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Explainer Video 101: What Is an Animated Explainer Video?


What is an explainer video? Basically, explainer videos are short animated videos that explain your business idea in a concise, persuasive way. They give the largest amount of information in the shortest amount of time.

You’ve probably heard about explainer videos, and seen a lot of them online. These videos are not only popular but very effective, and this is why it’s the favorite kind of content for many marketers.

Let’s take a look at this great explainer video to get in the mood!

Do you see? With the use of a captivating animation and a simple but powerful script, this video is educational and informative at the same time: it delivers a clear message in under 90 seconds. That’s the definition of an explainer video!

Now, let’s learn some basics.

Lesson 1: Main Characteristics of an explainer video

What makes these videos stand out from the rest? The answer is simple, they’ve got some key characteristics that make them unique.

  • Short: Animated marketing videos are short because they deliver a marketing idea in just a matter of seconds. Ideally, these videos should never be more than 90 seconds long. It’s all about attention spans, really, and we talk a bit more about it in this study we made about the ideal explainer video length.
  • Simple: Their goal is to communicate a short and simple message. In order to do this, they communicate this message following a classic structure of “what” “how”, and “why”.
  • Fully custom: An explainer video has to be completely customized, so much so that it emits your company’s spirit at every second. For this, it uses branded colors and a structure that is completely focused on the target audience and their problems.
  • Animated characters: Last (but never least), these videos use animated characters based on their target audience to generate identification. Animations also add a good dose of humor, emotion and personality to the video.

Now let’s watch another example, in which we see all of these characteristics combined!

Lesson 2: Benefits of creating an explainer video

Now that you’re completely sure of what an explainer video looks like, let’s focus on the next step: Why should you be making one? What are the benefits of creating one of these videos?

  1. The first and most important one is that you get to explain your business in a matter of seconds. Explainer videos communicate the biggest amount of information in a very short time: you get to say what you do, how you do it and why you can do it better than your competition. All of this, in 90 seconds or less.
  2. They’re the best way to make your viewers take action. With these videos, you’re explaining a lot of information to your viewers and you’ll be instantly leaving them wanting more. And this is why explainer videos always include CTAs, because it’s the best chance to make them take action: subscribe to a newsletter, fill a form, download a certain material or basically anything else.
  3. They have a high level of educational power because they get the most out of visual and verbal learning. This increases their communication effectiveness.
  4. Animated sales videos are one of the most shared types of content online, so they’ll increase your shareability –people love to share interesting, fun and informative content with their peers!
  5. They help you raise conversions and sales: When you place these videos in strategic places, like above the fold of your homepage, you can increase conversions by 20%.
  6. Boost your online visibility with explainer videos just by embedding them on your website. You see, when your audience is looking for information, they’ll always prefer video content over text –this means that when they find a video, they’ll stop and play it. This increases the amount of time they spend on your website, and search engines (like Google) takes this variable very seriously when arranging the search ranks. The bottom line? Videos will help you rank higher in searches.
  7. People spend a lot of time on their phones, and explainer videos adapt to mobile logic. When on mobile, people get easily tired of reading big chunks of text and they prefer videos –especially videos that communicate a quick, simple message (perfect for the short attention span of the audience on mobile phones).
  8. Also, explainer videos build brand awareness. These animated videos use certain elements like branded colors that help reinforce your brand’s identity and help your viewers identify clearly who is the one behind the business proposal.

Another great thing about explainer videos is that they come in a lot of different styles, so you can choose the one that’ll fit better with your brand’s style!

You could use, for example, a cartoon video for a funny and relaxed look, a whiteboard video for when you need to teach something in a cool way, or a motion graphics video if you need a style that’s a bit more classy and sophisticated.

There are more styles, though! Let’s go through some of them:

Lesson 3: Integrating explainer videos in your Buyer’s Journey

Let’s analyze how these videos can fit in your inbound marketing strategy. Please, let’s refresh some concepts.

What is inbound marketing?

The Buyer’s Journey is the process your customers go through before they make an actual purchase. It’s also known as a “sales funnel”, and it typically has three stages:

  • The Awareness Stage: In which your prospect is starting to become aware of a certain problem they have, and he’s beginning to understand his difficulties and putting the problem in context.
  • The Consideration Stage: In this stage, your prospect already understood the problem and he’s looking for the different solutions available to solve it
  • The Decision Stage: In which they’ve already identified the solution they’ll pursue, and they’re looking for the different businesses that offer said solution. They’re comparing the different vendors/products and getting ready to finally make the purchase decision.

There are many different kinds of video content that’ll help you craft a really effective buyer’s journey: Video makes everything better in an inbound strategy! Different kinds of videos work better with certain stages, and explainer videos are no exception: Explainer videos fit in the consideration stage, like a glove.

It’s not hard to see why. During this stage, your prospects are fully aware of their problem, and they’re actively researching solutions –they’re ready to hear about you!

With explainer videos, you can nurture your leads by letting them know what you can do for them.

Final Tips!

If you’re going to remember just one thing out of this “crash course”, let it be this one: If you want your explainer video to work, it has to be fully customized.

This is the only way you’ll get a highly effective animated marketing video. A 100% custom video will be aligned with your audience’s characteristics, expectations and needs… And this means that you’ll get great marketing results.

With a custom video, you’ll stand out from your competition. Brands are using video content more than ever, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to develop a video that’s specially made for your audience.

Also, you’ll generate identification from your audience towards your story. Creating engaging video content is mostly about storytelling because it’s only with storytelling that you’ll develop a strong emotional bond with your audience. This can only happen if you create a story that’s specifically developed to fit your audience’s needs.

And you’ll definitely get the best ROI! Because your video is made exclusively for your target audience, it will speak to them directly, and appeal to their emotions. This creates deep connections between your brand and your prospects, resulting in more conversions and sales! In fact, an explainer video is the marketing content with the highest ROI.

It’s not too hard to customize your explainer video in order to get the best results, but it sure is important! Our team at Yum Yum Videos knows it by heart – we only produce high-quality custom videos for our clients, that meet their specific needs and are directed towards their target audience.

Take a quick peek at our explainer video process:

We know that the only way to create great videos that sell is to pay attention to every detail and create fully customized videos. If you need any help with the development of your explainer video, get in touch with us! Our team will be happy to assist you.

So, there you go!

You’ve made it! You know exactly what an explainer video is, their main characteristics, and what can they do for your business.

Now, you’re ready to start working on your own video and do it right: You’re just one step away from creating the most impressive, high-quality and 100% customized video for your brand. Have fun!

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