How to Use Social Live Videos as Part of Your Branding

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Social Live Videos are changing the way that audiences interact with brands.

Have you tried them yet? A lot of brands and institutions are including this kind of content in their marketing strategies.

Whether you are trying to update your Instagram followers on a new product line, or just delivering a big announcement on Facebook – Live videos present an extremely engaging format that generates high rates of brand awareness and user interaction, and more people are catching up to it!

But why?

Is it because of the quality of the video production process or the brand’s message? Not exactly. The magic of live video comes from the fact that it creates a type of immediacy and connection that other kinds of content don’t quite get (or, at least, not as well). It is a way for brands to engage their audiences in a more authentic way.

There’s another reason though, which is a little bit more millennial. FOMO, a fear of missing out.

People are having live video sessions with millions of views (influencers, politicians, and even institutions and brands!) — because audiences do not like to miss out on things going on! They need to know, they need to be a part of it. That’s FOMO right there!

Still, even though this tool is available to anyone, not every brand knows how to use it right. Maybe you’re not having the number of viewers you’d like, maybe you’d like to use your live video to increase awareness of your product (check out these product video examples to inspire you) or increase your sales but you don’t know how to benefit from it correctly.

Well, don’t worry, here at Yum Yum Videos we’ve got you covered. Let’s go through the steps for making the best social live videos for your business strategy!



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Before You Go Live!

Plan Your Broadcast

The first thing that needs to be done is to plan the broadcast. No video or live video is complete without a solid strategy!

Yes, one of the beauties of video streaming is the spontaneity and authenticity of the content, so you shouldn’t be memorizing a script or finding a teleprompter. But it’s necessary to know some of the basics before you start!

You should know who your target audience is (Who will you be speaking to?) and what are the main goals for this particular piece of content. What are the themes that you’ll be covering? Setting these goals can be a bit intimidating, but a good way to start can be by answering these questions:

Set your goals straight, outline your main topics of conversation, and you’ll have a nice strategy. This will help you, not only with your sales and conversions, but also with any stage fright you may have. Having a plan means no awkward silences!


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Choose the Best Type of Content

Yes, you could just sit down in front of a camera and start babbling about your day, but that’s not the best way to get all the juice out of the live video!

Instead, focus on sharing the things that your audience may be more inclined to watch live: present a new product, organize a Q&A (people love to be heard and to interact with brands!), show the backstage of an event… The sky’s the limit!

Just think for a while about what sort of live content your audience would be interested in, and try it out!


Promote Your Broadcast

How do you make your audience tune in? Three words: Promotion (okay, one word. But an important one!). You need to make your audience aware that an event is going to take place, so they can actively watch it.

There are many ways to promote a live video — you can share a sneak peek of the content, you can schedule Facebook Live or YouTube events so that people know when it’s going to be live, you can start a conversation by letting your audience ask questions that will be answered during the live video…

Always promote your video in advance! Make your audience aware of the event and share your upcoming broadcast across platforms.

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Take Special Care of the Technical Details

There are three main technical factors that need to be perfected before you start your live video: The lightning, the sound, and the connection quality.

If you have good lighting, your video’s audio works perfectly and your Internet connection is 100% reliable, then you have all the technical aspects under control! It doesn’t matter if you’re filming with the newest and greatest video camera available or if you’re filming with your iPhone, as long as these three technical factors are good.

Why? Because if your image is dark and uninteresting, or your audio sounds bad, most people will lose their interest and leave instantly. The same will happen if your wifi fails and your video starts stuttering.

Remember: Your livestream doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does need to look professional! Otherwise, your brand’s credibility will suffer.



During the Broadcast

Brand Your Video

Some platforms (like BeLive or Lightstream) will let you add visuals to your videos (your own logo, custom designs, and color schemes), and are as easy to use as dragging the item and dropping it on the screen.

This will give a whole new level of professionalism to your live video and will help with brand recognition and cohesion. Just remember to make your visuals look pretty but subtle. The focus should be on your message! Check out the best brand videos to help you get inspired.


Remember: People Will Be Late!

No matter how much you advertise and promote your live video in advance, it’s very possible that most people will join halfway through. In fact, Facebook recommends broadcasting for at least ten minutes before commencing, to reach the most people.

So a good rule of thumb would be to give your video a nice intro, but don’t try to cram the important part of your message during the first couple of minutes, because a good part of your audience will miss it.


Always Finish with a CTA

Before you finish the livestream, give your audience some homework!

Use the powerful engagement that you got with your live video to point them to the next step to keep them engaged. Point them in the direction of the new product that you’re unveiling, or take them to a landing page with more information on what you just discussed… Don’t let that power go to waste!


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Let’s Recap!

So, now you’re definitely ready to welcome live videos as a part of your branding! Long story short:

  • Before going live, take some time to promote your broadcast across all of your social media platforms.
  • Make sure you have a content strategy: an outline of the topics you’ll talk about, and something valuable to share with your viewers to keep them tuned in.
  • Make it yours: Add some of your brand identity to your video, a proper CTA, and make sure that this video is answering to a specific need (is it awareness, is it to generate conversions?)

And most of all, have fun and be authentic! Forget scripts and don’t let perfectionism hold you back. Going live shows the real people behind the brands, with real personalities, feelings, and opinions. All of these will help your audience connect with your brand in completely new ways!

So there you have it. It’s time to press play!

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