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When Should I Use A Whiteboard Presentation Video?


I’m sure you’ve already watched a whiteboard presentation video and you definitely fell in love with it. This specific explainer video style has become very popular (and even more so) and it’s certainly one of the best tools to connect with your target audience by using an emotional approach. At the same time, you can deliver your business idea in a fast, simple and engaging way. What could be better? If you want to start using these fantastic videos too, the first question could be: “WHEN should I use a whiteboard video?”.

whiteboard animation video

We’re here to help you with that! Read this article and learn in which cases you should go with this style to pass out your unique selling proposition.

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Getting The Basics

Lets get in the mood first! Here we have a fun and cool whiteboard animation presentation. If you have already watched one of these, enjoy it once again! And in case this is your first time, believe me: you will get captivated by its charm 🙂

Nybytt | Explainer Video by Yum Yum Videos

Have you seen that they are really enticing and persuasive? Beside this, there are many other unique characteristics that make this style stand out from the rest.

Originally, these videos were made by the hand of an artist, who used to draw on a whiteboard while also being recorded by a camera. But of course this technique has been improved. In today’s world, it has become fully digital, but the interesting thing is that it also preserves that traditional touch. Additionally, some companies have gone one step further and added some 2D character animation and special effects too.

To put it simply, if video has a huge engaging power per se, then whiteboard animation in particular stands out as one of the best styles you could resort to if you aim at establishing an emotional bond with your audience by making use of animated characters, while you also educate them about how good your product is. These videos are a fantastic resource to explain any kind of idea in a very simple, fast and engaging  way. And this is not just because: consider that the story is created in front of the viewer’s eyes and this is highly enchanting and persuasive!

In summary, whiteboard videos have gained great popularity due to many reasons:

  • They are a great educational tool and offer the possibility to communicate any type of idea or concept.
  • By making use of the storytelling technique and attractive visuals they can generate a strong connection with the viewer.
  • The use of character animation gives the video that personal and human touch, and also makes it more fun to watch.

Tip: take a few minutes to watch these 5 fabulous whiteboard videos that were made by different companies from different industries!

When Should You Pick Out A Whiteboard Explainer Video?

Now you know the basics about this interesting style. It’s time to get straight to the point and understand in which cases you should pick it out.

So, consider making a whiteboard presentation in any of these situations:

#1. When your product or service is very complex

Just like we used a whiteboard at school when we were kids, marketing videos adopted this technique and applied it in the marketing field to educate audiences. Whiteboard explainer videos are highly educational, one of the best tools to pass out a complex idea in a very direct and simple way.

#2. When you need some extra time to deliver your business idea

Explainer videos have, in general, a specific length. But, despite this, if your product or service is more complex and requires more time to be explained, a whiteboard presentation can work very well to extend that limit. Consider that when people see a whiteboard they already know that the “lesson” could be a little longer. Also, as they see the story evolves in front of their eyes, this generates a strong curiosity that helps you keep them entertained.

This video lasts no more than 90 seconds…

Omniventia (Spanish Version) | Explainer Video by Yum Yum Videos

#3. When you want to take advantage of character animation

By including some cute custom characters in your whiteboard animation presentation you can generate a strong connection with the audience: they will feel represented by those characters on screen as they will look familiar in terms of appearance, style, behaviours, attitudes and needs. This is great to help you build trust and confidence towards your proposal.

#4. When you have either a B2B or B2C company (no matter which!)

Whiteboard videos are a very versatile style: they combine nice characters, visual humor, and the possibility to deliver any kind of concept in a fast and simple way. With this in mind, they become a great tool no matter if you have a B2B company and need to pass out complex or abstract concepts in an understandable way, or a B2C company and want to connect with your audience by making use of a highly attractive format to reinforce that emotional bond.

infographic: how to create an explainer video

10 Killer Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Whiteboard Presentation

So far you have some pretty useful information about what whiteboard videos are and when you can use them to enhance your marketing strategy. But we want to go one step further and share with you some killer tips to get the most out this style. Check out this list and learn the do’s and don’ts for any good whiteboard explainer video!

What to do

  1. Keep it traditional: always try to stick to the traditional format in black and white, which is the essence of this type of video. Of course you can add some hints of color or make some minor adjustments to step aside a little bit from the classical model, but don’t forget about their true nature.
  2. Make use of animated characters: include some cute and funny characters to your video and you will make it even more engaging and enticing. Remember to customize those characters according to the characteristics of your buyer persona. Check out how we’ve made it happen in this video.
  3. Apply the drawing hand: remember that this is one of the most distinctive elements of this type of video. If you don’t add it, you won’t get the effectiveness and educational approach you’re looking for!
    CarePredict | Explainer Video by Yum Yum Videos


  4. Connect the drawings: make sure the drawings of your videos are connected. This way you will get a smooth and coherent animation which will impact the overall video, for good.
  5. Make use of emotions: include in your video some extra elements that bring out emotions and you will boost its persuasion and memorability powers! You can resort to old memories, for example, and include retro video games or old well-known films.

Tip: remember that the script is one of the most important elements in any video production process. It’s always good to stick to the classic script structure to make your video highly effective. So take a few minutes to review this free eBook on How to write a script for an explainer video and get some additional information about this key topic!

Taking up…

What to not do:

  1. Forget about the educational approach: this is a very distinctive feature in whiteboard explainer videos. If you miss it, you will waste all its benefits! Get the most out of this style by explaining “something” just like you were in a classroom.
  2. Discard the white background: the white color as a background is a classical element in this type of video. Don’t forget about it! If you do so, your video will end up losing its essence.
  3. Fill it with colors: we said that you can add some hints of color, right. But this does not mean that you should add a whole color pallette! You should just add some bits of colors to specific elements. Remember that, traditionally, whiteboard videos are black and white. Check out this example:
    Fraudlogix | Explainer Video by Yum Yum Videos
  4. Make a template video: this will generate a standard-dull-boring explainer video with no engagement at all, as you will not be able to adapt your video to your target audience’s needs. So the only option is: go with a full custom video!
  5. Make it too long: considering that people have very short attention spans, making your video too long could be very harmful for your results. Try to stick to the typical 90 seconds but remember that, if you need to, you can also make it a little longer, just like we said previously.

Tip: we suggest that you go over this article in which we explain how to make a whiteboard video step by step.

At Yum Yum we have developed thousands of videos for over 20 different countries. We always focus on customizing each explainer video to make it the perfect fit for that specific audience and therefore, maximize its effectiveness. All this while keeping an eye on the details and making sure we give the best quality to each stage of the video production process. If you’re thinking about making a marketing video and need some help, feel free to get in touch with us!

And now…let’s summarize what we’ve seen today!


Whiteboard presentation videos are, doubtless, one of the most popular explainer video styles. Today you’ve learned about their main benefits – both for B2B and B2C companies – and in which cases you should pick it out to communicate your business idea. Additionally, we’ve reviewed some valuable tips on the do’s and don’ts to get the most out of your whiteboard animation. Now you’re fully ready to start working on yours, if that’s the case! 😉

Lastly, don’t miss these Top 5 whiteboard explainer videos made by our studio.  And don’t forget to keep surfing our blog to stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends on video marketing. See you later!

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