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Why Do You Need A Testimonial Video?


Your brand needs a Testimonial Video. Why? Because your brand is amazing! Your product is the best one in the market. Of course, you’re sure of it, and we trust you!

But what about your prospects? Hm, maybe they don’t know it yet.

This is, of course, a problem. You need your customers to believe that your product is the best option that they can find.  This is where testimonials come into play.

Testimonials will provide evidence that your brand and product actually work as promised: it solves your customer’s problems, and they’ll tell others everything about it!

Actually, customer testimonials are considered the most effective type of marketing content right now. 88% of people trust online reviews by other customers just as much as they’d trust a recommendation from a friend.

But just a text testimonial won’t be enough. Of course, they may be better than nothing, but in fact, video testimonials are much more useful.

Your viewers will feel more willing to believe a testimonial if they’re watching a real person telling their story. Text testimonials are easier to fake, this means, they’re harder to believe.

But video testimonials are more human and real, and they actually create a connection.

Video Testimonials: What are they? Why do you need one?

When your prospects are about to make a purchase decision, they’re considering different options.

What you need, of course, is for your audience to choose the option you’re offering them! But how can you do this?

You have to prove the value of your product. Your potential customers are doing research, and they need to know why your product or service will be a better option than the others they’re considering. But, of course, they might be skeptical, or not willing to trust you right away.

To prove the value of your product, it’s not enough that you just say it’s great. Your prospects will trust their peers more than anyone else! So, how about letting your happy customers do the talking?

Your testimonial video will be a platform to show how others have benefited from your product, and this way you’ll be encouraging possible buyers to take action.

Testimonial videos in your buyer’s journey

The buyer’s journey is the name of every step your customers take, from the moment they realize they have a problem, to the moment they make a purchase (to solve that problem).

During this three-staged journey, your customers have different needs. Your goal is to deliver the best video content for every stage and cover those needs.

Providing the video content that your prospects are looking for translates into an effective inbound marketing strategy! 

If you don’t know what is Inbound Marketing, don’t worry! Watch this cool video so you have a clear picture of it:

Not every video works for every stage, and video testimonials are a great example of that. Testimonials work perfectly for the final stage of your buyer’s journey, which is the decision stage.

Why? Because during this stage your customers are almost ready to make a purchase decision, but they need some final help from you, to make the right choice.

Video testimonials do exactly that. These videos work as a way to build brand trust; and they’re also an important validation, to your prospects, from their peers.

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The perfect testimonial video

Brand trust, validation, online presence, improving SEO… The “pros” on this list are endless! But, if you want your video testimonial to work, then it must be done the right way. Let’s look at some tips!

#1. Real people, natural responses

You want your video to be relatable and authentic. The key to this is to make it real: nobody will believe a robotic response or a staged opinion.

If you want to get lasting results, you want real people sharing their real thoughts and experiences. This is what you need to generate a connection with your viewers and give your video a “special touch” that will make it credible, enjoyable and human.

#2. Layout the structure for your video

With your customer testimonial video, just like any other marketing video, you need to layout a structure first. This could mean a full storyboard or a general sketch of the takes you need and the order they will be put in.

Been organized is important. By planning the structure in advance you’ll be able to film some insert takes as an example of what’s being said during the interview.

(Pst, we have a free slide for you, if you want to get a deeper look at the video production process!)

#3. Give  context to your video

Are you shooting the video inside of a building? An office in China? On Mars? Give some context to your viewers.

The context will add a new layer of meaning and credibility to your interviewees and your video. This is why it’s important to add some takes that show a geographic location, or the specific place in which your video is taking place.

Look at this example! You’ll see this in action:

#4. Prepare your questions in advance, but remember, it’s a conversation!

The time that you have to interview your clients is limited. You’ll probably only have one chance to interview them because they’re investing time in helping you! So, you need to make the most of the time you have with them.

How do you do this? By preparing your questions beforehand. This will help you get all the information you need to create the best video testimonial.

But, remember, don’t be tied to those questions. The way to do it is to have a conversation with your clients — listen to the answers they give you, so you can ask follow up questions that might be useful too.

#5. Send the questions to your interviewee

You want your clients to be prepared for the points that will be covered in your video. One way to do this is to send a question list, but in that case, they might be tempted to practice too much, and maybe it will sound robotic!

To avoid this, it’s better to send to them a general idea of the topics that you’ll be discussing, so they can prepare accordingly, but not excessively.

#6. Let them have time to elaborate on the answers

As I said before, you only have one chance with them on camera! So, let them speak, let the interview become a conversation. It’s better to have extra information than to have too little (you can always edit that later!).

#7. Include key pain points

So, remember we were talking about how your viewers should feel connected with your clients? It starts by including key pain points in the dialogue. Your prospects want to know if these past clients were having the same struggles as them, and if they found a solution with your product.

Create a connection between your brand, your clients and your viewers, by letting your viewers feel like they could be the ones talking to the camera!

Look at this testimonial. Wouldn’t you feel connected with them too?

#8. Edit wisely

If you have let your interview become a conversation, and gave your clients time to elaborate their answers then you probably have a lot of footage. Great! You’ve got raw material to edit. But you need to edit wisely:

  • Stay true to what your interviewee has said
  • Use editing to give the video a good rhythm
  • Make your video brief but powerful: remember to keep it  the correct length for web usage

After the testimonial: Promote your video!

You have the best customer testimonial video, now what? It’s time to promote it!

First of all, compile all of these videos on a testimonial page on your website. After you’ve done this, share your videos: send the testimonial to your featured customers, and also your other customers if you think they might be interested!

Remember to include a link to your testimonial page on your homepage and “About Us” page; and make it easy to find, remember that it can play a big part in your inbound marketing strategy.

To boost this inbound marketing power, remember to add an extract or summary of the video, including some of your main keywords and pain points. This will improve your SEO ranking, so you can attract more clients in an organic way.

Let’s review!

Testimonial videos are your way to go when you’re looking to gain credibility and build brand trust. This is because your prospects are most likely to believe a customer just like them, instead of just self-promotion from your brand.

To make a great video testimonial, you should aim for natural responses and real clients with real experiences. Also, you should plan everything ahead of time, create a storyboard and a list of the questions you want to ask your customers.

One important thing you must remember is that your video has to be always of the best quality. If your video is not high-quality, your credibility will suffer, and that’s exactly what you don’t want! So the best thing you can do is to hire a professional team to help you with that.

At Yum Yum Videos, we know how important it is to have a great and professional team, and our clients know this! So, if you want to make the best testimonial video for your brand, let’s talk! We’re always ready to help you.

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