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7 Types of Video Content that Your Marketing Strategy Needs


Video content makes a marketing strategy move forward.

You’ve probably read that before, and it’s incredibly true, using video is one of the best choicesyou can make for your brand. But there’s a catch: even though video is a very powerful tool, you have to know which type of video to use, and when to use it.



Because in every different moment of your marketing strategy, the needs of your audience are changing: you need to adapt your video content to the different needs of your audience to guide them in the right direction, stay engaged with your brand and buy your product.

Before we talk about all the different types of video content, let’s talk about how you will use them, they can be broken down into two categories:

Having a great inbound marketing strategy and knowing your buyer’s journey like the back of your hand.

infographic: how to boost your marketing using video

A Great Inbound Marketing Strategy

Firstly, do you know what inbound marketing is?

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing means to focus your marketing tools on attracting your customers to your brand in an organic way. You’ll be attracting them, instead of going out there to fight for their attention (which would be the opposite: outbound marketing)

And the best tool you can use to boost your inbound marketing strategy is video.

Using video means you’ll be boosting your inbound marketing success in no time, (actually, we’ve got a free infographic on that if you’re interested!), but there’s a catch: it will only work if you’re using different types of video for your strategy.

You see, the thing is that there are lots of different video styles! But not all of them work for every moment. You must be able to identify when to use different types of video, and this is done by knowing your buyer’s journey from A to Z!

But, what is the buyer’s journey?

Long story short, it’s the active process your customers go through when buying a product or service. There are three stages of it:

  • First, a possible customer will discover that they have a problem that needs a solution. (This is called the Awareness Stage)
  • Second, your prospect does some research about their options (the Consideration Stage)
  • And third, they will make a choice: which solution is best for them? That’s the one they’ll buy. (The Decision Stage)

During these three stages of the buyer’s journey, there are specific types of video that will work the best for each one of them.

the buyer's journeyThis is very important. If you want your videos to shine, and really be an effective part of your inbound strategy, you need to think about using the right video at the right moment.

Let me show you how!

7 Types of Video Content for Your Buyer’s Journey

Awareness Stage

During the awareness stage of your buyer’s journey, your prospects realize that they have a a problem in need of a solution.

Your prospects will come to you because of this challenge they’re facing. They’ll come through search engines, through social media, online ads, or even a friend’s recommendation! And it’s your time to make the best first impression you can.

They’re looking for answers, and you’re the one that will provide them. In this stage, you must catch their attention with the right kind of video.

  • Educational Videos

An educational video aims to give real content to your leads. They’re looking for answers, and that’s what you’ll give them: information that will actually make their everyday lives a little bit better!

Let me show you one of our educational videos:

What is the best explainer video style for your business?

This video is an amazing example of the power of an educational video. Why? Because this one is one of our most popular videos, with more than 150,000 views, and it’s positioned at the top of YouTube and Google Video searches using our keyboard (“Explainer video”).

So, yes, educational videos are useful for your customers and powerful for your brand!

  • Commercial Ads

At the beginning of your buyer’s journey, you want to catch your prospect’s attention. You can do this by having a video that has an engaging story, and also expresses your values as a brand. This is a commercial ad.

Commercial ads and branded videos are the ones that will share your brand’s spirit with your customers and generate an immediate connection!

It will also create a great first impression. They’ll want to know more about you.

Here’s an example, an animated commercial we made for Tortilla Land:

Tortilla Land | Explainer Video by Yum Yum Videos

Consideration Stage

Now, your clients know that they have a problem, and they’re committed to solving it. In this second stage of your buyer’s journey, you’ll let your prospects know how they can integrate your product into their lives, explain how it will solve their problems and how it can make their lives better.

In this stage, your prospects will evaluate the different options they have, and your goal is to show them that the best option is your brand!

Video marketing guide for 2020

  • How-To Videos

Use How-To videos as a way to educate your audience. How can you do this? By talking about your product and explaining how can it solve your prospect’s problems. They’re great to use to answer their questions.

Look at this example!

  • Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are great for the consideration stage, because they get straight to the point. An explainer video introduces your prospects to your business and explains to them what your brand is all about and lets them know why they need you. And, even better! It does it all in a few seconds, while being engaging and powerful.

Let me show you an example! This is one of our animated explainer videos, by Yum Yum Videos for DocuSign:

DocuSign | Explainer Video by Yum Yum Videos

Another excellent thing about explainer videos is that they’re really versatile: there are a lot of different types of explainer videos. You have motion graphics videos, cartoon animation, whiteboard videos and more, you just have to choose the one that works best for your brand.

  • Product Videos

If you want to show your prospects how great your products are, there’s nothing better than using a product video. It’s time to show your product in action: a video of your product being used, and successfully solving people’s problems will really engage your viewers.

The fun thing about product videos is that they don’t have to be just one person talking, it can also be an animated video (which will make it more enjoyable!).

But, also, in the case for digital products (or services), you can use a screencast video, which is a digital recording of a screen paired with an audio narration. This is a nice approach, and very cost effective.

Watch this video we made for Walmart:

Walmart | Explainer Video by Yum Yum Videos

Decision Stage

The decision stage is a crucial one. This is the moment when your prospects are already familiar with your brand and product, and they’re now ready to make a decision.

During this stage, your goal is to convince them that your product is the best option for them, the perfect solution to their problems. This is your time to give them a little push in the right direction (which is buying from your brand, of course!).

You can do this by playing your cards right – this means, using the best type of video:

  • Testimonials

Customers trust their peers more than anyone else. Testimonial videos are great for taking advantage of this: as live action videos, your prospects will be looking at your customer’s faces and their emotions and expressions will really shine through! This is why testimonial videos are incredibly powerful.

McKesson - Testimonial Video

Your prospects will want to know the real opinions of your past customers. This is why these videos need to be natural and have real reactions and responses.

Be authentic! (Would you like an example? Visit our Testimonials page!)

  • About Us

If you want to encourage your leads to buy from you, you need to have a strong brand image. About us videos can help you achieve just that.

Your leads want to feel like they know the brand they’re about to buy from, and you can give them exactly that: show them the real teams, the real people behind the brand and behind the product they like. This will turn it into a product they’ll love.

Look at this example from HubSpot:

Use this type of video to show your prospects why your brand is exactly the one they want to get involved with.

Let’s recap

Video content is amazing for your inbound marketing strategy, but there’s a catch! You can’t just use any type of video or just one video, because it will backfire on you.

An important thing to know is the three stages of your buyer’s journey (awareness, consideration and decision), and when to use each type of video. Having video will boost your marketing strategy’s success! But you need to use it in a smart way.

You have to use different kinds of video to guide your prospects in the direction you need: buying your product or service. Use great quality video content in every stage of the funnel, and you’ll have the best results for your inbound marketing strategy.
Video is the present and the future of online marketing. If you want to know how to use these 7 types of video content to get the best results, take a look at our free video course on Smart Video Strategy. You’ll find it very useful!

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