10 Creative Video Project Ideas for the Classroom

14 February, 2023  

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Keeping students engaged and interested during class has become progressively harder in recent times. So, in order to help you get their attention and make learning a fun affair, we’ve come up with these video project ideas you can take advantage of.

You’re still not convinced about the usefulness of incorporating videos in the classroom? Well, educational videos have a huge potential, as they are creative and compelling enough to keep viewers engaged while supplementing what students are learning. 

I know it’s not always easy to come up with filming ideas for school, though, so here are some of my favorite suggestions for your classroom!


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Make an Instructional Video

Making an instructional video isn’t rocket science, but you need to properly understand a topic in order to explain it to others.  Your students will need to find new ways to present the topic, search for the right words to tackle it, and think of any questions the audience may have. That’s why instructional videos are a great way to put to the test how much a student actually understands about a subject.

You can have students record the steps they take in performing a science experiment, completing a task, or even ask them to make a video explaining a topic. This opens up the possibility for them to also share their experiences and reflections about it.

Besides reinforcing the student’s knowledge acquired during class, this project idea allows you to assess their level of understanding of the subject. 


Film a Behind-The-Scenes Video

Group projects are a great way to teach kids something while fostering teamwork and collaboration. As a teacher, you grade the finished work, but how about being able to also see what happens behind the scenes?

Behind-the-scenes is one of teenagers’ most watched types of videos because they’re entertaining and engaging. That’s why this project video can be a great way to make students interested in group projects.

Meanwhile, you get to see who does what, how they decided to divide the workflow, and how they reacted when things worked out—or didn’t. Not only do you get to grade their project, but kids can also reflect on teamwork and how communal efforts look from a distance at the same time.

I bet you didn’t know video project ideas could do so much!


Recreate a Moment in History or Impersonate a Historical Figure

If you’ve been looking for video project ideas to use in your History classes, this one is perfect for you.

For students, learning about history can be difficult because some of the events that shaped our societies seem too far in the past to relate to them. Recreating key moments in history can be a particularly fun way for students to connect more with historical figures and events. 

By experiencing the past, topics are a lot easier to learn! 


Record Interviews – Video Project Ideas

One of the difficulties kids face nowadays is bonding with others in meaningful ways. 

While it’s true that social media allows us to connect with people from all around the globe, it can also make it harder to see the bonds that tie us to those around us. In order to fix that, having students conduct interviews could be great to strengthen their relationships with their communities.

Among all the video project ideas here, interviews are one of the easiest to produce. You can instruct them to have interviews in person, with both parties sitting next to each other in front of a camera. They can also conduct a virtual one, using a video call program to record a long-distance meeting.

The benefit of this project video is that it teaches students to reach out to people around them and to listen to what they have to say— instead of just reading it online!


Create a Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animations, also known as doodle videos, are a creative and engaging way to tackle a highly complex topic while making it entertaining and easy to understand.

Making this type of hand-drawn animation is quite straightforward. Students just have to set up their camera on a tripod or something that’ll keep it stable. Then, they have to aim the focus at a whiteboard, hit “record,” and start drawing. Once they’ve finished, they’ll need to use video editing tools to speed it up and add a voice-over. 

What makes this a great project video is that it teaches students about patience and attention to detail, as you only see the result of your hard work at the end of it when you review your video. And it’s also a great way to bring out the kids’ creative skills!

How to make an animated video


Record a Meaningful Location or a Special Moment

When students visit a particular location, whether on a field trip or on vacation, you can ask them to share their experiences with others by filming and narrating them as they go. Their project videos can also be themed around festivals, cultural concepts, and special activities too.

You can have the kids give a tour of their schools, for example. They can highlight their favorite classes, film where they eat lunch, and explain the best part of their days. With a video editor app, it’s easy to put all of these scenes together to make a compelling and entertaining video.

What makes this one of the best video project ideas is that it encourages students to share their favorite places and moments in video. Some years ahead, they can review all this footage, and remember the good times they had!


Share Practice Records

Learning a language, cooking, playing an instrument, or doing sports requires constant practice. If you’re looking for a way to encourage kids to learn new skills, this project video could be ideal.

You can ask them to record themselves learning to play an instrument or speaking a new language. It’s important for kids nowadays to have hobbies and activities that help them grow and connect with other people. And a great way to encourage them to continue developing their skills is for them to actually see their progress.


Create a News Show – Video Project Ideas

Having kids create a news show can be a way to motivate them to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the world or their communities, while also teaching them about the importance of checking your sources of information before sharing a message.

You don’t need to be one of the best video production companies to create a news show with your students. If you do want to up your game, you can use a green screen— but even without it, you’ll probably get great results from your students.

You can give them a list of sites to check the data before recording their project videos, or you can tell them to look for that information in at least five different places. Whatever you choose, you’ll definitely have fun seeing the results of their investigation!


Create a Video Portfolio

Students can begin to plan for their future by creating a portfolio that showcases their unique skills and interests. In the project video, they can highlight their key skills while sharing their personalities.

Nowadays, many job-hunting sites encourage people to film themselves. The ability to stay in front of a camera and be confident in your skills is a really valuable asset for the future.

Video project ideas like these, where you encourage students to talk about themselves in front of a camera, allow you to teach kids the importance of knowing their strengths and being confident enough in themselves to share them.


Promote Your Future University, or a Dream Job

Choosing a university and a future job are critical life-changing decisions that teenagers make at a young age. To best guide their decisions, proper research is essential.

So, have your students make a promotion video for their future university or dream job. Encourage them to properly investigate the topic and write a storyboard. On it, they’ll have to describe the benefits, strong aspects, and how it aligns with their life goals. 

This project video can be a creative way to make planning your future more fun and interesting. Moreover, your students will be able to make a solid decision, after properly assessing all their options.


Wrapping up

As generations change, the way they access education and the methods they use to learn change with them. New forms of studying are constantly appearing, like e-learning videos.

Videos have proven to be an effective means for students because they are more attractive to them, which makes them effective in keeping their attention. In these video project ideas, you can find new strategies to entertain your students and connect with them, while also teaching them valuable life lessons.

Plus, grading will definitely be more fun!

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