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4 Types of Videos That Enhance Your Landing Pages


Try as you might, you’d be hard-pressed to find a digital marketer worth their salt who doesn’t swear by video content nowadays. And, to be honest, it’s not surprising. Videos have grown to be a crucial part of most marketing strategies, and for good reason.

They serve as an ideal vehicle to reach your audience and engage them long enough to get your message across on a consistent basis. And they can also help you structure and nurture an existent marketing strategy.

That said, you should know that not every video works the same! Each type has specific idiosyncrasies when viewed with a marketing lens.

Some are better for nurturing leads. Some are ideal to move potential customers further down their buyer’s journey. Some you can easily introduce into an existing sales funnel, while others work best as independent pieces of content.

In this piece, I’d like us to talk a bit about some of the most popular types of videos; like whiteboard animation, product videos, and much more. Going over why they work so well in a marketing setting, and how they can help you enhance the overall effectiveness of your landing pages.

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Explainer Videos – Addressing Our Need to Understand

Whenever the topic of marketing videos comes up, explainer videos are usually among the top three mentioned. They are simply that ubiquitous and useful in today’s digital marketing landscape.

Their effectivity lies in their simplicity, making them a powerful resource for any marketing strategy. Explainers are – usually short – videos used to describe a business’ service or product, in an approachable and entertaining way.

Explainers take the form of somewhat informal educational content, crafted to address customers’ pain-points while suggesting the company’s solutions as the best alternative.

It’s a simple formula that has nonetheless proven to be highly effective in marketing, as it appeals to people’s natural need to understand things relevant to them. And usually share some general characteristics.

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Explainer Videos Tend to Be:

  • Short: Usually under 90 seconds.
  • Simple: Geared to answer “What”, “How”, and “Why” in regards to your product or service.
  • Branding: Effective branding is essential for an explainer video to work in a marketing setting.

Product Videos – Showcasing Something the Right Way

Product videos are all about telling your customers a story – however subtly – that lets them see themselves enjoying the benefits of a product or service. All the while describing what these benefits, and other relevant aspects of the product, are.

It sounds rather simple. Yet you’d be surprised by how many marketers seem to miss the mark in this regard. They either fixate on reciting a product’s benefits without any context to it, or they overextend. Trying to cram as much information as possible regardless of its relevance to the potential customer or the goal you are trying to achieve. This is a trap to be avoided.

Product videos are particularly helpful for tech companies trying to showcase a complicated service or a complex product. As you get to convey all the relevant information in an accessible, exciting manner.

Product Videos Tend to Be:

  • Utility-oriented: Seeing the utility of a product or service in action goes a long way toward achieving conversions.
  • Contextualized: As I mentioned, context will make or break your product video. You need to reflect the positive impact that your product or service could have on someone’s life.
  • Instructive: A necessity for those products that fall into the more complex spectrum.

Company Story Videos – Humanizing Your Brand

Probably one of the most underused types of marketing videos, company stories can be a powerful asset to any marketing approach. Leading more and more people to engage and subscribe to your brand’s products and services.

These videos are all about connecting with your audience and displaying the human side of your company.

You can accomplish these things by creating a video that goes a little bit into your company’s story. Who the people behind the brand are, and the day-to-day activities and efforts that go into providing the benefits your customers enjoy.

Company stories go a long way into making your audience relate to your brand, making it easier for them to get invested in your company and the solutions it provides.

Company Story Videos Tend to Be:

  • Unique: Each company has its own voice and feel. It’s ok to pay attention to what others do in these types of videos for guidance. But at the end of the day, you need to make your unique voice shine.
  • Purposeful: Making it clear what your company is all about is an essential part of making these videos work. It helps people feel like they can be a part of something bigger.
  • Representative: Things like pacing, rhythm, music overtones, and even important phrases need to stand out in your video. While remaining in tune with your overall branding and general tone.

Social Media Videos – The New Kid on the Block

Seeing your marketing videos from a social network standpoint isn’t optional anymore. Not when so much of digital marketing happens precisely on those platforms.

As you can imagine, social videos are those specifically designed to perform well on a particular social network. As far as content goes, they can be a bit of everything, from explainer to FAQ, and everything in between.

What sets social videos apart is the individual discourse of the platform they are to be shared on. Particularities you should keep at all stages of the production process. As this will determine how well they tend to perform on said platform and their viability to achieve your goals.

Social media videos call for a comprehensive understanding of their intended platform, as playing to those strengths and avoiding qualities their users find undesirable is the key to these videos’ performance.

Social Media Videos Tend to Be:

  • Short: With the possible exceptions of YouTube and IGTV, most social networks work better with short content, which can be as short as just a few seconds.
  • Native: These videos are all about the platforms you intend to use them on. As such, hosting them natively usually helps them achieve their intended results.
  • Broad Aim: While most other videos focus primarily on either entertaining, informing, or inspire others, social videos tend to shoot for all three so they can appeal to a broader audience.

As you can see, marketing videos can be regarded as tools. You need the right one for the job.

Choosing wisely both, the right type of video and the appropriate video production company to help you craft it, are two essential conditions to get a video marketing campaign that works.

You need to be thoughtful during the decision-making process and decide which type of video would benefit your particular marketing strategy best.

Making the right choice is an important part of achieving the results you want out of your content.

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