Why Should You Use Motion Graphics For Your Explainer Video?

13 November, 2017  

Are you looking for a video format that lets you pass out some complex or abstract ideas, and you’re not sure which style you should choose? Motion graphics can be the answer you need! This explainer video style lets you deliver your business idea, no matter how complex it is, by making use of amazing visuals while you also meet your marketing goals.

motion graphics explainer video

In today’s article you will learn how motion graphics can enhance your video strategy, which major benefits it offers and how you can mix it with other explainer video styles to get the most out of it. Join us!

infographic: why explainer videos are the best marketing tools


What Is Motion Graphics?

You know that video content is a vital component of your marketing strategy, right? Among the many different marketing videos you can resort to, animated videos stand out as a great tool to deliver your business idea in just a couple of seconds, without losing engagement. And, if we think about the different explainer video styles, motion graphics are definitely one of the most popular types.

In the next video you can get a general idea of the different animated video styles and in which context you can use each of them:

Over the years, graphic design has been “the chosen technique” to explain things visually and to assess communication problems in a simple way. This technique is also used nowadays, but with a huge “extra”: in today’s world it’s been enhanced with the most modern techniques, like video animation. And, in this context, we start talking about motion graphics…

This particular style is about graphic designs in motion. Its special technique is perfect to explain complex or abstract concepts in a very simple and direct way. Check out this example to start getting in the mood:

Key Features Of Motion Graphics

So, as we’ve seen so far, motion graphics is one of the best styles to pass out complex or abstract ideas, while you also keep your video engaging and persuasive. But the question is: what makes this style different from other types? Here we have compiled the main features and characteristics this style offers.

  • It has a very elegant and sophisticated style.
  • It’s perfect for companies that have a more “formal” approach.
  • It offers a strong combination of attractive visuals while it’s also educational and appealing.
  • It has a huge synthesis power. This means, it’s one of the best styles to communicate facts, numbers, statistics and data like that.
  • It gives you the chance to turn boring or dull information into the most appealing content.

Motion Graphics: Why Should You Use It?

We’ve already reviewed some of the main features of motion graphics. But what about its major benefits? Let’s give them a quick review, so that you can understand why it’s such a valuable resource.

#1. Impressive visual power

You’ve probably noticed that marketers are making use of visuals more and more, to communicate their messages and ideas to their target audiences. And this is not by chance: it’s just that we are all visual learners. This means that we learn, understand, assimilate and remember information more easily through drawings, diagrams, charts, designs and any other visual resource. So, with this in mind, just picture in your mind how powerful video content can be and even more so if we mixed in designs and graphics in motion! Motion graphics fits perfectly with this “visual learning” logic and helps you reach your audience through compelling and persuasive content.

#2. Stunning designs in motion

Keep in mind that motion graphics is not only about designs. Animation plays a key role too! Basically, motion graphics gets the most out of animation techniques to make the elements really come alive. One of the best things about this style is that it gives you the chance to convey any complex business idea by using graphic elements in movement. Result? You will make your target audience understand (and also remember) what your product is about, in just a couple of seconds. Amazing!

#3. Mix with other styles

Motion graphics can also be merged with other explainer video styles to maximize its effectiveness. Let me be clear on this: imagine that besides resorting to the motion graphics technique, you also need to add an extra “human/personal” touch to your video. In this case, you will then need to add some cute characters that give your video that emotional approach you’re looking for. And that’s when you can mix motion graphics and character animation together! But, of course, you can mix it with other techniques too. We’ll talk about this in the next paragraphs.

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When Should You Use Motion Graphics?

Now you have a lot of information in mind. But maybe you still don’t know if motion graphics is the right choice for your next marketing video. Check out this list that summarizes the different situations or contexts in which you can resort to a motion graphics video.

Use a motion graphics video when…

Your company has a more serious or professional profile.

When your company sells a product or service that has a more professional profile and you want to enhance that identity through video marketing, then choose a motion graphics video.

You want to provide your video with an elegant style.

Remember that motion graphics is one of the most formal and sophisticated explainer video styles out there. It can help you bring that extra seriousness you’re looking for (and that other marketing videos may lack).

You want to pass out complex ideas without losing the visual appeal.

Motion graphics is a great choice if you need to pass out stats, numbers, facts and hard data that could be harder to assimilate if you didn’t use graphics in motion.


You want to synthesize concepts through an educational approach.

It’s said that an image is worth a thousand words. Then imagine the power of images in motion! Motion graphics have a huge synthesis power and make use of attractive visuals to get to an educational approach, without losing its “charm”.

You have a B2B company, or a B2C company that deals with “hard data”.

If you have a software, IT or financial company, for instance, motion graphics is a great choice for you: it lets you communicate hard data in a very direct and understandable way, without losing engagement.

Merging Motion Graphics With Other Styles

So far we’ve seen the amazing power motion graphics has.. But your video does not need to be “100% motion graphics”. You can mix it with other explainer video techniques to maximize the benefits of the two styles. Let’s explore some examples.

Motion Graphics and Live Action

It’s true that live action can have some limitations. But these “restraints” fade away the moment you integrate motion graphics into your video! By mixing both styles you can communicate ideas or concepts that you couldn’t deliver if you only used live action. Check out this video we developed for Stocks In Value so that you can understand what I mean:

Motion graphics and character animation

Motion graphics is great to synthesize ideas and pass out complex information. But what if you need an extra “human” touch? Then combine it with character animations! Adding some cool characters will make your video even more attractive and will generate a unique connection from your target audience. Check out this video, for instance:

Motion graphics with whiteboard video

Despite what you might be thinking it’s also possible to mix these two styles too. Keep in mind that in every high quality whiteboard video, the motion graphics technique plays a key role (in the camera movements, in the graphics, in the hand animation, and also in other elements, to make them look striking). So, in every high quality whiteboard animation you will have motion graphics applied to it. Here you have a clear example:

So far, I´m sure now you have a clear idea on why you should use motion graphics for your explainer video. In case you need help to develop your next marketing video, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be glad to guide you through the whole process.


In today’s blog post we’ve explored what motion graphics is about and how you can make use of this technique to approach your target audience with a simple but compelling message. Also we’ve analyzed the great features and advantages this style offers, and how companies from different industries and niches can benefit from them to deliver any business idea… in just a matter of seconds! Moreover, we have shared some strong reasons on why this is one of the most popular styles (and also widely chosen by marketers all over the world) and how you can merge it with other techniques to boost their effectiveness.

With all this information, you’re fully prepared to start working on your next video! Get some inspiration with these cool motion graphics videos!

See you soon!

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