An Animated Commercial is a short animated video of around 30 seconds long
that is oriented towards your brand and product.

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Where and why should you
use an Animated Commercial?

If you are thinking of -or already are- investing in advertising, a tv commercial animation is a great idea. These videos can be used on TV, Youtube, Adwords display and Facebook ads, being one of the most effective ways to advertise on the web. Here are a few benefits of these types of videos:

+ Online visibility
+ Brand awarness
+ Increase conversions

Why should your commercial be animated?

Animated videos have been proven to be extremely effective. They are indeed more affordable than live action video commercials (half the price) and more memorable! On the other hand, it allows for full customization which will enhance your branding and relate better with your target audience. You will get:

+ Full customization
+ More memorable stories
+ Affordable prices

Where does it fit into your
Video Sales Funnel?

Knowing each video’s place inside a video funnel is the first step into building a strong and durable video marketing strategy. Animated Video commercials are placed in the Top of the Sales Funnel or TOFU (Awareness Stage) because their main goal is to attract people into your funnel and generate brand awareness as well.


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At Yum Yum Videos we’ve done more than 300 animated explainer videos as well as some commercials like the animated video we did for Toritlla Land which had great success so that our client at Phelps let us create a video testimonial about how it was working with us. Check it out!
Habitissimo was another tv commercial animation ad we created for a service company in Spain and Latinamerica reaching more than 1,000,000 views.

Costa Azul is another example of a sweet animated advert we created for a huge supermarket in Brazil.

The price of a cartoon commercial is usually more expensive than a typical explainer video. This is due to the fact that the video production itself is usually more complex which requires greater effort to create. On the other hand, an animated advert is usually less expensive than a live action commercial video which requires a filming crew, equipment, insurance, etc that will increase the final budget of this type of production.
Cartoon commercials on the other hand, have a more flexible way of production meaning that it follows steps to assure that the client can see each step of the process and request changes. Also, the use of animation as a tool to tell stories and express concepts gives more freedom in terms of what we can do as storytellers. If you are interested in requesting a quote for a tv commercial animation, please reach out to us here.

The timeframe to create a cartoon commercials is around 7 to 9 weeks depending on several factors, such as, the style, illustration and animation. Shortening the production time is possible but it will impact on the final costs and budget of the video since we would have to give priority to your project. We don’t recommend speeding up the process since we want to give each video production the time it needs to become a great quality video.

The video production process for making a commercial is in fact very similar to the process for making an explainer video. Here is a video we crafted that briefly explains how our video production works based around our usual 3 step process.

Of course, all of the videos at Yum Yum Videos are tailor made for our clients. A custom video showcases the brand better, is more memorable and at the same time it better represents your audience. The quality of an animated video is the key for it’s success and that is why at Yum Yum Videos we work to archive that goal, always. Want to know what we do? Here is our portfolio.

Without blushing we can say that we have an excellent quality that can be compared to the top companies in the business. But, you don’t have to take our word for it, watch what other companies that have worked with us have to say: McKesson, Phelps, Tri-technical Systems, Spigit and Collaboration Squared are just some of them.

Or you can read this blog article where Hubpost showcases one of our videos, Gigtown, as one of the “Most Fabulous explainer videos on the Web”. Or you can simply go to our portfolio of explainer videos to see it for yourself!

First of all we would love to meet you! You can reach out to us and we’ll schedule a call to go over your needs and doubts. After understanding the specifications of your video, length, deadline and goals, we’ll work on a proposal so you can review it before moving forward. If you are in, we’ll need you to sign a simple contract and require a 50% upfront payment. That’s it!
After the video is finished and approved, we’ll require the final payment so we can send you the video without any watermarks.