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How to create animated videos
How to Create Animated Videos for Free that Actually Charm Viewers!

Who doesn’t enjoy animated videos? Not only are they charming and entertaining, but the medium also allows you to bring fantastic, visually compelling stories to life as well! That...

infographic video
The Ins and Outs of Amazing Infographic Videos – Complete Guide!

Everybody loves infographics. They are excellent visual tools that can deliver information in a concise, streamlined graphic. When paired with great aesthetic value, Infographics let you showcase data in...

animation video
Top 10 Animation Videos You Can Learn From (+ 5 Free Animation Video Maker Online Services!)

Creating an animated video is no light task. It involves plenty of time, effort, and most especially, know-how. Yes – to make a remarkable animated piece, you need to...

how much does animation cost
How Much Does Animation Cost Per Minute of Video?

Animated videos can attract and convert viewers while communicating your message in a fun and simple way. So, it’s not strange if you have been considering investing in one...

Animation process
The Animation Process – A Complete Step by Step Guide

You have probably heard about the perks of investing in an animated video and the results it can bring about. Yes – animated videos allow you to transmit your...

ideal explainer video length
Short vs. Long Videos: What Is The Best Explainer Video Length?

You’ve probably heard about the amazing engaging power that explainer videos have. Now the question could be: how long should your explainer video last so as to keep the...

Don’t Use a Whiteboard Animation Video! (Until You Read This)

Are you sure you want to use a whiteboard animation video for your company? Can’t say we blame you… After all, they are a hugely popular type of explainer...

Yum Yum Videos - Top Video Animation companies
The 15 Best Video Animation Companies For Your Business Out There!
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Do a quick search on Google, and you’ll get as many examples of animation companies as you could possibly want… and then some. As video content leads the charge...

Training video production
Top 10 Training Video Production Companies To Choose From!
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One of the many reasons why video is marketers’ preferred type of content right now is that it allows them to effectively condense a lot of information into a...

script for animated explainer video
How to Write A Killer Explainer Video Script! (Free eBook And Examples)

You want your animated marketing video to be highly attractive, engaging, and ultimately, effective, right? Then focus on developing an explainer video script that is highly persuasive, straightforward, and...

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