Best Motion Graphics Animation Trends in 2024

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Keeping up with the constant developments in video marketing is not easy, especially when it comes to something as versatile as motion graphics videos. I want to give you a hand and help you make wonderful videos, so now on Yum Yum Videos, I want to show you ten motion graphics animation trends observed by some of the best motion graphics animation companies around, along with some cool examples for you to watch.

By familiarizing yourself with the techniques that are making a big splash in the video marketing world, you’ll be able to discover what it is that your viewers want to see and what you should focus on producing for your explainer videos, saving you a lot of time and resources.

Now, let’s get started!

.Explainer Video Styles

1. Retro + Restricted Color Palette

One of the most popular trends in the motion graphics world is to limit the color palette to only a few primary colors rather than using a rich palette with several semi-tones. This restricted color palette is typically combined with modern visual techniques to give the video a more sophisticated and dynamic look while conveying a slight feeling of nostalgia and retro.

It can be challenging to stick to just a handful of colors to illustrate your characters and reveal the mood of the scene, but the resulting piece can easily engage a broad audience, not only the aged population.

.ss Rhombus Network


2. Gradients

As you probably already know, gradients are simply color transitions. This trend has gained popularity among large companies and startups in the tech and finance industries because it gives the piece a vibrant and sophisticated look.

Think about the Instagram logo, for example, and how sleek and modern it looks. Well, the same effect can be achieved in motion graphics animation! The key to this trend, however, is to avoid overdoing it. Don’t just make everything gradient, but rather focus on specific elements you’d like to bring attention to and keep the rest a neutral color.

.14 Galera Frontastic – Composable Frontend Platform


3. Combining 2D and 3D

Merging 2D and 3D elements in motion graphics animation has been an upward trend for many, many years now So, why include it in this list? Because it only keeps on growing, and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down any time soon. 

One of the reasons for its popularity is that it gives animators plenty of design options and a lot of room for creativity, resulting in a unique and visually compelling piece. Other than that, it’s a highly versatile style that any kind of industry can leverage regardless of its marketing goals.

You’ve probably seen many motion graphics examples following this trend before without realizing what it was because this style boasts highly realistic 3D visuals that blur the line between digital and physical elements.

.ss wsp explainer video


4. Isometric Design

“Isometric design” sounds like a really fancy name for something futuristic, but it’s actually just representing 3D elements in a 2D background. This motion graphics animation trend is quite popular in the healthcare, construction, and tech industries, where it’s important to show a high level of detail. 

The design is all about the accurate yet simple representation of an object to add extra depth and perspective. With this technique, animators can bring attention to specific objects and introduce a 3D feel into their 2D animations.

.ss hippo lending explainer video


5. Grain

The next motion graphics trend involves adding “noise” or “imperfections,” such as grain effects and texture, to the different elements in a video. Be it the characters, the objects, or the background (or all of them!); this technique gives the piece a certain roughness that’s reminiscent of camera-like quality imagery.

As opposed to still pictures, grain can help inject life into dull animated visuals, giving a more natural look to different kinds of surfaces and textures that make them look raw and authentic.

.ss branch explainer video

case study wsp 1

6. Thin Lines

Lines are one of the most basic elements in any type of animation. They give direction, define shapes, and so much more, so one would think they would be given a prominent place in a motion graphics video. 

Well, believe it or not, the latest motion graphics animation trends actually show a preference for extra-thin lines! It might sound strange, but this technique can help create unique visuals and give a video an unmistakable hand-drawn look.

.ss carely


7. Animated Collage

One of the coolest-looking motion graphics trends I’ve ever seen, the animated collage involves the careful curation of different mediums, such as illustrations, photos, animations, and digital footage, to tell a story. The sky is the limit with this technique, as you can layer swirling colors and shapes, live-action video clips, textures, and everything you can think of.

The resulting effect is a chaotically attractive motion graphics video that keeps the viewer glued to the screen.

.ss cisco secure client


8. Liquid Animation

Liquid animation is by far one of my favorite motion graphics animation trends. Instead of your usual clean transition, you get splashy shifts that look like a liquid is morphing into a new shape. Motion graphics videos that incorporate this technique are pretty mesmerizing to watch!

These motion graphics animations often have a slow, flowy movement that makes the elements look like they’re rippling or flowing. They can be tricky to work with, as it’s essential that they look realistic. For that reason, many people choose to use liquid animation as an effect or in just a few parts of the video rather than animating an entire piece with this technique.

.ss accelerant


9. Kinetic Typography

The latest motion graphics trends strongly suggest that text is no longer a boring, static element. Quite on the contrary, kinetic typography has seen a boom in the past year, gradually becoming more and more popular among animators and audiences alike because it’s incredibly satisfying to watch.

You see, kinetic typography is all about grabbing words or very short pieces of text and then adding movement to the letters by stretching, twisting, or distorting them. Then, the text can either act as an individual element or move in the context of another element.

.ss able


10. Animated Logos

A little less-known fact about motion graphics animation is how it can be used to enhance a brand’s logo. This animation technique completely transforms static icons and typography into animated elements that come alive with unexpected movements, twists and turns.

The resulting asset is a unique piece that will attract customers’ attention and make a brand look more attractive and dynamic. On top of that, it can also help reveal and clarify the hidden meaning behind the logo, making it easier for customers to understand what a brand is all about.

.ss google logo animation


Wrapping Up

And those are some of my favorite motion graphics animation trends this year! I don’t know about you, but I can’t decide which one I like the most since each one of them brings something unique to the table. 

One thing’s for sure, whichever trend you choose to follow will lead to memorable masterpieces that will make an impact on your audience. You can even combine more than once and start your own trend! So, start experimenting and producing awesome motion graphics animation videos!

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