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Explanation Videos: The Best Way To Increase Your Conversion Rate


If you have been looking to increase your conversion rate, you should pay attention to this article. The results have shown that explanation videos boost conversion rates by 80%. Also, 64% of customers have stated that they feel confident to buy anything after watching a video about a product. And if that’s not enough, 90% have said that explanation videos are the best way to learn and decide what to purchase.

Of course, you don’t have to believe us that quickly. We know these numbers might seem like an exaggeration in your head. But, from our experience, we are pretty sure that explainer videos will give you those numbers. Anyway, you should be aware of something else: it’s not just about making videos. You will have to do a little bit more. We’ll explain it later.

Don’t worry about that so soon. Keep reading and we will take a deep look into the video marketing strategy and learn how it can increase your conversion rates.


Get more leads with explainer videos

We are sure your business (and almost every business!) sells a product or service that people need, like social apps, food services, working tools. If people are looking to solve their problems or issues, your business needs to be found by those people. Please click to understand more about explanation videos.

You don’t have to make long articles anymore, or show charts and big presentations. A 30 to 90 second explanation video is all the audience needs to receive an easy description about your service.

This text explains in detail why explainer videos are so good for marketing. Let’s take a look.

1- With explanation videos you can get the viewers attention at first sight!

There are lots of elements that may catch the attention of potential customers, like the colors you use, the movements and the animation. If you can make people watch your video, they will stay on your site for much more time, which makes them more likely to buy something from you.

2- People focus on videos more than other types of content

If you want your business to succeed on the Internet, you’ll have to capture the clients attention. This is not an easy task, because it’s difficult to make people look specifically to one brand when they are surrounded by them. Videos are great because they can really make you stand out and get people interested in them.

It’s better for you if those visitors don’t leave your website, reducing the bounce rate. You need them to stay and learn in depth what you have to offer. Videos are the best option to achieve that.

3- They make your company more accessible

Indeed, explanation videos are used to explain what a particular business is about. You need your videos to be clear and easy to understand. If you do this well, you can make your product easy to use.  

Explainer videos are just perfect to help customers imagine themselves using the service you offer. You just have to define the characteristics of your audience and choose a character in which people can identify with.

These videos should contain short lines that speak straight to your audience, and that is priceless!

4 – Videos have an amazing potential to be shared

Users go crazy for videos. They spend a lot of time watching them and they usually share them with friends and family, and of course everybody trusts their friends and family. So, It’s more likely that people use a product than someone in their circle has recommended to them.

If people share your video, your product will capture attention and your business will grow. But for that to happen, you should create a stunning video that makes people want to share it.

5 – Search engines also love videos!

Nowadays, search engines specialize in showing content that is relevant to users, and videos are among the most watched content on the internet. This happens specially with videos that are shared by many people, because the search engines consider them to be more relevant.

How to rank 1 on youtube

As high quality videos are the most viewed, they are therefore the most shared. Here is a piece of information: the sites that convert the most are those that rank higher. If your video can make your site rank high, why not try it out?

What can you do to succeed with explanation videos?

We told you before: it’s not just the fact of making a video. There are several things you can do to increase your conversion rate. So not so fast, first read these tips:

– Choose a good thumbnail: It’s the first thing people will see in the video. Do not settle with capturing any part of the video. Choose something that can make your audience curious. The reproduction rate can increase up to 34%.

– Do not forget about your colors: Your brand should build its own identity, so your video should also contain those colors that you have chosen for your business. Colors of the thumbnail and player can increase your play rate by 53%.

– Make it short: The best explainer video is short. Nowadays, people do not stay to watch the same video for too long. We advise you that it takes less than two minutes to achieve an average reproduction rate of 70%.

– Pay attention to Calls to Action: Here is the tip that can help you increase your conversions. You should not only think about the comments and embedded lead generation forms you are going to add but also take into account the place where you put them. For example, sometimes it is better to add them in the middle instead of the end.  

– Don’t stay with only one video: Surely a video will surprise you with great results, but a full video marketing strategy will give you countless advantages. The audience needs to remember how you can solve their prospects points, and you can increase your presence with a mix of striking videos distributed throughout the whole sales funnel. There are a lot of types of content you can use, from tutorials to educational videos, commercials, customer testimonials, and more.

In summary

If you want to take a dip into video marketing, you can start by making an explainer video. It’s an effective initial step to build up your brand. As we explained, the advantages are endless and it will be crucial to increase your conversion rate.

Videos are a great option because people trust them when making a purchase, more than any text or article they can read. Still not sure? Just go online and take a look around, videos are ruling the web. Don’t stay behind!

So if you want to step up your business with a high quality video to grow your sales, just get in touch with us. We’d love to help you!

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