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Why You Should Use Motion Graphic Videos?


Do you want to turn an intricate idea into a simple concept with explainer videos but you’re not sure which format is the best? With this article you will end up with a solution for your inquiry: Motion Graphics. It’s a great video style that is visually striking and also very efficient for marketing. Keep reading to learn more about this format and why this style is the most convenient not only to summarize an idea but also to increase engagement and make the most out of your business plan. We hope you enjoy the article 🙂


What Is Motion Graphics?

As a marketing person, you must already know that videos are rocking the marketing world.

And especially animations, which are a very effective tool to quickly deliver a message in a simple way and with good results in terms of engagement. And motion graphics, in particular, is one of the most required video formats. For a deeper understanding of all the possibilities, check out this video.

Traditionally, graphic design has been a tool to communicate concepts or ideas in a simple and visual way. Nowadays, we’re still turning to graphics with the advantage of adding new techniques, like animations, to improve it. And that’s when motion graphics show up!

As its name suggests, motion graphics means graphic design in motion. And thanks to that, they’re very effective to turn a difficult concept into a simple and clear message. Still have doubts? See some proof for yourself in this video:

Key Attributes of Motion Graphics

So up until  now you are pretty informed about motion graphics and its great ability to summarize complex ideas. But what are the main differences from other types of explainer videos? Let’s examine its principal attributes and benefits, so you can get a general idea.

  • It’s fancy and refined, more than any other explainer video format.
  • It has a formal appearance.
  • It’s a mix of vivid designs with educative language.
  • It’s very effective to simplify hard messages, like those that include a lot of numbers, statistics and facts.
  • It has the capability of transforming dull content into interesting and appealing data.

The Most Outstanding Explainer Video

In addition to all the attributes we’ve reviewed, we want to emphasize the three most important qualities that distinguish it from other video styles.

#1: Amazing visual strength

You’re probably aware of how important visual communication is to summarize ideas. Because it’s easier to learn from visual content than from text. Every graphic object like illustrations, charts and diagrams are highly effective to help quickly absorb and remember difficult information. And the combination of graphics with video content is twice as effective! Learning with motion graphics makes it more easy, fun and productive.

#2: Vivid designs

Even though design is the outset of videos, it would be nothing without animations! Animation makes static designs come alive and transform into motion graphics. And one of the most important benefits of this is the potential to turn a complex message into a simple one by explaining it with motion graphics. In this sense, your audience can easily understand what your product can do in only a few seconds.

#3: Combine with other explainer video types

The human touch or the emotional perspective may be missing in a standard motion graphics video. That’s why combining different formats is an interesting resource for taking advantage of both type of videos at the same time. Therefore, if you need a more warm communication tone you may want to include an animated character to make it more approachable, or even if you need to tell a story behind those numbers and statistics. Motion graphics can be merged with other explainer videos to enrich your message. We’ll explain this later.

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When Is It Good To Use A Motion Graphic Video?

Now that you’re well informed about motion graphics you might be thinking if this is the right type of animation style for your brand. So don’t rush and read these few items first to decide if motion graphics suits you.

  • Does your brand have a “serious” appearance?

If your brand has a defined “professional” image and you want to enhance that in your video campaign, then motion graphics are a good option for you.

  • Do you want to achieve an elegant look in your videos?

Then motion graphics are the answer. They are one of the most sophisticated explainer video types you can use.

  • Is your original content hard to digest and unappealing?

If your message consists of figures, statistics or facts which are difficult to pass on in a brief video, then a motion graphics video is the best option to do so and still make it appealing and attractive for the viewers.

  • Do you need to simplify your ideas and make them more educative?

If visual content is a popular tool to make the understanding process easier, think about what you would be able to do with visuals in motion! That’s right, motion graphics have a lot of potential to simplify concepts and make them more educational with bright moving graphics.

  • Is you company more associated to complex data?

If you have, for instance, a financial company or you sell computer software, then you might have found yourself struggling to deliver hard data. Motion graphics are for you, they can deliver difficult content in a clear and simple way and still be engaging.

Merging Motion Graphics With Other Explainer Video Types

It’s not necessary to stick with a pure 100% motion graphics video. There are no rules in video marketing, and that’s the beauty of it. Motion graphics can be combined with other explainer video types to take advantage of the different benefits that both provide. Here are some examples:

Motion graphics merged with Live Action

Live action solely may not provide as many possibilities as other videos, but combined with motion graphics, the possibilities are limitless! By merging both styles you can pass out difficult concepts that otherwise you couldn’t. Check out this example we’ve created for Stocks in Value:

Motion graphics merged with animated characters

Regular motion graphics videos can lack that warm tone that personifications can provide. That’s why if your company needs to make it more charming, a good option is to add compelling and cute characters to the video. This is a cool example, check it out!

Motion graphics merged with whiteboard video

In case you don’t know, whiteboard video uses motion graphics to pull off those flowing camera movements and hand animations. Although they look handcrafted, whiteboard videos are usually made digitally. So maybe you haven’t noticed it, but every high quality whiteboard video requires some motion graphics to make it work. Check it out in this whiteboard animation video:

Here at Yum Yum, we’ve created several explainer videos to fit every company’s needs. Are you ready to start your own animated explainer video? Just contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you with the best style for your business.

To sum up

If you have read up to here, today you’ve learned everything about motion graphics and how this attractive style can bring more engagement to your content. We’ve also analyzed all the benefits you can get from motion graphics, especially if you have hard information to pass out in a brief and simple way. Because motion graphics are characterized by its great power to synthesize while being appealing to the audience. That’s why this style stands out among every other explainer video. However, if you need to include other features, we’ve also gone through the possibilities of merging motion graphics with other video styles to make the most out them.  

Want to know more? Just watch these amazing motion graphics videos!

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