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Types of Video Content Proven to Attract Viewers


The importance of video content in the digital marketing world is hard to overestimate. Videos help grab the attention of your target audience, improve SEO rankings, and increase brand loyalty.

So, if you consider video content to be the key element of your marketing strategy, your company is headed in the right direction. Let’s check what types of videos will help you get more views.

Product Video

The product video is must-have content for IT companies which offer unique solutions. You need to explain what your app/device/service is all about, and how users will benefit from it.

“If your target audience has never used or even seen similar products before, you should create a high-quality product video. This type of content will help you to effectively present your ideas and convince users to try your product,” – states Amanda Sparks, a digital marketing specialist at Essay Supply.

Take a look at this Spring product video. Viewers need 30 seconds to understand why this app can make workouts more effective and fun.


Some people avoid online shopping because they don’t want to buy a pig in a poke. Placing an order, customers never know for sure whether the chosen product will match the photo.

It feels like playing the lottery: sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Unfortunately, it happens pretty often that products don’t meet the customers’ expectations. An unboxing video is a great tool for building trust in a relationship with potential clients. This type of content convinces target audiences that your product looks great not only in photos but also in real life.

For example, if you sell leather shoes, you can give one pair of boots to a style blogger and ask him/her to shoot an unboxing video for social media. Your target audience is curious about your products, so this video will attract thousands of viewers.


People are curious by nature. Your target audience really wants to get some insider information related to your company.

So why not create a “behind the scenes” video? You can show your manufacturing facility, different stages of production as well as tell them about your employees.

For instance, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport created a collection of video clips, which describe the responsibilities of aviation security agents, baggage handlers, apron controllers, and other employees. Travelers want to know how the airport works, how bags are transported and how safety is checked. For this reason, these videos attracted thousands of viewers and helped to increase customer loyalty.

Testimonial Video

People really want to know what your previous clients think about your goods and services. And if you create a testimonial video, your potential customers will definitely like watching it.

“If you want to convince people to make a purchase, you don’t need to add a hundred fake positive reviews on your website. You should upload one or two genuinely useful testimonial videos, which reveal the truth,” – claims Bethany Clarkson, a social media specialist at Resumes Centre.

You can interview one of your reputable clients to show your audience that even big well-known companies trust the quality of your products and services. Keep in mind that this video should answer the top clients` concerns.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of different types of content, and you should choose the one which suits your marketing goals  the best. Try to analyze the preferences of your target audience and define the current stage of the buyer’s journey. With the help of a trusted video company, you can create high-quality content which will instantly attract thousands of viewers.

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