The 10 Facebook Video Marketing Stats to Know in 2022

6 November, 2020  

Facebook has grown into a service far beyond its initial purpose. Yes, it’s still the go-to hub to connect with friends and family, but it’s also the place to set up and find events to attend to, share our likes and dislikes on important issues, and even find more information from the brands we engage with.

That last one being of particular interest for businesses and content creators, since it offers a staggering audience pool of billions of active users.

However, such a vast potential scope can work against you. Just as it happens with every other popular social service, Facebook’s trends, tools, and demographics are dynamic – constantly changing and evolving to keep up with user expectations. And doubly so when you add video content into the mix!

In all honesty, it can get a bit overwhelming if you are trying to use the platform to its fullest potential. But fret not; we are here to help.

Today, we’ll go over some essential Facebook statistics for 2022 involving video, and provide quick and clear insights into what they mean and how you can take advantage of them.

Facebook users prefer mobile over desktop

One of the many reasons why Facebook has become such a worldwide sensation is thanks to its mobile accessibility. According to Statista, almost 98% of Facebook users log into the platform via mobile phone (source).

Needless to say, optimizing your content for mobile is a must on Facebook, especially when it comes to videos. So, when developing your pieces, you should put extra emphasis on user-experience design oriented for mobile.

For example, combining a responsive format with a mobile-friendly player, adjusting your video’s thumbnail design, considering your piece’s ideal length and rhythm, changing the aspect ratio, and even defining the right size for your captions.

All in all, the idea is to adapt your videos to mobile requirements – both in video structure and technical aspects – so you can provide a positive user experience and, above all, to make sure they perform as best as possible.

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People spend a lot of time browsing on Facebook

In terms of daily usage and on-site time, Facebook remains undefeated – Users spend an average of 58.5 minutes on Facebook every day (source), and visit the site multiple times a day on top of that.

Whether it’s scrolling down their newsfeed on lunch break, checking it on the bus ride to class, or in bed right before you go to sleep, the platform highly engages users on a daily basis – Which keeps them browsing on the site for more than just a quick check.

So, based on this Facebook video statistic for 2022, the platform is certainly a powerful tool that you can use to connect to, and interact with most audiences. But it’s critical to first define two main factors: the type of posts your target audience prefers the most and at what hours they’re usually online.

That way, it’ll be much easier to plan and implement a consistent and effective posting schedule that’s aligned with your audience’s behavior. One that will help you improve your content’s organic reach and overall user response.

Stories are ideal for sparking up meaningful interactions

If you want to engage your audience organically and immediately, you need to consider developing tailored video content for Stories. Facebook Stories have 300 million active users every day (source) – a figure that has been growing since 2017, back when the company launched the feature.

Given they auto-delete after 24 hours, Stories are perfect for more spontaneous, fun, and genuine content. Plus, they provide a lot of cool tools to make them even more attention-grabbing, such as text, filters, stickers, and music.

So, if your target audience is active on Stories – and based on this Facebook video statistic, they probably are – you can use them to spice up your interactions, showcase your brand’s personality, and ultimately connect more easily with your audience.

In terms of the type of content you can create, the idea is to stay true to your brand’s identity. But going behind the scenes of your business, introducing members of your staff, or producing user-oriented polls is always a good starting point!

Facebook easily attracts new prospects

What once was a platform primarily designed to help users stay in touch with friends and family, is now a huge engine for inspiration and discovery. As such, 78% of people say Facebook helps them discover new products or brands (source).

This Facebook video metric is particularly useful for new businesses that want to increase their social media presence and attract qualified leads. Doubly so when you consider the platform’s robust targeting options that can help you show your content to people that can be interested in what you have to offer or say.

All in all, as more and more people turn to Facebook to look for products or brands, you should start leveraging the platform’s highly optimized ecosystem to put your catalog in front of interested eyes and help your business grow.

So, a good first step is to set up your Facebook page to display your awesome products and plan a highly targeted ad strategy to improve your brand awareness metrics and bring new followers in!

Video is increasingly popular on Facebook

Between video ads, video posts, Stories, and live streams, the platform gets over 8 billion average daily Facebook video views (source). Ranking as the preferred (and most consumed) type of content on the platform.

Undoubtedly, here’s a crucial Facebook statistic for 2022, as the social media network has turned into one of the most promising platforms to launch effective, better-performing video marketing campaigns. Especially in terms of reach and engagement. (More on this in a minute.)

But… What type of videos should you create?

Well, truth is, there are plenty of avenues you can take in this regard – Product videos, how-to tutorials, behind-the-scenes content, inspirational pieces… They all work just fine on the platform and the list goes on and on! But it’s all going to depend on your business goals and specific needs.

So, whether you broadcast lives with influencers to debate trending topics, share funny video dogs on Stories, or develop pieces that tackle issues relevant to your audience, you should use video content to get people more interested in your brand and build loyalty.

Video gets more engagement than other types of posts

On average, videos on Facebook get at least 59% more engagement than other types of posts (source) – definitely one of the most relevant Facebook video statistics for 2022 that you’ll read about today!

Moreover, the most successful types of Facebook video content – at least in terms of user interactions, such as reactions, likes, and comments – usually falls under three major categories: inspirational, funny, or useful.

Now, trend or not, you still need to understand what resonates best with your audience and cause them to actually get involved with your content. For that, Facebook provides detailed engagement metrics on each video post. Breaking down numbers by Facebook views, shares, likes, comments, clicks, and more.

It also offers insight into the negative feedback – that is, when people decide to hide your video from their News Feed, report it as inappropriate or spam, or the number of followers that “unliked” your page after watching your video.

The bottom line here is people are clearly responding to video content, and sharing more of it can significantly impact your engagement metrics on Facebook. So, make sure to analyze your audience and build a strategy around their interests and video consuming habits!

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Most Facebook users watch videos without sound

Recent research shows that 85% of Facebook users watch videos without sound (source). It makes sense, though – most users scroll through the platform while being with others or doing other things.

Now, in terms of video design, there are two main things that result from this Facebook video trend for 2022: First off, it’s paramount to use imagery that can immediately catch the viewer’s attention and communicate value, especially in the first few frames.

Secondly, if your piece features a narrator or includes dialogues, it’s critical to add captions. Doing so not only will increase your video’s engagement – captions can boost video view time by 12% – but also make it more accessible.

All things considered, according to this Facebook video statistic for 2022, it’s important to optimize your videos for silent viewing and, above all, let the viewers decide if they want to turn the sound on or not.

Format plays a huge role in driving engagement

In an effort to understand which video format is better on Facebook, a study revealed that vertical videos outperformed landscape videos in engagement (likes, comments, shares) and completion rate –getting up to 35% more Facebook views! (source)

Naturally, this is closely tied to the fact that most users browse the platform via mobile. But vertical videos are such a hit that even Facebook itself encourages marketers and creators to develop them to increase their engagement metrics.

For example, the app creators say that a good way to take advantage of the vertical screen is by splitting it in half or creating a grid to show different angles or multiple products at the same time. They also tested that animation and overlays can help you delight viewers and make the viewing experience more entertaining.

In any case, if you haven’t started optimizing your content to the vertical format yet, this Facebook video statistic proves that 2022 is the year to change that. That way, your videos will get far more likes, comments, and views!

Mobile-first video ads improve brand awareness

Compared to non-optimized ads, mobile-first video ad campaigns drive 27% higher brand lift (source).

Now, brand lift allows you to gauge your ads’ impact on the perception of your brand or product. Including a whole set of key-but-often-difficult-to-measure metrics, such as brand awareness, ad recall, favorability or likelihood to recommend, and (purchase) intent.

So, creating video ads for Facebook that fit seamlessly into the mobile content consumption experience has become critical, as they can positively influence the way people feel about your brand.

Luckily, the company makes sure to provide all the necessary information, insights, and tools to help marketers build effective mobile-first video ads. They even offer a creation kit with pre-set video templates that follow a performance-optimized structure.

Summing things up, considering what we’ve just learned from this Facebook video statistic for 2022, make sure to build your video ads with mobile in mind from the start. Paying special attention to certain creative considerations, like designing for vertical format, using a mobile-friendly player, disabling sound, and using brand colors to help people connect with your brand.

Facebook users prefer short and snackable video ads

These days, it seems quite impossible to hold viewers’ attention. We don’t have patience, and there are too many distractions. So, length is something that everyone should consider when developing video content.

With that being said, researchers found out that the ideal length for Facebook video ads sits around the 15-seconds mark (source). Certainly, every second counts and this Facebook video trend for 2022 is testament to that.

So, make sure to only include the information you need to get your message across effectively and prompt viewers to take action. Also, a good tip here is to front-load your piece with highly enticing visuals to persuade the audience to continue watching your content!

Summing Things Up

Thanks to its increasing user base, on-platform advertising, unmatched targeting options, and great video features, Facebook has become an essential marketing staple and communication channel for businesses of all sizes and across all industries.

However, the social network is a very dynamic and competitive digital landscape. So, it’s imperative to keep an eye on the numbers and metrics that matter the most to guarantee your content’s success and overall performance.

Fortunately, these Facebook statistics for 20201 provide great insight into what currently works for Facebook. And using them as a point of reference will help you make better, more informed decisions and take advantage of the platform’s amazing potential!

Good luck!

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