The 10 Instagram Video Marketing Statistics You Need in 2022

22 October, 2020  

With one billion accounts active every month and a clear embrace of branded content, Instagram has grown into a marketing platform that most businesses can’t afford to ignore.

The popular social hub presents a unique and sophisticated playground that can be leveraged to expand one’s online reach. Making it easier to interact with an audience, showcase your products and services, establish deeper connections with potential customers, and generate conversions.

If you can keep up with the platform’s changing trends, that is.

Instagram’s an incredibly dynamic and agile service; continually updating its algorithms or adding features that its users tend to flock to. So, being aware of the latest metrics and stats is vital to get the most out of your efforts there.

To help with that, we’ve compiled a list of ten crucial video marketing statistics for Instagram in 2022. Curated to provide solid insights into user preferences, trends, and overall strategic planning that helps you reach your business’ goals.

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Instagram is a staple on most of its users’ daily routine

Since its launch in 2010, the platform’s popularity has been steadily rising. Up to the point that, today, around 60% of users log into Instagram at least once per day (source), and almost as many (55%) do so several times!

On top of that, Instagrammers spend an average of 28 minutes browsing on the platform every day – which speaks to how engaging and attractive they find it!

So, understanding your target audience’s behavior and figuring out exactly when they’re online is crucial to improve engagement. That way, you’ll know which are the best hours to share your content, helping you to optimize your posts’ organic reach.

Users enjoy following brands on Instagram

Ok, this is probably one of the most important video marketing statistics for 2022 – According to the app’s creators, 90% of accounts follow a business on Instagram (source), while 83% say that Instagram marketing also helps them to discover new products or services.

These numbers combined reveal that Instagram has truly become the accepted (and preferred) social media landscape for users to connect with brands. Something particularly valuable for growing businesses that want to increase their social media presence and attract potential new customers.

For example, a good strategy revolves around running paid ads campaigns that target a very specific, niche audience. Remember that Instagram uses Facebook’s demographic data, which gives you a lot of flexibility to potentially be discovered by highly interested prospects. That is, people that are more likely to engage with your content and eventually become a loyal fan and/or customers!

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Stories are your go-to ally to engage with your audience

Another important Instagram video statistic you can’t ignore reveals that one-third of the most-viewed Instagram Stories come from businesses (source). Which is probably why the company is constantly rolling out new tools to make them even more enticing, entertaining, and effective!

GIFs, boomerangs, music, stickers, polls… There’s a whole set of elements purposely designed to encourage user engagement, and you need to learn when and how to implement them (or avoid them) to get the most out of each!

You can use them to give your followers a peek inside your offices, tease your upcoming products, ask customers’ feedback, and the list goes on. Just remember that Stories’ time limit and impermanence allows your brand a nice space to be more dynamic, laid-back, and relatable!

Video is the king of content on Instagram as well

Do you remember that time when Instagram was just a photo-sharing app? Honestly, we don’t!

Ever since the company added the feature to record or upload video back in 2013, users’ love (and preference) for this type of content has been growing non-stop.

So much so that there’s been an 80% increase in time spent watching video on Instagram, year over year (source)And on top of this already impressive Instagram video statistic, we also have that video also receives 21% more engagement than photos – that is, more likes, comments, and shares.

Luckily, Instagram marketing tools ensure everyone has enough resources to develop original videos. Providing them with different features and video distribution channels, such as live streams, IGTV, Stories, or their newest addition, Reels!

As for the types of videos you should share, that’s up to your brand’s identity and target audience’s preferences. But whether that means sharing enticing product videos to show how cool your solution is, or broadcasting lives with industry-related professionals, this Instagram video marketing statistic’s main takeaway is that, in 2022, you should use videos to stay relevant and get people to join the conversation surrounding your brand!

Instagramers love tutorial videos

Of all the different styles at your disposal, How-To tutorials are the most popular form of Instagram video content (source), followed by behind-the-scenes, interviews, and news coverage.

This love (and huge demand) for short tutorials points to a simple-yet-powerful insight: People respond better to content that solves a problem, educates, or delivers immediate value.

The great thing about tutorials is they can easily adapt to whatever type of business or industry you are in. So, whether you teach how to prepare a drink – using your own mixer, explain techniques to dye your own hair – using your brand’s colors, or give instructions to make an origami butterfly – that also happens to be your logo, it will pique the audience’s interest right away!

Just remember that Instagram is a dynamic, visual-first platform, so, you’ll need to make your how-to tutorials eye-catching, easy to follow, and short.

Nurturing user-generated content is crucial

A recent report revealed that posts containing or featuring user-generated content have higher conversion rates (source) – certainly one of the most crucial video marketing statistics for 2022 you’ll read today!

In case you aren’t familiar with it, user-generated content refers to anything – text, videos, images, reviews, etc. – that’s uploaded by users and relates to your brand. More often than not, companies repost these publications to share them with their own audiences.

But, why is UGC such a big deal?

Well, simply put, because it excels at boosting credibility, building brand trust, and, above all, driving sales. Yes, that’s right! The influence of this type of posts is unmatched – Nearly 80% of people say UGC impacts positively their purchase decisions.

So, given that Instagram marketing tools provide such a positive user-brand environment, we highly recommend using the platform for sharing UGC – especially Stories.

A good strategy to get you started is to create an album of Instagram Stories Highlights with all your UGC reposts. That way, potential buyers will have wonderful testimonials at hand persuading them to take action, and existing customers will feel rewarded by your recognition of their content!

Using the right amount of hashtags drives engagement

Hashtags play a key role in Instagram’s ecosystem, especially for helping businesses to increase their posts’ organic reach and interactions.

Now, there’s always been quite a debate around how many hashtags brands should use. And according to HubSpot, posts with 9 to 12 hashtags receive more engagement (source).

Now, you can either go for the same popular hashtags that everybody uses, in which case you’ll be competing with a lot of other posts and accounts that share similar content. Or you can develop your very own personalized hashtags to raise brand awareness and encourage user-generated content.

Whatever the case, to use hashtags effectively, you’ll have to analyze your audience’s behavior on the platform!

Take the time to establish which hashtags can help you reach out to, and connect with, the people you want to target, and then develop content strategies around them.

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Adding stickers will improve your video Stories’ reception

Out of the many elements or features you can add to make Stories more interesting, Stories stickers enhance Instagram video’s performance 83% of the time (source)Helping businesses to optimize videos’ reach, views, and overall user interactions!

That’s a lot, right?

However, you need to use them in strategic and original ways to help you get your message across and capture your audience’s attention.

For example, add a location sticker to tell your followers where your store is, or create a quiz for your customers to express their opinions on a particular topic and get them involved!

Just remember that, whatever your strategy is, you need to make sure your stickers make sense with your content. Adding context to what you’re trying to say and especially don’t getting in your video’s way!

Video ads’ popularity is on the rise!

Today, one in four ads on Instagram is a video (source), and that figure continues to grow each year.

It makes sense, though – Instagram video content allows you to tell deeper, more compelling stories that users can immediately engage with effortlessly. All while providing a unique and more immersive experience that can take your advertising strategy to the next level!

As a response to this growing trend, Instagram marketing avenues are constantly being updated with new ad tools and features. For example, Story ads now have shoppable tags, and in 2019 the company added video ads in the Explore grid.

With that in mind, for 2022, you might want to adjust your advertising budget with more emphasis on creating videos for Instagram. These will help reach out to bigger, more engaged audiences, drive awareness, and influence prospects to take action!

Customers like brands voicing social issues on Instagram

To round things up, we have a final (and very interesting) video marketing statistic for 2022. We live in what many like to call the “era of conscious consumerism,” and most people expect some sort of action in those terms from brands they like.

And this is something that particularly applies to Instagram – It’s stated that Instagrammers want to see brands they like taking a stand on social issues (source), such as climate change, education, LGBTQ+ rights, gender equality, and more.

The demand for “consciousness” it’s so defining that even 36% of users say they’ll purchase more from a socially committed company.

Now, it’s important to highlight here that it’s not a matter of just picking any social issue – It needs to be relevant to your business’s values and identity. Or else, consumers will feel – rightfully – skeptical about your motives.

All in all, people believe brands can reach larger audiences and, ultimately, create a real change. So, if done right, using your platform to voice social issues on Instagram can help you strengthen your brand’s image and increase your credibility.

Parting Thoughts

A decade after its launch, it’s pretty clear that Instagram has made huge strides to become an effective and secure “digital home” for brands online. Providing both creators and marketers a solid set of tools and environment that helps them boost awareness, inspire, and engage users, ultimately driving them into taking action.

But you need to understand the platform to get the most out of it! And that goes beyond just learning how to post a video on Instagram, how long are Instagram videos, or a handful of instagram marketing tips!

2022 is set to be a year of recovery and expansion for everyone, and hopefully, these Instagram b2b video marketing statistics will help you shape your marketing strategy in the best possible way.


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