5 Perfect Examples of Healthcare Video Productions to Get Inspired By

20 September, 2019  

For medical and pharmaceutical companies, being accurate when conveying a message is crucial. And since those often involve going over complex ideas or sensitive issues, communication can get tricky for the healthcare industry.

But don’t worry! There’s a light at the end of that tunnel. 

Actually, there’s more than just light. There’s also images, animation, color, storytelling, music, and even sound effects… Figured it out already? Yeah, we are talking about video! 

High-quality healthcare video production can help you educate and inform your audience, or promote your company’s purpose in simple, brief, and compelling ways. Combining hard data and creativity to make understandable, beautiful, and unforgettable content —if done right, at least!

There are more than a few things about healthcare animation that you can pick up by watching what others have done and using them to make even better pieces for your organization. And that’s why we are here today! 

From promotional videos used to showcase new treatments, to instructional videos with educational, healthcare-related content, we’ll go over some great examples to get inspired by, and hopefully learn some things to make your next video even better!

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Creating Effective Healthcare Videos

However, before taking a deep dive into our chosen examples and figuring out how to make amazing healthcare videos, let’s take a moment to talk about why you’d even want to.

Video is the preferred type of content by both marketers and audiences. Why? Simply put, Engagement. Good videos are fun to watch – or at least compelling, – easily capture viewers’ attention, quick to improve brand recall, and help increase conversions. 

Moreover, the medium’s versatility gives you a lot of freedom to approach topics exactly the way your business needs to. Whether you are talking about animated explainer videos, live-action tutorials, Educational PSAs, or anything in between… the possibilities are endless.

That said, even though there are plenty of roads you can take for your healthcare video production journey, there are some basic aspects to consider from the get-go. Aspects that should be present regardless of the shape your particular video takes:

  • Tone: The medical field generally deals with sensitive issues, like serious conditions and diseases, which is why it’s so important to be cautious when choosing your video’s tone. A funny video can be offensive, and a too solemn one can scare away your audience. So, it’s all about how you balance that to communicate the message with the right tone. Take this video as an example of how we managed to use the right dose of humor in a video about a mortal disease:
  • Targeting: Ok, following what was just said, there’s a basic rule that implies that if you send the right message to the right people, you’ll get (more than) the right results. Understand your audience, and talk to them on their terms. 
  • Quality: This is a general yet crucial rule that applies to any type of video production: high-quality matters. You should always make sure that your content is truly remarkable to make the right impression. And maybe more importantly, to avoid making the wrong one!
  • Rhythm: Videos that really work have a nice flow that helps keep the viewer engaged throughout by pacing the action. 
  • Clarity: As you already know, these videos usually have to explain complex ideas or concepts. That’s why making those not-very-easy-to-grasp elements understandable is the key to its success.

5 Perfect Examples of Healthcare Video Productions to Get Inspired By

Ok, by this point you know what you have to take into account when working on a healthcare video production. So, now it’s time to go over some examples and figure out why they work!

  • Orthoscience – Yum Yum Videos
  • Nucleus PatientEd – Nucleus Medical Media
  • Oncology Care Model – Video Seo Pro
  • Right Care Alliance – Epipheo
  • ODS – Idea Rocket

Check them out!

Orthoscience – Yum Yum Videos

No one likes braggers, us included. However, that’s not why we are putting Orthoscience’s vid here. Don’t get us wrong, we are really proud of the work we did with it! But this video earns its spot on the list because it gives us the perfect example to illustrate a couple of important points. 

Orthoscience is a platform developed to create an online community where orthodontics update relevant data about patients, treatments, and more. So, as you can guess, this is not something that just rolls off the tongue.

But our creative team here at Yum Yum Videos loves a challenge, so we set out to apply the same principles we use when we deal with illustrating complex IT-related solutions: A focus on simplicity, visual appeal, and creating understandable, even relatable scripts. The results you can judge for yourself 🙂  

Our driving goal is to develop gorgeous and fun-to-watch videos that also deliver all the information needed for an audience to get the message. And we have a very effective set of guidelines that help us achieve that: 

  • We make sure to fully customize every video we create to our client’s goals.
  • Our video production process that connects us with our clients’ purposes.
  • We hold ourselves to the market’s highest quality standards.
  • We deliver on the promise of a top-notch price-quality guarantee

Looking for a more partial standpoint? No biggie! Take a look at this video with Marketing Project Manager from McKesson, the oldest and largest healthcare company in the US, about working with us! 

If you are thinking of developing a project that you think we can help you with, contact us and we’ll figure it out together!

Nucleus PatientEd – Nucleus Medical Media

Nucleus Medical Media is a cutting edge agency that has been called “the Pixar of Medicine” because of its high-quality animations and illustrations of surgery, biotechnology, medical devices, and more. 

Nucleus PatientEd is the first automated patient education software, which sends patients 3D animations of their conditions and treatments and uses content from Nucleus Medical Media.

As you can see, this explainer video is super connected with its intended audience. It showcases a lot of details of the benefits medical practices can get out of using the software. It’s dynamic, informative, and fun to watch. It takes the combination of creativity with hard data to the next level. 3D animation like you’ve never seen before!

Oncology Care Model – Video Seo Pro

Healthcare organizations can benefit from video because they can help to tone sensitive issues down. And this video is a great example of that!

The Oncology Care Model offers a coordinated and higher quality program for cancer patients. As you can imagine, the topic is emotionally challenging, especially to patients. That’s why Video Seo Pro, the video company behind this production, crafted this sweet, easy-to-digest, and very informative explainer video. 

Healthcare animation, combined with great storytelling, is an awesome option to make those subject matters more approachable, and make the viewer not only engage quicker but also feel comfortable. Good job!

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Right Care Alliance –  Epipheo

This video showcases a different tone and style from the previous healthcare animations. 

It was created for the Right Care Alliance, a non-profit organization that seeks to make health care accountable to their communities by putting patients in the center of the health system, and it was developed by Epipheo. 

Because it’s such a serious and important matter, Epipheo chose to go with a dramatic live-action approach that showcases the complicated side of healthcare: that it’s expensive and doesn’t include that much actual care. Altogether, you get an emotional piece, that appeals right to the feels!

ODS – Idea Rocket

Whiteboard animation has the ability to transform complicated subjects into easy to understand ones. Plus, they are fun to watch because the information unfolds right in front of the viewer’s eyes! 

So, this Office of Dietary Supplements explainer video, made by Idea Rocket, is the perfect example of how to create an engaging whiteboard video for this niche. All in all, the company not only delivers the message in a clear and simple way but it does so by harnessing the full power that this particular style brings to the table.

So, here they are, our five favorite healthcare video productions. How do you like them? Are you inspired enough to get started? We certainly hope so!

Need a Video Like Those? Here’s How We Can Help!

Our selection included great videos with different styles and approaches. But, do you know what they all have in common? A skilled and experienced video company was behind them!

Even though no two companies are the same, you should make sure that the team you choose to work on your video understands the essence of what you are trying to say, and finds the best possible way to say it.

And while we can speak to the others’ methods, we here at Yum Yum Videos have some secret ingredients to make our video’s taste so amazing!

First, we pay special attention to our clients’ needs by focusing on your company and what you are trying to accomplish. Then, we add to the mix our creativity and expertise to create beautiful, targeted, and visually compelling videos.

Want to see what we mean with all this? Check out this video we created for Dandelin, an app developed to allow everyone to have unlimited medic consultations at the lowest price. 

We firmly believe that fluid communication is essential to build and nurture a solid relationship with our partners. We are aware that no one knows your company as well as you do, and that’s why we listen carefully to your feedback, implementing your ideas and leveraging your valuable insight!  

And because we seriously love what we do, we are guided by our passion to deliver thorough and detailed-oriented videos. In the end, you get an amazing piece that will appeal directly to your audience and grow from there.

However, if you’d like a bit more details on what we are capable of, take a look at our past projects! As we are confident that our passion and uniqueness will come through. 

So, if you are looking to create an awesome healthcare video production, and take your company to the next level, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d love to help you with that!

Summing Up

So now you know: Healthcare video productions are no joke!

Some messages in this niche are directed at patients going through difficult moments in their lives; others have some not-that-easy-to-understand concepts. And while the challenges may vary, each one needs to be delivered in understandable and memorable ways.

Videos happen to be the best way to do just that!

Done right, you get to harness their power to earn trust, educate, train, or even promote your business. So, get out there and start thinking of that next piece of content that’ll set your institution or business apart from the rest.

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