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What Is An Explanation Video?


An explanation video is a brief animated marketing video that delivers a business idea in a straightforward and persuasive way. It combines simple and concise language, appealing imagery and attractive animations to capture the audience’s attention in just a matter of seconds. Its essence is informative and educative at the same time: it expresses what the company offers, how the product works and why that product is the best option in the market, in no more than 90 seconds.

Here you have an example of a nice animated marketing video:

What Is An Explanation Video? Cleared Up! Now Learn Its Main Characteristics

We have already explored the basic concept of an explanation video. Now let’s move forward and dive into the main characteristics and features that make this style one of the most popular marketing videos.

  • Short: explainer videos are short per se. They deliver a business idea in less than 90 seconds, ideally. They are brief, concise and straight to the point. Go over this blog post to learn about the specific length animated explainer videos should have.
  • Simple: these videos express a simple and succinct message based on the classical narrative format, this is, the what at the beginning, the how in the middle, and the why at the end.
  • Focused on the target audience: animated explainer videos have to be targeted to the public that’s going to watch them. The viewers need to feel that the video was specially made for them and identificate with the company’s proposal.
  • Animated characters: these videos leverage the power of animated characters to reinforce the message and give personality, humor and emotion to the story.
  • Branding colors: animated marketing videos commonly feature the colors of the brand’s identity in order to help the viewers identify who is behind that specific selling proposition.

Here you have a good example. In this marketing video, all these characteristics have been applied:

8 Essential Benefits Of Explanatory Videos

So far, you have learned the basic concept of an “explanation video” and its main characteristics. Of course, I can bet you’ve seen many of these on the net. But the most important thing is that now you truly know what these special videos are about and what they have to offer. Now you have the big picture and understand the context 😉

So, it’s time to dive into another critical point for any marketer: how can these videos help you enhance your marketing efforts? What are their main advantages and how do they empower your video marketing strategy? See below:

  1. Communicate your business idea in a brief and succinct way: explainer videos let you communicate what you do, how you do it and explain why the prospect should pick you, in just a matter of seconds.
  2. Get the most of their communicational power: animated videos appeal to both visual and auditory senses. This enhances their communicational power and consequently, has a stronger effect on the human brain. Check out these 5 neuroscience concepts you can apply to explainer videos to get what we mean.
  3. Increase online visibility: an animated marketing video can become an interesting piece of bait to attract more visitors to your site and encourage them to stay longer. This will be highly appreciated by Google and other search engines, which will assume that you provide people with interesting and valuable content and consequently will position your site higher in their rankings. Additionally, producing a video gives you the chance to be on YouTube, the second largest search engine and the third largest social network on the net.
  4. Build brand awareness: a marketing video can be fully customized to adapt to the colors of your brand’s palette. This reinforces your identity and helps your viewers understand that you are the one speaking to them.
  5. Encourage viewers to take action: by adding a Call To Action to your explanation video, you can guide your viewers to take the next step in the direction you want (subscribing, downloading, completing, or any other action).
  6. Boost conversions and sales: if you embed an explainer marketing video above the fold in the home page of your site you can boost conversions by 20% on average and, consequently, perceive -in relation- an interesting rise of your sales!
  7. Increase shareability: videos are one of the easiest formats to be shared on social media platforms: people generally love consuming fun, appealing and informative content and also share it with their peers!
  8. Meet the mobile logic: these videos are 100% mobile friendly! And hey, this is really important, considering the huge rise mobile video views has recently had and how they will continue growing.


Integrating Explanation Videos In The Buyer’s Journey

You must have heard about the concept of inbound marketing and how important it is to grow your business. That’s why we didn’t want to finish this article without sharing with you how you can use these effective videos across the sales funnel.

First, watch this useful tutorial that will give you the big picture on the concept of inbound marketing:

Just like the video explains, the concept of inbound marketing goes hand in hand with the concept of the “buyer’s journey” (or sales funnel, again). This is the active process that your prospects go through before purchasing a product. In this process we can identify 3 key stages:

  1. Awareness: here, the prospect knows that he has a problem but still has to go one step further and fully understand what that difficulty is about. He has to identify it clearly.
  2. Consideration: at this stage, the prospect is focused on collecting information about the different vendors he finds in the market that are capable of helping him with a suitable solution.
  3. Decision: the prospect now understands what the best solution is and is ready to make the final choice. So he’s trying to shorten that list of vendors to the minimum before making the final decision.

Where should you use explainer videos? Commonly they are used for the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey. And here is the logic behind it: at this specific stage, the prospects are aware of a certain problem they have and are searching for the best means to solve it. They are willing to learn more about your product, what you have to offer and how you can help them with an effective solution.

Explanation videos stand out as a helpful tool to nurture your leads and “teach” them what you can do for them. Take the most out of this instance in which they are open to listening, by developing an attractive and engaging animated video. This way you will dramatically increase your chances of being considered as a very good option, before they make their final choice.

Final Recommendation: Customization Is A Must!

If you want to get great results with your marketing video, you have to make it fully custom according to your target audience’s needs, expectations, and characteristics. This is highly important so as to get their attention, keep them entertained and interested, and encourage them to take action.

Check out how this video has been tailored to this target audience:

There are many benefits of customizing your marketing video. Here we go with just some of them:

  • Gain points towards competitors: the web is collapsed with tons of marketing videos. If you customize yours, you will definitely stand out from the competition, as your people will perceive that you truly know them and that the video was, ultimately, specially made for them.
  • Generate a strong emotional bond: by customizing your video you can set an emotional bond with your audience and generate a strong identification towards the story you’re telling: they will feel reflected by those characters, by that specific problem they have, and this will increase engagement…and trust towards your brand.
  • Improve your ROI: if the video is tailored to your target audience they will spend more time watching it. This will give you enough time to pass out the specific key messages you want to deliver and you will also grow trust and empathy from them. All this will raise your conversions and sales.


At Yum Yum Videos we focus on producing custom videos for our clients. And this is independently from the type of niche in which they operate, the target audience they want to talk to or the product they want to promote. To get to a premium explainer video customization is the rule: this is the only way viewers will enjoy and engage with the content. This is a premise for us. So if you need help with your next explainer video, feel free to get in touch! Also, don’t miss this video to learn more about how we work:


“What Is An Explanation Video?” Checked! “What are their main features and advantages?” Checked! “How can you use them to enhance your inbound marketing strategy?” Checked! Now it’s your time to develop an explanatory video and experience the great benefits of this format! With all these tips we’ve shared today, you’re fully prepared to hire the video production company that will join you along the way, to get to a stunning animated video that delights your audience.

Last but not least, review the whole process on How to make an animated explainer video step-by-step. It will be of great help from the moment you start producing your video! Good luck and let us know how it all went!

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