Product Videos or Tutorial Videos show how your product/service works. Whether you sell a product or a
service, your potential clients want to see them in action! Product videos show that and build trust toward your product, driving sales.

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Why you should use
Product/Tutorial Videos

You should use Product Videos because they help to convert prospects into paying customers. They want to see what they are buying and they should! A study made by Internet Retailer states that visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy. Here are some of the benefits of these types of videos:

+ Increase sales
+ Product trust

Types of Product/Tutorial videos
that we make

There are a lot of products out there and not all the animation styles work the same for all of them. There are different styles of animation that can be used, for example an app could benefit from having a screencast video or an animated video. But for a real product like a can, a live action can be a good choice.

Remember, these types of videos are made to show how a product works so it’s not a commercial in any way.

Types of videos that we do:

+ Screencast
+ Animated videos
+ Live action videos

Where does it fit into your
Video Sales Funnel?

Product/Tutorial Videos are placed at the Bottom of the Sales Funnel or BOFU (Decision Stage) because their goal is to showcase the features and close the deals by convincing your potential customers to buy your product/service. So go out there and catch them all!


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