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7 Types Of Video Content That Will Help You Close More Sales


Video not only helps you generate brand awareness and stand out from the competition, but also  educates your audience, persuades them about how great your product is and finally…to strike more deals! In this article we’re going to share with you 7 types of video content that can help you close more sales, while you also dive into the amazing benefits of this cool format. Enjoy it!

How to close more sales with video content

3 Key Stages of The Buyer’s Journey

Do you remember those old times when marketers used to pursue prospects in order to get their attention and their “yes”? 🙂 Those days are gone. Nowadays, savvy marketers who want to succeed in business focus on implementing an inbound marketing strategy. This way they can get faster and better results.

[In case you haven’t heard about inbound marketing before, this brief tutorial might help]

So, in a nutshell, inbound marketing is about creating specific tailored content that brings value to your audience, no matter the stage of the buyer’s journey they’re in. From a general point of view, you will find 3 different stages in the buyer’s journey (also called the sales funnel). Check them out:

  1. Awareness Stage: your potential customers know that they have a problem but don’t know/understand much about it. They still have to put it into context. They don’t know anything about the possible solutions either. Basically, it’s your time to grab their attention and make a great first impression.
  2. Consideration Stage: time to consider different alternatives! Your prospects are weighing the different options (products or services) they find in the market. From your side, you need to show them how great your product is at solving their problem.
  3. Decision Stage: now your potential customers are ready to make their final choice. They know which specific solution they need and will go with the best one. You, on your side, have to persuade them in the direction you want: to purchase your product! This is where we’ll focus in today´s article.

Want to Raise Your Sales? Video Content Is Perfect For That!

As part of your inbound marketing strategy you can produce many different content marketing materials, but one thing’s for sure: nothing  is as cool, entertaining, persuasive and effective as video is. We mean it! Video has amazing benefits that help you close more sales. Check them out!

Video Is Widely Loved

People find video content cool, fun, highly engaging and also appealing. They love this format! Marketers know this and that’s why they use it to quickly grab their attention and lead them to take the next step: the purchase of the product! Not by chance, 76.5% of marketers and SMB owners that have used video marketing said that it has a direct impact on their business. From the buyer’s perspective, there is some clear evidence of the effectiveness of video content: 74% of users who watched an explainer video to learn more about a product/service ended up buying it. Also, 77% of consumers said they were convinced to buy a product or service from watching a video.
Improve your marketing campaign with video

Video Is Scalable

You may have a team of sales reps working for you and that’s ok. But have you considered video content as a complement of it? Keep in mind that video is 100% scalable! This means that you can post it on any channel you want (website, landing page, newsletter, social media platform, or any other one) and it will deliver your key messages non-stop, 24 x 7 without rest. Not a minor thing at all!

Video Is Concise

To put it simply: a one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words. Now you can imagine the amazing power of synthesis that video has, can’t you? Yes. Stunning. Due to the combination of different resources (such as appealing visuals, animations, a catchy soundtrack, a compelling voice-over, and more) video content quickly grabs the viewer’s attention by involving both auditory and visual senses at the same time. That’s why it’s so engaging and entertaining. As a reference, 4X as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it. Take advantage of that!

Video Is Emotional

Why is video content SO persuasive? Well, the movements on screen, the voices, the body language,….all these elements convey different strong emotions in the viewer. And there is a scientific explanation behind this: the role of the mirror neurons, the effect of the oxytocin, and more. Check out this article to understand the connection between emotions and video marketing.

7 Effective Types of Video Content to Close More Sales

Video content is an amazing tool to use in every single stage of the sales funnel. But today we have chosen 7 types of videos that are just perfect for closing more sales specifically. Check them out!

#1. Explainer Videos

You might have heard that explainer videos are a good choice for the consideration stage, and that’s true. But they can also work very well for closing sales! Why? Because they tell your prospect, in no more than 90 seconds, what problem your product solves, how it does it and why it’s the best alternative in the market. The special thing? It does it in a highly engaging, catchy and straightforward way (by using a mix of imagery, animations, music and other elements). Check out this animated marketing video we developed for Gigtown so that you can have a clear idea on what an explainer video is:

How can you use it to close sales? Its emotional and persuasive power, plus a strong Call To Action you should include in the end, will help you -undoubtedly- to strike more deals,

#2. Testimonials

When trying to close more sales, it’s important to generate trust towards your brand. And customer testimonial videos are the best choice for that. Keep in mind that customers value a lot other peer’s opinions. Just as a reference, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Quite impressive! So take advantage of this type of video to turn your leads into clients.

Watch this customer testimonial video to get some inspiration before working on yours 😉

#3. Case Studies

Another type of endorsement is case studies, which are ideal to communicate how good your product is at meeting a specific need. But, with “a little something”: it’s not you bragging about yourself but someone else who can identify with your product. That’s very powerful! Focus then on making a compelling case study that explains the context/problem, the solution and the results in a straightforward and clear way. This way you will certainly raise conversions and sales!

#4. Product Videos

Consider that if you want to sell a product/service, it’s feasible that your prospects want to see it “in action” before they buy it. For that, developing a product video can be a great move. By using different animation techniques (such as live action, screencasts, etc.) you can produce a demo that shows its main features and functionalities.  A product video will make them feel more confident before making the purchase.



#5. FAQ Videos

These videos compile frequently asked questions that your prospects may have prior to the purchase. If you are capable of providing them with useful information on the questions they have in mind, you will certainly gain a special place towards the competition. In a subtle way you will be encouraging them to pick you out as their vendor.

#6. Company Videos

Company videos or “about us” videos work very well to bring your brand’s identity to life. The goal here is to show your audience who your company is and what it represents (communicating its values, beliefs, general culture, by including some interviews with executives and employees, for instance). This, plus appealing to different emotions (such as nostalgia, empathy, humor, etc.), will bring interesting results 😉

#7. Behind The Scenes Videos

In the same line as company videos, but with a more informal and hand-crafted approach, behind-the-scenes videos are a good way to show the essence behind your brand/product. This will help you to connect with your audience on a different level (emotional indeed) and this is critical before they make their final choice.

At Yum Yum we have wide experience with developing marketing videos for many different companies (no matter the marketing goals they pursue, the target audience they want to approach or the product they want to sell). We can help you produce your marketing video too! Just get in touch with us and let us know about your needs – keep in mind that we develop several marketing video types for different stages of the sales funnel.

We invite you to watch this video in which we share “our work philosophy”:

In Summary

Video content is a great tool to enhance every marketing strategy. It helps you not only to persuade your prospects about how good your product is but also to take them one step further till they fulfill the purchase! In today’s blog post we have shared with you the awesome benefits video content offers to close more deals. Moreover, you got access to 7 types of video content that you should -seriously- include in your marketing strategy if you want to close more sales. We encourage you to start working on your next marketing video NOW! 🙂 Hands on deck!

Finally, we invite you to download this free infographic on how to boost your inbound marketing with an explainer video.

Stay tuned!

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