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What Is An Animated Explainer Video?


An animated explainer video is a short animated video that explains a business idea in a simple, persuasive and straightforward way. It makes use of a clear and concise language, attractive visuals and stunning animations to quickly grab the viewer’s attention. It’s informational and educational at the same time: in less than 90 seconds, it communicates what the company offers, how it can help the customers with their specific problem and why that product/service is the best alternative in the market.

To get in the mood… check out this cool example we made for DocuSign:

What Is An Animated Explainer Video? Checked! Now: Main Characteristics

Now that you know the basic concept around animated explainer videos, let’s understand what makes these videos stand out from the rest.

  • Short: animated marketing videos deliver a business idea in just a matter of seconds – like we mentioned, they shouldn’t be more than 90 seconds long. Review these important considerations on the specific length animated explainer videos should have.
  • Simple: they communicate a simple and concise message by following the classical narrative structure of “what”, “how” and “why”.
  • Meet their target audience’s needs: these videos are focused on the target audience and their problems, so as to make them feel identified with the company’s proposal.
  • Animated characters: animated explainer videos feature animated characters that add  a good dose of humor, emotion and personality to the video
  • Branding colors: animated marketing videos generally use the look and feel of the brand’s identity in order to generate brand recognition.

Watch this brief video and check out how all these characteristics have been applied:

explainer video step by step

8 Key Benefits Of Making An Animated Explainer Video

So, now you have a clear idea on what an animated explainer video is, right? 🙂 Of course you might have seen maaaany of these on the web, but that’s completely different from really understanding -in depth- their main characteristics and unique features.

Now let’s dive into another intriguing topic for you, marketer: how can these cool and effective videos help you optimize your marketing efforts? How can explainer videos enhance your marketing strategy? Here we go…

  1. Explain your business idea in just a matter of seconds: animated marketing videos give you the chance to communicate what you do, how you do it and why you can do it better than your competition, in just a few seconds!
  2. Get the most out of visual and verbal learning: explainer videos involve both visual and auditive senses and this increases their communicational power: they have a stronger effect on the human brain. Learn more by reviewing these 5 neuroscience concepts you can apply to explainer videos.
  3. Boost your online visibility: by embedding an animated marketing video in your website, you can encourage your visitors to stay longer. This is highly appreciated by Google (and also other search engines), which will consider it as of interest for people and, consequently, will rank your site higher in the queries. Also, a marketing video is your big chance to have a presence on YouTube, the 2nd largest engine and the 3rd largest social network on the web.
  4. Build brand awareness: by customizing your marketing video with the colors of your brand’s palette, you can reinforce your brand identity and help your viewers identify that you are the one behind that selling proposition.
  5. Make your viewers take action: you can easily add a call to action that makes your viewers take action in the direction you want (subscribe to a newsletter, fulfill a form, download a specific material, or anything else).
  6. Raise conversions and sales: by embedding an explainer video above the fold on your homepage you can increase conversions by 20% on average!
  7. Increase shareability: videos are the easiest content to share on social media platforms: people love fun, engaging and informative content and feel encouraged to share it with their peers!
  8. Adapt to the mobile logic: these videos fit perfectly with the mobile logic and this is highly important considering the huge rise that mobile video views have recently had and that they will certainly have in the upcoming years.

he most popular animated explainer videos styles

How To Integrate Animated Explainer Videos In The Buyer’s Journey

We couldn’t finish this article without analyzing specifically how animated marketing videos can fit into your inbound marketing strategy.

Check out this brief tutorial to get a first approach to the concept of inbound marketing:

So, just like you’ve seen, the buyer’s journey is the active process your potential customers go through before making the final purchase. Also known as “sales funnel”, this process has typically 3 main stages:

  1. Awareness: the prospect is just starting to become “aware” of a certain problem he has. He needs to fully understand that difficulty, put it in context and identify it clearly.
  2. Consideration: the prospect is collecting information about the different vendors that are capable of meeting his needs.
  3. Decision: the prospect has finally decided which solution is the best one. He’s  compiling all the vendors / products available that can solve his problem. The goal here is to shorten that list to a minimum and, finally, make the purchase with “the chosen one”.

Generally, animated explainer videos are used for the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey. And this has plenty of logic: at this stage, the prospects are totally aware of the problem they have and are looking for the best means / methods in the market to solve that difficulty. In other words, your potential customer is ready to hear about you, what you have to offer and how you can help him with a solid and effective solution.

In this context, these videos stand out as a great tool to nurture your leads and educate them about what you can do for them. They are totally open to listening so, by developing an attractive, engaging and cool video, you can increase your chances of being “considered” as one one of the best alternatives in the market, before they make the final choice at the decision stage.

Final Recommendations

Remember that to get to a highly effective animated marketing video, it’s vital to make it fully custom. Producing a video that is 100% aligned with your target audience’s characteristics, expectations and needs is the only way to guarantee great marketing results.

Check out how this video has been adapted to Gigtown’s target audience:

So, in a nutshell, by making a custom video you can:

  • Stand out from the competition: the web is full of animated videos. If you customize yours, it won’t be “just one more”. It will gain a special place in your audience’s hearts and minds as it will be developed specially for them.
  • Generate identification from your audience towards the story you’re telling: this is highly important to set an emotional bond with your audience: they will realize that you truly know what their problem is and that you know how to solve it. This boosts engagement and generates trust towards your brand.
  • Get the best ROI: if your explainer video is focused on your target audience, they will feel mesmerized by it and spend more time watching it. On your side, you will have time to pass out your specific messages, while you grow trust and empathy. Bottom line: this will help you raise conversions and sales.

animated explainer videos

At Yum Yum Videos we always produce custom videos for our clients, no matter the type of industry they are in, the product they offer or the target audience they aim for. Making the best animated explainer video ever implies adapting it to the specific viewers that will enjoy it. And this is a premise to us. If you’re eager to get more information about how we work, don´t miss this special video:

And, of course, feel free to get in touch with us if you need some help with developing your next explainer video. We’ll be glad to walk with you all the way through!


You started this article with many doubts in mind: “what is an animated explainer video?” “what are their main features and benefits?” “how can they boost my marketing results?” Now you’re totally trained to start working on your own and do it the right way: you have learned several killer tips to make the most impressive, engaging and memorable animated marketing video ever!

Finally, why not download this free slide on “How to make an animated explainer video step-by-step” so you can get the big picture on what this fascinating process implies? Enjoy it!


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