What Is A Startup Video?

13 March, 2018  

A startup video is a short animated video that delivers a business idea in a fast, simple and persuasive way. It combines  straightforward language, appealing images and engaging animations to quickly grab the viewer’s attention. It’s both informational and educational: in less than 90 seconds, it expresses what the company does, how it helps customers solve their problems, and explains why they’re the best vendor in the market to solve that difficulty.

What Is a Startup Video? Solved! Now Learn 5 Key Features Of Startup Videos

These brief and persuasive videos have gained great popularity in the last several years. Many savvy marketers are already using them to enhance their marketing communications, and you should be part of the game too. So, to continue learning about this fantastic tool, let’s dive into its main features and characteristics:

Here you have a good example in which all these features have been applied:

8 Killer Benefits Of Developing An Explainer Video

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Check out this video we made about the most popular animated marketing video styles and try to understand which one best adapts to your specific needs! 😉

Integrating Your Explainer Video Into Your Buyer’s Journey

In today’s business world, inbound marketing has become a very useful tool for every marketer. That’s why we didn’t want to finish this blog post without reviewing how you can integrate a startup video into your inbound marketing strategy.

To start, watch this brief tutorial to get the big picture on the concept of inbound marketing, in case you don’t know what it is all about:

Like the video says, “inbound marketing” goes hand in hand with the “buyer’s journey” (also known as “sales funnel”). In this process, the prospect moves forward through different stages until he finally makes the final choice, the purchase. This process typically has 3 main stages:

Where should you use your explanatory video? From a general point of view, these videos are used for the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey. And this is not “just because”: remember that at this stage the prospect is doing some research on the best means to solve his problem. He is totally willing to listen to your proposal, what you have to offer and learn which of your key strengths and differentials stand out from the competition.

With this in mind, making an animated video can help you “gain points” during that research. It’s a highly useful tool to nurture and educate your prospects while they are seeking for “the best alternatives”. By making an appealing, engaging and cool video, you can get their attention towards your product and encourage them to “consider” it as a very good option to make their lives easier.

Bonus Track: Learn The Importance Of Customization

If you invest time, money and energy into producing a marketing video, you want to get the best results, right? Then customizing it (this is, fully adapting it to your target audience’s characteristics, expectations and needs) is the only option you have to win the battle.

Check out how we customized this video for WIN FX, having in mind their specific target audience:

So, from a general point of view, these are just some of the advantages of customizing your marketing video:

(Don’t miss these tips on how you can customize your animated explainer video. Learn how you can get the most out of customization!)  

At Yum Yum Videos we have developed thousands of videos for different clients all over the world, and with just one premise in mind: always customizing each of them for the client’s specific target audience, niche, and marketing goals. We are convinced that template videos can be very detrimental for any marketing strategy. Conversely, a custom video that quickly grabs the viewer’s attention, keeps them engaged and generates identification, will ultimately get the best results. This is a must to us!  

So, if you want to start developing a startup video for your business, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be glad to help you during the whole process! We’ll always be focused on your specific needs 😉


“What is a startup video?” “How can I benefit from it?” “How can I use it the right way to enhance my video marketing strategy?” You started this blog post with all these questions in mind. Now, after reading these paragraphs, you have on hand a bunch of tips and important considerations, and believe me: you’re totally ready to start working on your next animated marketing video. Hands on deck! Make the most engaging and memorable marketing video ever! Good luck, and take a few minutes to review these 4 important tips to choosing the right corporate video production company. See you!

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