7 Myths About Working With an Explainer Video Company Abroad

24 May, 2017  

Your online hunt for the perfect explainer video company was looking promising. You learned about the benefits of working with a company abroad. You read about the work process of modern agencies that serve brands around the world. You were already excited about how your company video was going to look (and cost). But you came across certain warnings that set off your alarms.


It was bound to happen. Negative experiences, lack of knowledge about work methods, or simple animosity against companies that aren’t from the US all come together to warn you to stay off that path. That’s how many myths about working with foreign companies were born. The thing is: once you take the time to look deeper, you will find that many of them are just that – myths with no relation to reality.

At Yum Yum Videos we’ve been working with remote clients for quite a while and we’ve heard it all. That’s why we want to save you from the confusion. Here’s a list of the most common myths people believe when considering video development companies from abroad.

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#1. It’s impossible to keep a good communication line with someone working abroad

One of the biggest concerns when we meet with clients for the first time is communication. You already know that any successful project relies on a great communication strategy between all the members involved. Corporate animated videos aren’t an exception. So, how can you expect to work well with someone that’s in another country?

I can see that fear being valid a decade ago, when the Internet wasn’t as evolved as it is now. Today, however, there are numerous tools that can keep the communication flowing smoothly. Collaboration platforms, video calling software, broadband connections – they all team up to bring a new way of working remotely, making it easier for people from all over the world to create something awesome together.


The remote gap has been bridged so effectively that even if you hire a company from your own city, you might end up having a meeting to discuss details through Skype or Facetime. It’s how the world works now! In light of that, it really doesn’t matter if you work with a team in Los Angeles, Berlin or Buenos Aires. There’s one thing you should keep in mind though, which brings us to the following myth.

#2. Different time zones will surely end up with scheduling issues

How are you supposed to arrange meetings at convenient times for you and your staff if the video company lives in a whole different time zone? You can imagine that when you’re just getting to work, some of the video professionals are already leaving or worse – sleeping! Time zones that are radically different can lead to delays in important communication or in meeting cancellations or postponements. You can’t afford that!

While this might hold some truth for considerable time zone differences (such as New York and Sydney), it isn’t applicable at all when working with companies from countries with slightly different ones. Perhaps not even Europe is right for you but there are plenty of companies south of the border in countries like Argentina (which, incidentally, has a very similar time zone to the ones used in the USA).

So, this myth can’t be applied to all video companies from abroad, really. It’s just a lazy way to dismiss some serious candidates for helping you create memorable whiteboard videos, commercials, testimonials and animated videos. Time zones should be considered, sure, but if you pick your alternatives carefully, it’s just a small and rather easily solvable issue.
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#3. Video companies from abroad can’t compete with the quality of US agencies

Some people like to think that no one can beat the United States professionals when it comes to creating high quality videos. The combination of a well-developed industry, highly skilled professionals and years of experience surely gives the American industry a certain edge and an undeniable quality. But the video companies from abroad have evolved so much that they are now neck to neck with their US counterparts.

This is especially true in the explainer video industry. Many companies have made their way to the top by providing extraordinary services at a very affordable price. That way, they made themselves a name and can compete with anyone from the States. You don’t have to believe me if you don’t want to. Hubspot has made a selection of the best explainer videos out there and picked one made by Yum Yum Videos to top that list.

As you can see, the high quality is undeniable. In fact, I’d bet that if I didn’t tell you that the animated explainer video above was made by a non-American company, you wouldn’t even have noticed. That’s possible because of the evolution made by the industry abroad and the possibility to work remotely with members from all over the world that bring that extra something needed to stand out.

#4. The language barrier will bring trouble at one point or another

I’ve said above that, given the time zone differences, the best thing you can do is look for companies that are located in one similar to the one you’re in. But what happens if the only countries eligible according to that condition are ones that don’t have English as an official language? Some people might be tempted to point out that, no matter their English level, this will bring out some problems at some point during development.

They can say that there will be miscommunications, that video voice overs won’t sound natural or that the script won’t be appealing to your audience, simply because it was thought of and developed in a different language. Working with a professional video company, however, will save you from all those concerns.

If you work with a team of video experts like Yum Yum Videos, then you’ll work with professionals that have an advanced level of English, so there will be no problems with communications. That’s because companies from abroad have a global audience in mind when marketing their services. And since everyone is speaking English on the Web, then company members MUST speak it too (and fluently, I might add).

That’s not all. To avoid an unnatural English feel in the final videos, video companies work with talent from the US itself. That way, the phases where English needs to be perfect are developed by native voice over talents that make it all sound perfect for their target audiences. Only the most technical aspects (such as animating the characters or editing the video) are done by foreign collaborators.

Watch this cool example:

#5. Foreign companies don’t know your target audience

If you are in the US, you might feel tempted to hire an American video company, simply because they understand your audience. What does a foreigner know about the US, your company and how it relates to the public?

That’s a very important point, one that corporate video companies have addressed a while ago. What solution did we find? The help of the local talent I’ve mentioned above. It’s more than just a language thing – people native from your country know the details of everyday life and language and can imprint it into the final work.

Particularly, we have that consideration embedded right into our production process. You won’t just meet with our production team to explain your needs to us. You’ll also meet with the script writer in charge of delivering your message through the explainer video. That way, you’ll be sure the video developers understand you and know what you want to say to your audience. Want more details about how we work? Watch the following video.
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#6. Video companies from abroad don’t have enough experience

You may think that, even if all of the above is right, US-based companies are simply more experienced. You could be thinking that companies from the rest of the world have been playing catch up with American companies. Thus, the experience you can get from the former can’t be compared with what the latter can provide. Well, that’s simply not true.

There are thousands of companies around the world that have been working in the video industry for years. Companies that have focused on different styles and that have brought a fresh focus to the table. Agencies that have worked with brands from all over the globe and that have developed a strong and unique way of understanding what an explainer video can actually be like.

Hey, don’t take my word for it. Do some research, check out their portfolios, watch their testimonials. You’ll see that foreign companies are serious contenders to American video companies with strong backgrounds and experiences that include giants across all industries. This is a myth that’s easy to debunk – just take a look at some of explainer videos made by these companies and you’ll see that experience becomes evident in each one of them.

In the meanwhile you can check one of our testimonials:

#7. You won’t save that much by hiring a video company from abroad

An explainer video seems like a fairly ‘simple’ project to tackle. A 90-second video that explains the value of your brand can’t be that hard to create, right? Many people believe so, and that’s why they think that there isn’t much money you could save while creating one. Unfortunately for them, this whole approach is wrong.

The greatest explainer videos need a lot of work and attention to detail, something only the best video companies can give you. Writing the script, animating the whole thing, recording the voiceover – it’s all part of a complex process that takes time and effort to get right. And time, as you already know, costs money. That’s why premium US-based companies are charging between $15,000 and $20,000 for a high quality 90-sec video.

Want to know how much Yum Yum Videos is charging for the same type of content? Between $6,000 and $8,000 – that’s less than half! Considering that you can save that much without losing quality in the final product, I’d say you have to entertain the idea (to say the least) of hiring a company like ours.

Now that you know all of this, there are two possible roads for you to take: you keep believing all this nonsense and discard companies from abroad just because, or you understand that those companies can be the perfect fit for you. Your corporate video is waiting for you to make a decision. Which one will you choose?

Need help with this decision? Perhaps our free ebook ‘How to Choose the Right Explainer Video Company for your Business’ can lend you a hand.

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