approach and persuade your target audience with a cool, attractive and also highly useful format: you can provide your potential customers with the information/solution they’re looking for and do it in an engaging and compelling way. In today’s blog post you’re going to learn why educational videos must be part of your video marketing strategy and what you can get from them to take your marketing efforts to the next level. Let’s start!


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3 Key Lessons From Educational Video Content To Marketers

Our point here is that you understand how people generally interact with educational video content so that you can increase engagement and, ultimately, gain a place in your target audience’s minds. Educational videos are a great way to say “Hey, I know how to help you with your problem! Watch this video and find the solution you’re looking for!”. This is: you creating brand awareness. You start to position your brand as a reference in your niche.

So, what can you -marketer- learn from educational video content? Let’s review some key facts that will help you define your strategy:

#1. Educational video content has to be entertaining

You have to provide your prospects with something they want to watch, to start. The great thing about video is that it gives you a whole range of possibilities to capture whatever you want, and make it highly enticing and, why not even funny and humorous. An animated marketing video can work great in this sense, as it combines a compelling message,  attractive imagery, and animated characters to pass out a strong educational message, without losing charm and joy. Watch this video we developed to explain the concept of “inbound marketing”.

#2. Educational video content needs to be specific

People are looking for concrete answers to their specific questions. In fact, niche videos earn more traffic from searches as a consequence of that. Check out how broad topic videos perform in comparison to niche topic videos on YouTube, for instance:

think with google

#3. Find the format that best works for your specific case

It’s vital that you have coherency across all the educational videos you create. You have many possibilities in this sense: you can create videos to educate your audience, as an expert in your niche, something about a specific topic; you can develop videos to “learn” alongside with your audience while hosting the video; or you can resort to animated explainer videos which definitely bring a special personality and charm to your educational content (just to name a few). Watch this nice animated marketing video we developed to educate our audience about  specific question such as “what is the best explainer video style for my business?”

The animated characters, the compelling voice-overs, the branding colors, every single element in the video helped us deliver our key messages and nurtures our leads with the information they are searching.

Go With An Educational Video!

Developing educational videos gives you the chance to engage your audience with useful and instructional content. Creating one of these can help you, to start,  attract more visitors to your site. You can also save thousands of dollars with free advertising (remember that you’re positioning yourself as a reference in your niche). Moreover, you can boost your organic ranking in the search engines with content that is widely demanded, while you also build trust towards your company (people will feel that you really understand their problems and know how to help them). All amazing benefits!

Of course, then you have to set up a wise distribution strategy and “seed” your videos in different platforms, such as your blog, landing pages, social media channels, guest blogs, and more. Just keep in mind the target audience you’re aiming for and where you can find them.

If you now feel eager to make your own educational video and need help with that. Drop us a line and we’ll be glad to guide you with any questions you may have! Get to know our entire process in this educational video 🙂

Finally, take a few minutes to check out these 3 interesting ways to generate brand love and trust with an explainer video.

Stay tuned!

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