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Brand Video
The Secret to Successful Brand Videos (With Examples)
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Branded video content is an effective way of improving your audience’s perception of your brand without annoying them with a salesy approach! After all, by focusing on your brand,...

Video production rfp
How to Write an Effective Video Production RFP (With Free Template!)

Choosing a video production company can sometimes feel like taking a leap in the dark. Sure, the agency may have plenty of customer testimonials and an extensive portfolio, but...

Product Animation Video
8 Product Animation Video Examples You Can Learn From!

While live-action is great for products that revolve around aesthetics, it often falls short when portraying items or services that require a more in-depth overview. Animation, on the other...

video content
The Marketing Power of Video Series (And How to Use It!)
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Rome wasn’t built in a day… and neither was any content strategy that works. Like anything worth the effort, building an engaged community around your content takes time. It’s...

video thumbnail
Video Thumbnail Guide: How to Make a Great Video Thumbnail
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We’ve all watched enough Disney movies during our childhoods to know first impressions can be deceitful. And yet, most viewers rely on video thumbnails to choose whether they watch...

How to make Instructional Videos in 10 easy steps

From simple cooking tutorials to online courses, Instructional Videos are one of the most popular, engaging, and effective types of digital content today. Making full use of engaging visuals and easy-to-follow...

distribution channels for video content
How Much Does An Explainer Video Cost?

Ok, you’ve heard how effective explainer videos are, so you’re thinking about developing one to include in your marketing strategy. It’s only natural, then, that your first question be: How...

Video Marketing Strategy: Complete Guide for 2020
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Over the last couple of years, the importance of video marketing has grown by leaps and bounds. So much so, that the format has absolutely dominated the digital landscape...

Brand Video
Explainer Videos on Your Website: Do’s & Don’ts

Having a static, block-of-text kind of website is no longer a good idea. In today’s digital landscape, people expect dynamism and innovation in their content, especially from brands they...

How-To Do How-to Videos: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

How-to searches are incredibly popular, especially when it comes to video. Think about it: How many times have you turned to Google, YouTube, or social media platforms to solve a...

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