What Is an Explainer Video (And How Will It Help Your Business)?

You’ve probably heard about explainer videos already, and it’s very likely that you’ve watched at least one! They’ve become very popular in the last few years. But, do you know exactly what an explainer video is?

An explainer video is a short animated video that explains a business idea in a simple, concise way, with the help of attractive visuals. It’s great for any type of business, because it’ll express everything your audience needs to know in under 90 seconds.

This means that an explainer video communicates what your company offers, how your company can help your customers fix their problems with your products, and why that product (or service!) is the best alternative out there.

Wait. Don’t believe me that a 90 second video can do all of those things? Let me show you an example!

You see? Explainer videos deliver the perfect sales pitch, every time. They’re also informative and educational at the same time. There are many different styles of explainer videos, but they always have the same formal characteristics:

  • Explainer videos are short

This is a type of video that, as you saw earlier in the first example, will deliver a clear message in under 90 seconds. And that’s, basically, the rule of thumb: a good explainer video shouldn’t be longer than 90 seconds!

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  • They’re simple

A good animated marketing video communicates a simple and straightforward message by following a classic narrative structure: A beginning, a middle and an end that answers these important questions: “what”, “how” and “why”.

  • They are targeted to a specific audience

An explainer video is not meant for anyone, it’s specifically crafted to cover the needs and expectations of your target audience. These videos are focused on your target audience and their problems. Also, they’re meant to create a deep connection between your target audience and your brand.

  • Explainer videos use animated characters

With animated marketing videos, you’ll be able to create characters that resemble your target audience. Also, animation helps you communicate your message in a fun and relatable way, adding a touch of fun and personality to your video.

  • They follow the brand’s identity

An animated explainer video is always referring to your brand with the help of different elements: your brand’s colors, for example — which generate instant brand recognition.

Like this!

If a video follows these main characteristics, then it’s a good explainer video. And if you’re paying attention, you’ll see many of them! Many brands love explainer videos, and for good reasons — they’ve become a staple in today’s marketing world.

But, why? What are the main benefits of having an explainer video for your brand? Let’s see…

The 8 key benefits of explainer videos

Creating an explainer video for your business will boost your marketing strategy. I’m sure you’ve heard already about how awesome they are, but why is this? How can these videos optimize your marketing efforts?

Let’s take a look at the main benefits that explainer videos will bring to your marketing strategy.

  • Boost your online visibility

Creating an explainer video for your brand will help you in many ways, but specifically it will boost your online visibility. You see, video is naturally eye-catching. By having an explainer video in some key spots of your website, like your landing page, your audience will see it, and stop to watch your video.

This increases the time spent on your website, which is highly appreciated by search engines (like Google) – they’ll know that your audience is interested in your content and will rank you higher in the search engines.

Besides this, video is the only way you can get in the 2nd biggest search engine in the world — YouTube. (And it’s very possible to rank high on YouTube, in fact we wrote a guide about it! It’s called How To Rank #1 on YouTube, and it’s free for you to download)

  • Explain your business idea in just a few seconds

What’s the main message you need to transmit to your audience? What you do, why you do it, and why can you do it better than your competition. It’s important that this message actually reaches your audience, and for this to happen, it needs to be done in the shortest amount of time possible — we all know that people online have very short attention spans!


  • Increase shareability

Did you know that video content is the most shared type of content on social media? Video gets shared 1200% more than both links and text combined. People love to share fun, informative, and overall valuable content with their friends and peers.

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  • They’re great for mobile

Over half of all video content is watched on mobile devices– We don’t need to tell you that this is huge. Mobile users prefer video content because it’s a very friendly type of media to watch on mobile screens. Video content fits perfectly into the mobile logic.

  • Make your viewers take action

Video content that ends with a clear CTA will make your viewers take action in the direction you want, whether it is to subscribe to a newsletter, fill a form or download a specific material. They’ll sure take action!

  • They get the most out of visual (and verbal!) learning

People learn better when they’re entertained — and if you ever nodded off during an especially boring class, you’ll know. Explainer videos are the complete opposite of those horribly boring classes: they educate your audience in the most dynamic way, with concise information and interesting animated situations. Your audience will be thrilled, and they’ll actually learn something useful!

  • They help you raise conversions and sales

Embedding an animated sales video above the fold on your homepage, increases conversions by 20%! Your job is to make sure that the first thing your audience sees when they enter your website, is your explainer video.

  • Explainer videos build brand awareness!

These kinds of videos should represent and symbolize your brand at all times. A good animated sales video will feature your brand’s colors, and should be customized to fill every one of your business’ needs. (And your audience’s too!)

The role of explainer videos in your Buyer’s Journey

Video content plays a very big role in online marketing – and it gets bigger by the minute. Every day, more businesses are adding sales videos to their strategies, and your business shouldn’t get behind on that!

So, when planning an inbound marketing strategy, having many types of video content is essential. Let’s take a look at the basics of inbound marketing first:

As you can see, a typical buyer’s journey is made up of three main stages:

  1. The awareness stage, in which your prospects are becoming aware of a certain problem they have — and they begin to identify and understand this problem.
  2. The consideration stage, in which your prospects will be researching different ways to deal with this problem, and in which they’ll identify the possible solutions,
  3. And the decision stage, in which your prospect already knows the kind of solution they need — they’ve decided on the kind of solution that you’re offering, but the doubts remain: should they buy from your business, or your competitors?

Animated explainer videos are usually placed during the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey: this is when your customer is ready to hear about you, because they’ve already identified their problem and they’re looking for possible solutions.

And, ta-da! Your company is here with a product to save the day! Or, at least, that’s what you’ll be communicating in the explainer video, which you’ll let them watch exactly when they need it.

If you audience is open to listening about options for solving their problems, then this is your chance to educate them about what you can do for them. Use it!

By developing an interesting, engaging video, you’ll be considered (by them) as one of the best options in the market, leaving your brand as one of the best competitors when they enter the final decision stage.

And, before we’re finished… Just a couple of pro-tips!

Now, you’re as convinced as we are of the benefits of explainer videos. But before you make your own, let’s go through a couple of important tips.

First, when you make your own marketing video you’ve got to make sure that it’s fully customized. The only way to guarantee excellent results with your video, is to make it fully aligned with your target audience’s characteristics, expectations and needs.

You can read this article to learn how you can customize your animated explainer video and maximize its benefits!

At Yum Yum Videos, we know that the only way to produce the best explainer videos is to create custom videos, adapted to the specific viewers that will enjoy it. We always produce the best explainer videos for all of our clients, no matter the type of industry they’re in!

If you want to know a little bit more about how we work, take a look at our explainer video process:

Feel free to get in touch with us if you need any help with developing your next explainer video!

Let’s review

Explainer videos are an incredible tool for any business.

They’re short, targeted to an specific audience, and they’ll always deliver the perfect sales pitch. These videos are perfect to use in the consideration stage of your buyer’s journey, because they explain to your audience what you do and why you’re the best at it.

Those are the basics. Now, you’re totally trained in all the benefits of having an explainer video!

So now, it’s your turn to make the most of it: It’s time to make a killer explainer video for your business. Take a look at this free slide on “How to make an animated explainer video step-by-step”, to learn where to start.

Good luck!

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