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What is a Commercial?

Animated commercials are short 10 to 30-second videos focused on promoting your company’s products and services. Unlike other types of marketing videos, good commercials don’t shy away from the fact that they are trying to sell something. They embrace it, finding new and innovative ways to carry your message, and being entertaining at the same time.

Animated video ads can raise brand awareness and conversions, and when it’s fully animated it allows full customization which will enhance your branding and relate better with your target audience.

Animated commercials

What sets us apart?

At Yum Yum Videos we’ve learned that the secret behind good commercials lies in making them resonate with your target audience. That’s why each of our video ads is sculpted based on our client’s brand style, and the preferences of those they are trying to reach.

That’s why our videos taste different. Regardless of niche, we’ve crafted hundreds of videos for different industries.

Some industries we’ve worked in

Food & Beverages | Information Technology | Beer, Wine & Spirits

Maria Brenner

Maria Brenner

Writer, Producer, Editor at Phelps

“If you need something that is going to be remembered, something that belongs only to your brand, Yum Yum Videos can give you that.”

How much does it cost?

Several elements come into play when it comes to pricing.

The style of your video, its length, and how quickly you need it done, to name a few. That said, a fully customized commercial usually averages between $10,000 and $20,000 USD.

Now, ask yourself this: How much is it worth to raise brand awareness? Or to increase conversions?

A custom animated video is a great investment to help you accomplish both.

How much does it cost?

How long does it take?

Our usual production cycle requires six weeks, plus however long it takes to integrate your feedback and changes into the piece. Professionals from different areas of expertise come together to work on every single project. A director, scriptwriter, illustrators, animators, voice over talent…just to name a few and the list goes on.

When it’s all said and done, most projects take between eight to nine weeks from beginning to final product delivery.

Do you need it faster? Get in touch so we can create a timeframe that makes sense to your company needs.

How long does it take?

Some of the Commercial Videos we’ve made:

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