At Yum Yum Videos we create premium video content tailored for your business and marketing objectives. That’s smart video content!

What We Love to Do:

Animated Explainer Videos

Premium Animated Explainer videos tailored for your business needs that explain your product/service in seconds. Nail always the perfect pitch!

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Live-Action Videos

Our high-end live-action videos generate brand trust and empathy with your audience, no matter where you are in the world!

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Smart Video Strategy

Attract, Convert & Close deals with a video strategy. Video content for every step of the buyer’s journey.

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What Makes Us Different?


Every video we make is tailored towards your marketing objectives, brand specifications, audience and communication needs.


Every video is made with the highest standard of quality. That’s possible, because of our highly specialized, detailed driven team.


We work on every project with a holistic approach. Every video is part of a whole marketing strategy; that’s smart video content.


We’ve made more than 300 explainer videos in 15 different languages. We create incredible customized videos in every corner of the world!

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Marketing Resource Center

An informed decision is the best decision. We proudly invite you to our (pretty darn) comprehensive marketing resource center:

Our Blog

The latest marketing news, tips, and things we love to write about every day.

Video Marketing Resources

Videos, eBooks, slides and infographics. You know, deeper evergreen content about video marketing with a beautiful design.

Smart Video Strategy Course

A very thorough video course that explains everything -or almost everything- you need to know about using video content for an inbound marketing strategy.


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