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Video Testimonials: Why, When and How You Must Use Them


Video testimonials are an incredible tool for your brand.

This is because your brand is amazing. You know that, and we know it too. But, what about your prospects? Of course, you want them to know this, but do they?

This is when testimonial videos come into play. 90% of consumers admit their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews, and this is because testimonials will provide evidence that your service or product actually works as promised.

Video testimonials are human and real, and this is why they work much better than text testimonials: The text ones are easier to fake, but instead, with a video testimonial you’re actually watching a real person tell their story.

Customer testimonial videos create a strong connection between your prospects and your brand.

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So, why do you need video testimonials?

If you want your prospect to become a customer, you must give them the right incentive. They’re probably considering different options, but haven’t made up their mind yet. Of course, you want them to choose your product! But how?

In this case, “the right incentive” you can give to them, is to prove the value of your product. It’s not enough if you say it though. Of course you’re going to say that your product is the best! So, self-promotion is not your best move; instead, let your happy customers do the talking.

Customers trust their peers, more than anyone else! So, to prove the value of your product, show how others have benefited from it.

customer testimonial video brand trust

It serves as a form of validation; sometimes, to make a purchase decision, your customers need validation from customers just like them (even though they may not realize it!).

So, why do you need customer testimonial videos? To boost your sales and encourage possible buyers to take action.

When to use them

Do you remember the buyer’s journey?

Long story short, it’s the name for every step your customers take, from the moment when they realize that they have a problem, to the moment when they make a purchase to help them solve it.

It’s a journey that has three different stages, and, in every stage, your customers have different needs. Our job, as marketers, is to cover those needs, by delivering the best video content for every stage.

When you’re creating the video content that your customers need, you’re also boosting your inbound marketing strategy!

As you know, the final stage of your buyer’s journey is the decision stage. In this stage, your customers are almost ready to make the purchase decision, but they haven’t made the jump yet! So, you must deliver the right video content.

Which is, of course, a testimonial video!

How to create the best video testimonials

If you want to have the best customer testimonial videos, you must do it the right way. Let me give you some tips! Remember, all of these points are important, but one thing that you must never forget, is this: Your video must have the highest quality possible

Without high quality, your credibility will suffer, and that’s exactly what you don’t want!

Planning ahead:

  • Lay out a structure for your video

Whether you decide to go for a full storyboard for your video, or just make a general draft of the takes you will need, you need to lay down the structure for it. This will let you decide the order in which the takes are going to be placed; and also, you’ll be able to see clearly where you can add some insert takes.

Insert takes function as an example of what is being said in the video, and having them planned out means that you can shoot them in advance.

Organization is crucial. We have a great resource for you, a free slide, if you want to have a deeper look at the video production process!

  • Prepare your questions in advance, but hey, don’t get too tied to them!

video production

You have a limited time to interview your clients. They are offering their time to you, so don’t overuse their kindness by being unprepared! You must know your topics in advance, so you can make the most out of the limited time you have.

Write down the questions you want to ask them so you’ll be able to get all the information you need. But remember, it shouldn’t be robotic, so don’t feel too tied to those questions. If you find an opportunity to ask a follow-up question, do it. You’ll find golden content there!

  • Send a copy of these topics to your interviewee

Of course, you want your clients to be prepared for the topics that you will cover during the interview. But be careful! You could send a question list, but in that case they might be tempted to practice too much, and it will look too rehearsed, and fake!

So, it’s better to send to them a general idea of the topics that you’ll be discussing, so they can prepare themselves, but not too much.

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During the interview:

  • Let your clients elaborate on their answers

This is not only an interview, this is a conversation! As you ask the questions you’ve prepared, and ask follow up questions, your interviewees might want to elaborate on their answers. Let them speak freely!

It’s better to have extra information than to have too little (you can always edit that later!). You only have one chance to get them on camera, so cherish that.

  • alk about your client’s pain points

The power of testimonial videos lies in its power to create a connection with your viewers. They want to hear about customers that had the same struggles, and that found a real solution with your brand.

To achieve this, remember to include your interviewee’s pain points in your conversation with them. What were their troubles, and how did your product help them? Focus on that.

Let’s look at this example!

  • Aim for natural responses

Your video must feel relatable and authentic. Nobody will believe a staged opinion, so you want your interviewees to tell their real stories, their thoughts and experiences.

This is exactly why you shouldn’t be writing a script for them, or let them know the exact questions you’ll be asking. You don’t want a robotic response! Your client’s testimonial must be real, to give your video a credible, human tone.

  • Give your video some context

During the shooting, remember to show some context! Shoot some scenes showing the geographic location, or the building (if it’s recognizable), etc.

Giving some context to your viewers will add a new layer of credibility to your interviewees and your video.

After the video shooting

  • It’s editing time!

Edit wisely! Now you probably have a lot of raw footage, and this is great! Now it’s time to edit, to give your video a good rhythm and a correct length for web usage. Remember to stay true to your interviewee’s opinions! Always keep the essence of what they’ve said.

  • And now, promote your testimonial videos

Now that you’ve got the best video testimonials, it’s time to promote them! Remember to upload all your video testimonials in a ‘Testimonials’ page, and to include a link for it in your landing page, of course.

Also, share your videos: send the testimonial to your featured customers, and also your other customers if you think they might be interested!

Let’s review…

Basically, your brand needs a testimonial video, to boost your sales and improve your inbound marketing strategy. This kind of video works great for the decision stage of your buyer’s journey (which is the one in which your prospects make the actual purchase decision).

To make the best customer testimonial videos, that boost your brand’s credibility and build trust, you must remember some things. Before you even start shooting the video, you need to plan ahead, by having a list of the questions you’d like to ask; and also by creating a storyboard or a draft of the scenes you’re planning to make.

When shooting the video, you must remember to add some context to it, and also to let your interviewee speak freely. Let them elaborate on their answers (you’ll have time to edit later!)

And, when you’re editing the raw footage, remember to stay true to what your clients have said. It’s important that your video feels real, authentic, and that it has the correct length for web usage!

Remember, if you want the best testimonial videos for your brand, you need to find an experienced team to help you. This means, finding a professional video company that will deliver the premium video content that your brand needs.
At Yum Yum Videos, we know that, and our clients know that too! So, if you’re ready to create some fantastic video testimonials, let’s chat! We’re here for you.

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