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When Should You Use A Motion Graphics Explainer Video?


When you have to translate a difficult or hard concept into a simple message, a motion graphics video is the solution! It’s a visually stunning style that’s also highly effective in marketing terms. In this article we will go through all the benefits you can get from motion graphics and why it can enhance your engagement and therefore your marketing plan. Stay tuned!

What Are Motion Graphic Animations?

Nowadays, every marketer knows the amazing capabilities of video content to achieve marketing goals. Specifically, animated videos are a very productive device to communicate a business idea in just seconds with great results. And talking about animations, motion graphics, in particular, are remarkably popular.

Since we can remember, graphic design has been a magnificent tool to explain in a visual way an issue or a complicated process. It’s a way to simplify things. Certainly, graphic design is still used today but in combination with new technical advances: like animations. The result? Transforming a static design into a motion graphics video!

This video format consists of putting in motion graphic designs. And its attributes allow explaining perfectly complicated information in a simple and entertaining language. Just check out this sample below:

Motion Graphics: attributes and benefits

Up to this point, you must be very familiar with the fact that motion graphics are used to communicate a tough concept in an easy way. But since there are lots of different explainer videos, what’s so special about it? Here we will outline motion graphics’ main attributes so you can end up with a deeper understanding of this.

  • It’s elegant: its style is refined compared to other explainer video types.
  • It looks formal: it can have a serious look, perfect to communicate corporate information.
  • It’s colorful: it uses bright color palettes to make it more educational.
  • It’s simple: it has a great ability to simplify big information into a simple message. It’s ideal for hard content like numbers, percentages, statistics, and more.
  • It’s entertaining: It takes boring and dull information and turns it into an entertaining content to keep your audience attentive.

One Of The Most Remarkable Explainer Videos

Along with the main attributes we described above, now we would like to underline 3 main benefits that motion graphics own and that you won’t find in other explainer videos.

#1: Striking Visual Content

It’s no news that visual content is crucial in the process of explaining difficult concepts and mostly in the marketing field. Why? Because we’re visual learners and graphics – like charts, designs, and graphs- help us understand and memorize hard information. And what about if you add motion to that? The potential of motion graphics in the learning process is amazing!

#2: Animated graphics

Although graphic design is the main element of this video style, it would be useless without animations. And that’s because animators can turn graphic designs alive, resulting in motion graphics. The potential that these videos have to explain intricate ideas is one of its best assets. And that leads to more engagement since it can keep your audience’s attention throughout the video.

#3: Merging with other explainer videos

Motion graphics may come up short when we talk about human emotions, while other video types use it. That’s why a solution to that absence can be merging motion graphics with other types of animations in order to get both benefits in one. For instance, if your company needs to approach its audience with a warm tone, you might want to include some animated characters to merge with the graphs. That’s totally possible! And it can be very beneficial to bond with your audience and increase their engagement. There are as many possibilities as video types, so we’ll talk about this in a bit. ; )

Should I Use A Motion Graphics Video?

Although you’re pretty informed by now about all the benefits of motion graphics, you might still be skeptical about this being the right style for your company. So if you’re not sure yet, analyze these questions below and you will end up with a clear mind.

  • What type of image does your company have?

If your company requires a more serious or professional tone in their video marketing campaign, then think about motion graphics to deliver that image in your video marketing plan.

  • Do you want to give your video an elegant touch?

Then you should definitely go for motion graphics. It’s one of the most sophisticated explainer video types without losing its visual attraction. It will definitely enhance your company’s formal appearance.

  • Do you need to turn complex info into a fancy and attractive message?

Motion graphics are one of the best explainer videos to turn complicated information into simple and fancy video content. So if your message consists of big numbers, hard data or complicated charts, go for it!

  • Do you need to communicate hard concepts in an educative and appealing way?

It’s no surprise that images have a greater potential to explain something than text. Can you picture what can happen if you put motion into those images? That’s correct! Motion graphics has an amazing power to summarize information and turn it into a highly educative and still captivating message.

  • Do you need to summarize concepts to make them educative but still appealing?

If images can say more than words, imagine how much more you can say with moving images. And that’s what motion graphics are about. They have a great ability to synthesize information and still be educational and compelling.

  • Do you have a company related to hard information?

For example, financial companies, IT and software solutions usually have to deal with complex data to share with their customers. In that case, motion graphics are a great option to deliver their content in a direct and clear way, making it more easy to understand while keeping the audience engaged.

Mixing Motion Graphics With Other Explainer Video Types

Besides all the benefits that motion graphics can give you, you could take even more advantage if you combine it with other video styles. That’s right, there are no boundaries with motion graphics and they can easily be combined with other types of animation to get all the benefits possible. Let’s review some examples:

Motion Graphics mixed with Live-Action

Live-action videos may fall short in some cases, but mixing it with graphics in motion can open up a world of possibilities! Both together can be a powerful device to pass out concepts more than each video style individually. See it for yourself in this video we’ve made for Stocks in Value:

Motion Graphics mixed with Animated Characters

Sometimes companies may need to make their communications more compelling with solid storytelling. And motion graphics itself cannot achieve that but mixed with fun and cute animated characters it can result in a more engaging and appealing video. See it for yourself with this example:

Motion Graphics mixed with Whiteboard Videos

In general, whiteboard videos turn to motion graphics to digitally animate all the elements. Maybe it’s not so obvious, but all those camera movements and the hand drawing effect is achieved with motion graphics. Check out this sample of how motion graphics are applied to a whiteboard video:

Over the years, at Yum Yum Videos we’ve accomplished different animated video styles created especially for each client. If you are ready to dive into video marketing with an explainer animation, just contact us and we’ll be glad to help you find the right video style for your company.


Up until now, we’ve gone through all the basics about motion graphics and its potential to lift up engagement without losing its fancy appearance. In addition, we reviewed all the motion graphics’ attributes and every benefit you can get from it. The most important one is its ability to transform difficult content into simple and straightforward messages. That’s the reason it’s one of the most demanded video styles.

It’s great not only for B2B businesses but also for B2C if what they’re selling requires technical information. And if you want to make the most out of it, here you’ve learned how you can combine motion graphics with other video formats so you can double its benefits.

To learn more, watch these outstanding motion graphics videos!

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