DocuSign | Video Series

DocuSign is changing the face of the financial services industry, enabling customers to provide secure e-signatures from any device.

For this Video Series, we created a total of 8 animated videos about how DocuSign works for different industries such as Real State, Banking, Insurance, HR, and more.

The Challenge:

Our challenge was to create unique and creative animated videos while keeping the identity of the brand throughout the different pieces. For that purpose we came up with a specific color palette for the brand that was used for all the videos alike. We also designed characters that would fit well with the brand’s voice and adapt the main character of each video depending on the industry and target audience it needed to focus on.

The Solution:

A unique and fully customized explainer video series that explains the benefits of DocuSign in a simple manner and it’s easy to relate to a diverse niche of markets.


2D Animation


90 seconds


Financial services

Jen Erickson

Jen Erickson

Director of Digital Advertising at DocuSign

“Our Explainer Video really helped us to communicate in a quick and efficient way to our customers”

Check the whole video series:

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