5 reasons to go for animated marketing videos

8 January, 2018  

Animated marketing videos are extremely effective resources for your marketing campaigns. In less than two minutes, they’re able to describe your product in a pleasing and interesting way, which will make for an engaging experience for your audience.

However, their benefits are not clear for everyone, which is unfortunate, just because gaining awareness of their strengths is the first step towards taking advantage of them, so we’ll take the liberty of explaining them so you can embark on a triumphant marketing campaign!

This is our video “What is the Best Explainer Video Style for your Business”, which we managed to get to the number one spot on YouTube:

#1. Videos show something that will be consumed and shared -and for less money

People’s preferences, as consumption of online content is concerned, are very clear and sound: they will choose watching a video over reading something that’s been written. Almost 80% of people will watch a whole video, compared to the amount of people that will sit down and go through a whole post on a blog.

The other great thing about explainer videos is that if you watch and enjoy them, then it’s highly likely that you get to share it with someone. A killer animated video sets a fertile ground for word-of-mouth marketing. Studies report that videos can produce up to 1,200% more shares than words and pictures combined76% of viewers who like a video are willing to share it with their friends and family.

In other words, if your company is able to produce an impressive explainer video, people will consume the information shown there and they will understand more about your product and will share it with the rest of the world. In the end, it’s your own audience who will help you develop your marketing campaign!

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As far as production costs are concerned,  professional animation videos are cheaper than a professional live action video. For this latter type of video, you would have to find actors, choose several locations, coordinate the shooting, get a whole crew, rent or acquire equipment, get into post-production mode afterwards, and some of them may even also require animation as well, like graphic design and certain transitions. All of which naturally leads to spending lots of money…

This video that we made is one of our favorites. Hubspot considered it as one of the best explainer videos!

#2. Animated videos will stay in your audience’s memory -and they will engage with them!

Animated marketing videos are also memorable, which is quite a feature to possess in these frantic Internet times we’re living in. The chances of storing a video in your memory are so much higher than storing  written text. The rationale is rather simple: our minds are wired to process an image 50,000 better than  processing a group of typed words. Our brains are also able to keep that information more effectively than reading any sort of written information: any sort of information retained in 60 seconds of video is equivalent to a couple  million words!

Explainer videos are also able to transform  marketing material into something that manages to engage viewers. Videos show content that could persuade your viewers into committing to something, anything that can be beneficial to your business. If you’ve made a killer marketing video, your viewers will feel obliged to do that exact same thing you asked them to. They may not obey your exact call-to-action but your viewers will get more familiar with your brand, which means that the path towards making a purchase in the future has already been laid out.

The key here is to understand that if you produced an amazing custom explainer video that’s telling an interesting story with fun characters in just a few seconds, then you would have made a piece of material that people will remember. This is crucial for connecting prospects to your brand, which turns into trust, another essential condition for getting viewers to purchase your product, which in the end means higher conversions and sales.

Check out this TV commercial we made on how to employ the colors of your brand to generate brand awareness:

#3. Google and YouTube are big fans of animated videos

You need to make your explainer videos attractive for the search engines. And the good news here is that you definitely can! If you want to turn your video into an object of desire for Google, the biggest search engine of them all, you just need to write a brief and precise description, create a catchy title and invent convenient tags. Just take this into consideration: by just putting a video on a website, it gets up to 2 to 3 times monthly visitors, whose time will be doubly spent on the website and which will also enjoy an increase of 157% in organic traffic coming from the search engines.

Besides, a video posted on a website will multiply, by almost 3 times, the average of linking domains, in comparison to just having written information. 

Explainer videos can become very attractive to Google, indeed. An added benefit is that, being animated marketing videos, which is a material that has been created considering your viewers demands, telling a message that’s been told by characters your audience can identify with, they have the tendency to become more compelling to potential customers.

YouTube could also be thought of as another important search engine. YouTube ranks videos based on the amount of monthly searches, among other parameters as well. It is mandatory that you also make your video an object of desire for YouTube: reports reveal that almost a quarter of shoppers employ the video social network to look for a video that’s related to the product or service they’re thinking of buying, which explains why 77% of marketers are using keyword tagging with great efficacy, generating a number of views when visitors look for content.

It is well known that videos are popular for search engines, but the thing is that having explainer videos will provide you with even more notoriety to your website, just because visitors will find it even if they didn’t purposely look for it!. Having your video on YouTube, and with a very positive ranking, represents another benefit that’s probably unknown to many: it could convert your video into an independent marketing unit, just because people will be able to find your video there, watch it and get a good grasp on what your company is about… without having to check your website! 


Viewers that discovered your product on YouTube may be interested in getting to know more about what your company has to offer, so they can visit your website afterwards. This will provide you with more traffic, your audience will get more familiar and closer to what your brand stands for. 

You can find out more about the many benefits of gaining a presence on YouTube and how you can earn a good ranking by downloading and reading our eBook on this matter.

ebook: How to rank N1 on Youtube

#4. Conversions lead to sales which lead to money!

It is a well disclosed fact that marketers are absolutely convinced that content that’s shown on video generates more conversions than any other type of material. Businesses that employ video in their marketing campaigns get almost 40% more traffic coming from search engines than other businesses that don’t. Likewise, videos that appear on a landing page generate  up to 80% more conversions!

What all of this amazing math is telling us is: having explainer videos in your marketing campaign will be hugely beneficial for your sales, so you better get good at counting bills baby!

The route to obtaining more sales and conversions is not rocket science. Animated marketing videos have the ability to address in a direct way the needs of your audience. If you can create and design catchy characters who can tell your message with the aid of animation, then your video can bring together your story and your viewers. This link can pave the way for producing trust for your brand, which is a prerequisite for making your prospects ideally buy what you bring to the table. A great explainer video, one that’s interesting and that brings your company and your clients closer, will undoubtedly provide you with more sales.

Check out this wonderful video we made for GravityForms, so you can have a better idea of how one video can improve your sales:

#5. Animated videos make emails relevant once more!

Another form of appreciation for marketing videos: they’re good for your E-mail marketing campaign -they will generate more traffic to your site. And this fact gains more relevance with this: the inclusion of an eye-grabbing marketing video will increase that traffic by almost 50%, which will also be beneficial to the rest of your marketing tactics. One more delightful piece of information: if you just add the word “video” in the line of an email subject, the click rate goes up to 65%

If you want to enjoy all of these benefits -and who wouldn’t, right?- then just pay attention to our next suggestions: put your video at the end of your emails, right along your signature; create a YouTube channel for your company and add videos on a regular basis and also try to embed it in any section of your site. We also recommend producing a generic video that shows a general idea of what your company is about. This will work as an introduction to anyone who’s not yet familiar with your brand. 

This a cool video we made that could perfectly work as an example for your company to  include in its Email marketing campaign

In just one paragraph: the greatness of animated videos begins with first knowing about them.

Animated videos are powerful marketing resources because of their many great features: the content they show will definitely be consumed and they’re cheaper to produce compared to other types of video; they stick to your audience’s memories, they will remain there and they will engage your viewers; they work great along the most important search engines; they will help you generate more conversions and sales; they are great partners with your E-mail marketing campaigns. So let’s be honest: they do nothing but great things for your brand! Call us, and we’ll be more than happy to help you!

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