We make Animated Explainer Videos and all types of video content that your business needs to Attract, Convert and Close
more deals. From Explainer Videos and Commercial ads to Testimonial videos: One Video Sales Funnel to rule them all!

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explainer videos that we make:

If an explainer video increases conversions, just imagine what a whole strategy of videos could do for your business! At Yum Yum Videos we offer all sorts of video content for each stage your customers are passing through. From when they are just looking around until they are ready to buy, we create all the videos that your business needs to attract, convert, nurture and give that extra push that will make them buy!

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Not all videos work in the same way and that is why at Yum Yum Videos, as an animated explainer video company, we create high quality premium videos that really work at an affordable price 🙂 We have one of the best price-quality relationships and a great video process having done animated explainer videos for more than 300 companies worldwide and some of the biggest brands like: Walmart, Fox, Red Bull, McKesson, Docusign and many more.

Create a Video
Sales Funnel Strategy!

What is that? It’s a path made of video content that will guide and nurture your audience until they are ready to buy. Attract them to your website, explain your product or service and generate trust towards your brand, all with video content. A Smart Video Strategy to get the results you are looking for!

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Well, there are many factors that influence the cost of a video such as: the video style (motion graphics, whiteboard animation, character animation or live action, etc..), the length of the video, or how quickly you need it made.

You can be sure of one thing, our videos will not be the lowest priced videos you will find but they are also far from the highest priced. Our videos are one of the highest qualities in the market and with this in mind are the best priced videos in terms of price-quality. We are charging between 7,000 to 12,000 U$S for an animated video while other companies with the same standards of quality charge beteewen 15,000 to 25,000 U$S , and even more than 25,000+ U$S for a live action video.

But don’t just take our word for it, many big and small companies have worked with us like: Fox, Walmart, Docusign, McKesson, Red Bull and many more. Hubspot, has included one of our video as one of the most fabulous videos on the web.!

There are many reasons why you should choose us for your next video production. The first one is that all our videos are fully custom made, this means that the whole video is going to be created with the identity of your brand in mind and the message is created specifically to engage your target audience. We also have one of highest qualities in the industry of Animated Videos for business, and it’s not just something that we say. It’s something that great brands like McKesson,(one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies and one of the Fortune 500), Walmart, Docusign, and many others that have already worked with us say as well. Hubspot, which is one of the largest marketing platforms has included one of our animated videos as one of the most fabulous videos on the web.
So with Yum Yum Videos you get fully custom, high quality videos at a very affordable price. What are you waiting for? Contact us.

We have a sweet video that explains it all here. But to continue, we have a simple 3 step process where you can offer your feedback on each of the stages of the video process such as: the script, storyboard, designs, animation, music and sound. This was you can be relaxed and have confidence checking in to see how your video is going at all times and provide all the feedback you would like at each stage.

Making a professional marketing video is not an easy task. It requires coordination between a team of professionals that are specialized in their specific fields. The entire video production process will take approximately 7-9 weeks to complete. But Hey! It’s the only way to have a custom marketing video created with the quality that your business needs. Don’t forget that a video represents your brand and it has to be really great to stand out against the competition, be remembered and achieve the results that you are looking for!

It’s really simple; first we sign a contract detailing the video specifications. You will then make the upfront payment of 50 % of the cost that you can pay by wire transfer or PayPal. Once the video is finished and approved you deposit the final 50 % and we will send you the video in the format that you need. Get in touch so we can talk about it.

Yes, it is possible but it would increment the final cost. You see, video production takes a lot of time and a large team of people. So, to speed it up, we have to pay extra hours to our team and make them work on the weekend, and that is expensive.
So, yeah! Sure we can! but it’s going to increase the budget. Our recommendation is that you have a little patiencein order to get the best quality video ever and at an affordable price.

]First of all, if your company uses a webpage and you need to drive visitors and convert them into customers then you need animated explainer videos, that’s for sure! (Remember that these must be explanation videos animated with a great quality to really work). They explain your business in seconds, increase conversions, and so on. But if explainer videos for startups are so great, why are you going to have only one?
There are different types of videos for different objectives, you can generate brand trust with Customer Testimonial Videos that will help you to build more trust and close more deals, or attract more visitors with Educational Videos, or go a little deeper by having Product Videos/How-to Videos to provide more details on how your products or services work which will help to build trust and aquire more conversions or even more sales. This will move your leads even further into your sales funnel.
Creating a video sales funnel that will attract leads and nurture them with useful video content until they are ready to buy is the key in a modern marketing strategy.
Check out this video about inbound marketing that explains how the mind of the buyer really works!