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The 10 Best Explainer Video Examples You Can’t Miss


Video content has become a necessity for businesses, either to attract new audiences who are increasingly hungry for video content, or to keep up with the competition.

This demand is made evident by stats like YouTube receiving over 500 million hours of views every day, and studies showing that product videos can help increase purchases by 144%.

Impressive, isn’t it?

And among all of those, the top explainer video examples stand out as some of the most effective in digital marketing; capable of engaging audiences, bringing awareness to your brand, and increasing conversions.

Today, we are going to do a round-up of some of the best explainer videos out there and – most importantly – take a look at what makes them so great.

Hopefully, you’ll walk away with more than a handful of ideas to apply when it’s time to make your own fantastic explainer! Let’s go.


1. But Wait! Why Explainers?

As awesome as they may be, explainers are but one type of the many amazing types of marketing videos you have at your disposal. So, why a list exclusively with them?

Because they are one of the few that tackle several stages of the buyer’s journey at the same time! And they do so by fulfilling a short list of essential characteristics:

  • Explainers are short: They are designed to grab your prospect’s attention quickly. In 90 seconds or less, the best explainer videos can help your target audience understand your message and the value of your product.
  • They are simple: explainers streamline and explain the most complex ideas to make them understandable. The secret? Polished scripts and meaningful visuals. And on that note…
  • Explainers are visually attractive: Whether live-action or animated, a good explainer is always thoroughly entertaining. One key aspect, common to the best explainers videos out there, is that their visual delivery is always eye-catching.
  • They are informative: The best explainer videos have the intrinsic value of providing useful information to potential customers. They are perfect for introducing your audience to your product or message and how it will improve their lives. How? By combining informational content in an educational format.

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2. The 10 Best Explainer Video Examples You Can’t Miss

So, now that we are on the same page about what powers great explainers, let’s go down to the list!

  • Video Window
  • Nest Home
  • Unroll.Me
  • Catan
  • Pencil
  • Stitch Fix
  • ViGlobal
  • Headspace
  • Dollar Shave Club
  • PayPal

2.1. Video Window

Video window is the first immersive, always-on video conferencing portal for multi-located teams. This is one of those explainer video examples that takes the premise of immersive visualization and runs with it, pairing it with beautiful animations. However, the real gem you should take form this video is how it tells a story in a relatable way.

During the first 40 seconds, the empathetic narrator sets a common problem for modern businesses – several “what ifs” – to finally come to the proposed ideal solution. After that, the video focuses on sharing all the useful features of the product.

It’s fun, clear, and gives the information audiences need while feeling relatable and entertaining. If you want a video like this, just contact us!

2.2. Nest Home

Nest Home provides a line of devices to connect around your house and make it a smart and safe home. As complex as these devices can be, all customers need to know about the product throughout the video. They need to know what it is, how it works, and why it’s a must-have product. All areas are tackled beautifully in this explainer.

Add to that some great animation and an elegant combination of animation with real-life devices and a friendly voice over, and you have the whole package! Ready to get your video started? Contact us to learn more!

2.3. Unroll.Me

How to clean up your inbox and get rid of junk e-mail, it’s a common problem and the people behind Unroll.Me identified it as a necessity.

This explainer is effective mainly due to two things: It’s short, and it shows how easy it is to use the app by showcasing real people (successfully) trying it for the first time. And it does it with humor, which makes it much more entertaining, without getting bogged down by the minutiae of how the app does its work.

2.4. Catan

One of the primary benefits explainers bring to the table in terms of marketing is their ability to convey a lot of information quickly and entertainingly.

This explainer video example is one that we made for the incredibly entertaining game Settlers of Catan and is a testament to that! By employing beautiful visuals and dynamic animations, the video can delve deeper into game mechanics explanations. Keeping the viewer entertained throughout the piece, while making would-be complex rules, simple. Do you want a fun video like this? Yum Yum Videos is here to help you! Get in touch with us.

2.5. Pencil

Music, images, and motion. No words. This spot is an excellent example of how different explainers can be while still delivering the necessary information.

It’s centered in showing the tool —a pencil-shaped stylus— being used by different people, in different places. And throughout the video, you learn how to use the device and its functionality without a single word, just a fun beat that goes along with the visuals.

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2.6. Stitch Fix

This explainer is a testament of how much you can do with a great explainer in a short amount of time.

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service for young women. Through clever writing and a lot of creativity, in just 30 seconds, the video shows to their target audience the whole process, from beginning to end. The message is clear: Make online shopping a personalized and stylish experience.

This video not only achieves that but makes it look easy and fun in record time.

2.7. ViGlobal

Whiteboard animation videos are ideal for keeping your audience engaged when the subject of your video is not that easy to understand, or there’s a lot of information you need to cover.

That’s why this ViGlobal video is one our best explainer video examples: It addresses a complex problem for companies —losing top employees— and gives them the solution, their software. And it does that with excellent drawings, a solid narrative, and vivid animations. All framed in an exciting educational context. If you need a Whiteboard Video like this, reach out to us!

2.8. Headspace

If you were wondering what exactly a meditation app does, headspace’s explainer does a great job illustrating it.

This explainer gives details and specific instructions on how to use it and why it is so convenient. With charming childish cartoons, this video makes consumers feel that meditation is for everyone and only a click away.

2.9. Dollar Shave Club

Humor is a great way of keeping audiences engaged, and this Dollar Shave Club piece makes our list of the best explainer videos examples because of how it wields it!

In this case, humor is critical to develop the story and frame the pressing problems of their target audience: men that shave. However, it’s not only funny, but it’s also very informative. It explains to the audience what the product is about, and even shows a behind-the-scenes glimpse at their offices. Effectiveness at its best!

2.10. PayPal

Every second of this video is well-managed, and the straightforward narrative that powers it is what makes it so effective.

In the first 8 seconds of this explainer video example, audiences learn what PayPal does, and how the company wants its viewers to see them: that is simple, secure, and free. With friendly and clear visuals, it also explains how to use it. And even though it has a voice-over, you can get all the information you need just by watching it.

3. Bonus Round – Yum Yum Video’s Reel!

I know, I know. We promised you ten videos! But we really love this short piece that talks about video marketing, and we thought you would too! And remember, if you want a video like the ones we’ve show you today, don’t be shy and get in touch today. We’d love to hear about what you have in mind for your project!

4. Wrapping Up

The appeal and widespread user demand for video content keep growing, so the competition is fierce. This is why it is so vital for most businesses to find skilled animation companies able to deliver tailor-made, quality works that help them stand out.

Otherwise, you risk sending the wrong message or getting overshadowed by your competitor’s content.

Now that you’ve seen them in action, you know that the best explainer videos are highly effective and one of the most reliable types of content. Keep in mind the examples and ideas we went over today when you decide to work on yours!

Following these lessons, you’ll be in a much better position to create an engaging and effective piece as well.

And if you’d like us to help you with that, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can take a look at your project and lend a skilled hand.

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