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Top 10 Best Video Production Companies For Your Business


It only takes looking at some stats for most companies to decide that video marketing is the way to go, and we can’t blame them! After all, it’s challenging to find a more reliable and efficient way to promote their business online. Especially in a post-social-media era! 

However, when it comes to promoting through video content, results are closely tied to quality.  

Even the best marketing strategy will suffer if your videos give new users the wrong impression of your business. Online, people might lean on recommendations and reviews to close a deal, but it is your content and digital presence that draws them in – Which makes finding the best video production company that fits your needs that much more important!  

To help with that, we put together a list of the best video marketing companies out there. Let’s begin, shall we? 

Making the Right Choice 

So yeah, video content is awesome, but creating fantastic marketing videos is not a simple task! At least not if you want one capable of consistently engaging and persuading your audience. 

No two businesses are ever the same; nor two products, target audiences, or brands! Great marketing videos demand that you consider all these elements (and many others!), which makes your choice of provider crucial.  

You need a video production company that not only understands these things but also gets your brand and your message. Oh, and one that has a remarkably talented staff to boot! 

So, how do you go about finding the one you need? 

Well, there are a handful of aspects that elevate the best video marketing companies from the countless others online: Quality of their work, expertise in the field, communication methodology, customer satisfaction history, pricing, and outright artistic skill. Focusing on these should give you a robust framework to start! 

5 Key Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Video Production Company: 

  • Quality & Expertise: Check out how the companies you are considering work. Look at their portfolio and past works to make sure they meet your brand’s needs. 
  • Communication: The provider you choose must have an effective and smooth communication process. 
  • Customer Feedback: Check out the company’s reviews, comments, and general online feedback that past customers have had about their work. 
  • Pricing: Sensible pricing – without sacrificing quality – is important. While some providers have higher pricing points, that usually translates into more comprehensive services that often lead to superior results. Alternatively, you can go with cheaper services (like templates), but the quality is usually the one to take the brunt of the pricing difference. 
  • Skill: A provider’s skill in tailoring your video to your needs, audience, and marketing goals makes a huge difference when it comes to putting your company video against the competition’s.

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The Top 10 Best Video Marketing Companies Out There Right Now 

Now that you have a solid structure to compare different providers, let’s go over the list! 

  • Yum Yum Videos 
  • Blend 
  • Sparkhouse 
  • Epipheo Studios 
  • The DVI Group 
  • Sandwich Video 
  • ThinkMojo 
  • LAI Video 
  • Wyzowl 
  • Citizen Group 

Notice that we’ve included into the best video production companies from a variety of marketing areas: animated explainers, social and even broadcasting! 

We want to make sure you find exactly what you are looking for, regardless of the approach you’d like to take. One thing’s for sure though; if you see a company on that list, they are one of the best!  

Let’s talk in a bit more detail why… 

#1 – Yum Yum Videos   

Yep, that’s us!  

Not to toot our own horn here, but we genuinely believe we are one of the best video production companies you’ll find.

What we bring to the table: 

  • All of our videos are 100% customized to our client’s needs. 
  • Our videos’ quality is supreme, one of the best ones on the market. 
  • We offer the best price-quality guarantee. 
  • Our outstanding video production process is flexible, effective, and efficient. 
  • We provide our clients with an integrated video marketing strategy to help them grow their business. 

Over the years, we’ve racked up experience working for hundreds of companies from over 20 different countries! Including brands like Walmart, DocuSign, Fox, Red Bull, and McKesson. And that’s just to name a few. 

Here at Yum Yum, we are very passionate about what we do, and will gladly let our work do the talking for us! Check out this cool vid we did for GravityForms: 

Also, you can hear how our clients feel about our work here: 

So, if you want an awesome video for your company, don’t hesitate to get in touch today! We’ll gladly go over your project with you and figure out a video idea that fits your needs. 

#2 – Blend 

Blend is a creative branding agency founded in 2012. It staffs 15 full-time employees as well as some freelancers. It has a diverse area of proficiency, offering services of UX/UI design, video production, and branding to their clients. 

#3 – Sparkhouse 

Sparkhouse, founded in 2009, focuses on creating marketing and advertising content. With a 13-person-strong staff, they are experienced in creating video content for products, websites, and television. 

#4 – Epipheo Studios 

This video production company was founded around 2009, Epipheo earns a special place on our list for being one of the first studios to produce explainer videos. With a large staff, they focus on video production and market strategy for companies and mid-market clients in IT, business, and healthcare. 

#5 – The DVI Group 

DVI is a video production company staffing 13 full-time employees. Founded in 1999, they work with small, mid-market, and enterprise clients. Their services cover business, web, event, training, and commercial videos. 

#6 – Sandwich Video 

Sandwich videos are one of the best video marketing companies when it comes to live-action videos. Founded in 2009, their scripts are characterized by often being funny as well as entertaining. They are also known to collaborate with their clients with the distribution of their videos.  

#7 – ThinkMojo 

Here’s another company that can also produce high quality animated videos. Founded in 2011, they are known for creating product videos, educational, support, and company videos. They service a wide variety of companies across different niches. 

#8 – LAI Video 

LAI Video was founded in 2013, and they specialize in video production for marketing. They have a big team, and they create content for branding and communication campaigns, commercials, and special events. 

#9 – Wyzowl 

This video production company wa founded in 2009, Wyzowl is known for developing animated marketing videos, mobile apps, demo videos, and pre-roll videos. They provide a step-by-step guide to meet project goals and offer fixed pricing and turnaround times.  

#10 – Citizen Group 

As their name suggests, Citizen Group is an agency with a pro-social, citizen-based emphasis. Founded in 2006 and with a team of 15 employees, they offer social media marketing, design, and branding services. 

So, there it is folks! Our top ten list of video marketing companies you can find online right now. Providers that excel in terms of quality, expertise, and results. 

We can’t speak for the others on the list, but in our case, we manage to deliver those results by giving our focus to our client’s needs. 

Whether that’s by promoting their products or events, attracting new customers, increasing sales, or raising awareness among specific target audiences; at Yum Yum Videos, we make your objective our priority. 

We customize our videos around these goals using specific elements to support them – which makes all of our videos unique. We can even handle more complex or abstract concepts if that’s the approach you are looking for. 

Our philosophy is that the best way to get high-end results is by concentrating on perfecting the details. Naturally, listening to our client’s feedback and aligning that work with their expectations is also an integral part of our process. 

At Yum Yum Videos, we work with great passion, dedication, and care because we love what we do! And we make sure that our videos show it.  

Above all, we want our clients to be delighted with the outcome, so here’s a video showing how easy it is to work with our team! 

Just get in touch with us today, and let’s start working on a video that helps your brand shine! 

 Wrapping Up 

Each video’s production process is unique in its own way. As such, it should be handled by a well-prepared team with substantial expertise and crucial soft skills, that’s also committed to achieving the client’s needs. 

This list contains several video marketing companies that fulfill those qualities in different areas of video marketing. As well as essential tips you should consider the video production company that’s right for you. 

Lastly, if you’d like a list entirely focused on the best video production companies, we also have one of those! Enjoy. 

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