Yum Yum Videos Named in Clutch’s Top Video Production Companies

20 July, 2017  

Video content is becoming an increasingly necessary part of business. All businesses need to take advantage of this shift if they want to succeed. Top on our list was the fact that consumer prefer to watch videos than read text, and this content type establishes a significantly stronger relationship with an audience.


The inevitability of business’ shift towards video can seem intimidating as they enter a new era. Luckily, businesses don’t have to take on the endeavor alone. Video production companies like Yum Yum Videos are here to help businesses take on new media, and do it well. At Yum Yum, we’re proud to work with some incredible clients, helping them utilize cartoon animated videos, whiteboard animations, and motion graphics videos to grow their brands.

Recently, our hard work has been recognized by leading research company, Clutch. The firm delves into hundreds of agencies across the advertising, marketing, and creative spaces. Using a proprietary research methodology, Clutch’s team examines each agency’s clients, experience, and market presence. Most importantly, the research relies heavily on conversations with clients, delving into the agency-client relationship.

Based on this methodology, Clutch has named Yum Yum Videos among leading video production companies.

Top Video Production Companies

Here are some of the things our clients have had to say in their 5-star reviews with Clutch:

“They were great. There was no trouble at all. The project went according to plan. They met the deadline, and the project was within budget. The end result was exceedingly satisfactory. We communicated well through email and phone. Three resources from their team worked on the project.”

“Yum Yum Videos is great to work with. They’re willing to work within your budget. Yum Yum Videos has periodical discounts available and especially when creating multiple videos. What distinguishes them the most from other vendors I’ve used is their portfolio. They have a very talented group of people that can execute any direction you give and they’re extremely creative in the conceptual process. Yum Yum Videos’ team isn’t afraid of offering their suggestions, and typically it is not only valuable, but it’s what we end up using.”

“They are very responsive and were able to meet deadlines. Any delays have been because of us. They wanted to use Skype but we weren’t interested in that. We set up conference calls on our end instead.”

We’re proud to have helped these incredible partners make the crucial shift into video, and thrilled that our hard work has been recognized by Clutch. To find out more about our work and read the full, 5-star reviews, check out Yum Yum Videos on Clutch.

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