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Top 5 Best Explainer Videos To Get Inspired


Explainers are awesome. But if you’ve been paying attention to most video marketing trends right now, you probably don’t even need us telling you that.

That said, it’s essential to understand that not all explainer videos are created equally!

For explainers to work, they need to convey a message clearly, quickly, and by using exciting visuals that keep their audiences engaged. However, beyond this basic makeup there are plenty of other, more involved aspects that can take an OK explainer video, and turn it into a fantastic – and useful – marketing piece.

So, how do you get one from A to B then? That’s precisely why we are here today!

We’ll go over a list with some of the top 5 best explainer videos ever made, and talk a bit about what makes them great! Hopefully, you’ll take what you learn here and use it to guarantee that your company’s own explainer earns a spot on the list.

What Makes the Best Explainer Videos?

Audiences all around love video content. It’s why social media channels are all turning into more video-centric platforms, and why businesses are turning to it when they need to stand out from the crowd.

But not all explainers, animated corporate videos, or video marketing pieces in general, end up performing to their full potential. So… what gives?

Yes, explainer videos give marketers a lot of versatility to convey their message, and they do so with tools and strategies that have all been proven to work time and again. But there are a handful of essential characteristics that we find in the best explainer videos out there.

Attributes that, while looking different from business to business and message to message, should nonetheless be present in every explainer you plan to use to represent your brand.

  • Quality: Audiences online judge the reliability of businesses by the quality of their content. Having a flawless explainer video quality-wise is paramount. And that includes everything from animations to voice-talent choices. 
  • Targeting:Generic” is the enemy. Compelling explainers have a clear target audience in mind from their inception, and that helps guide the project from start to finish.
  • Branding: In spite of the end goals you envision for your video, branding needs to be a part of it. Use effective-yet-subtle techniques to keep your company in your viewers’ minds.
  • Rhythm: There is a rhythm in every awesome explainer, timing the action and story just the right way to keep audiences entertained and engaged for the whole duration of the piece.
  • Message: Even if all other elements are on point, explainers that lack a clear message, or fail to convey it thoroughly, usually fall short from their intended purpose.

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Top 5 Best Explainer Videos Ever Made

Now that you know what explainers need to be fantastic, let’s get on with that list:

  • Rhombus Network
  • Animation for a Cause 
  • Mint
  • Komuso Design
  • Mustang Customizer

Rhombus Network

The  last thing we’d want is to come across as patting ourselves on the back, but we feel Rhombus’ a perfect example to start this list off as they illustrate one of the format’s most important aspects: Accessibility!

In this era of constant innovation, it can get awfully difficult to help audiences understand the true potential behind tech-related solutions in clear and compelling ways. And that’s exactly the type of communication problems video is best suited to overcome!

In this piece we created for Rhombus Network, the primary goal was finding simple, engaging, and representative visuals to make a complex subject simple.

It’s something we feel we accomplished in no small part by sticking to our effective video production guidelines:

  • Fully customize each video we work on to our client’s goals.
  • Hold our work to the industry’s highest quality standard.
  • Deliver top-notch price-quality guarantee
  • Provide integrated video marketing strategies to help our clients get the results they are after.

Animation for a Cause

Any great cause can get even greater and reach more people when viewed through the lens of an awesome animated corporate video!

The whole Animation for a Cause video is based on the idea that “one minute can make a difference” for non-profit companies. It was crafted with a cool and colorful design where even the typography comes alive!


The company Mint.com offers solutions that help people keep track of their finances, and their animated marketing video showcases their subscription process in a smart and effective way.

The use of awesome 3D elements keeps the imagery fun and adds a fancy side to it. The jazzy music complements them, pacing the ideal rhythm. Lastly, the call-to-action is a compelling argument for sure, wrapping a value proposition as they prompt viewers into action.

Komuso Design

Some explainers aren’t so much about the specifics of a product’s features as they are about truly connecting with an audience and letting them know you both, understand their problem and can help them solve it.

That’s exactly what we focused on when working on this lovely video we made for Komuso Design.

Mustang Customizer

This Mustang’s marketing video is motion graphics animation at its best. 

With iconic and lively images, the graphic elements constantly transform into different ones, adding an interesting storytelling resource to the piece. 

Another wonderful post-production choice in this video is the use of great sound design in almost every section. And, the beat is so good that it’s impossible for you to get bored!

As you can see, some of the best explainer videos run the gamut of animation styles and combine them with marketing techniques that can produce engaging pieces that also further their respective company’s goals.

Hopefully, after watching these videos, you probably have a more robust idea of what you can accomplish with them!

Need an Explainer Like These? Here’s How We Can Help

Our company, Yum Yum Videos, has been in the business for a while now, and we’ve put together an amazing team capable of creating fully customized video marketing pieces that can bring your brand’s message to life!

Our secret? We focus on our client’s needs all the way. But hey, you don’t have to just take our word for it!

We tailor every video we work with to fit our clients’ goals and make each piece truly unique. By listening to your feedback, and leveraging our staff’s detail-oriented minds, we can bring the same results for your company.

So, get in touch today and let’s talk about what you need, and how we can help you achieve it!

Wrapping Up

It’s important to note that the great thing about explainers – and animated corporate videos, for that matter – also presents their greatest challenge: Versatility.

As you’ve seen through this piece, explainers can be incredibly versatile! Helping you shape the message exactly the way you want it, and hitting all the marks you need it to hit. 

However, for the whole piece to work cohesively, you need to partner with people who know the medium, and how to take advantage of what it delivers.

Take a note from the pieces you saw today, and start thinking about how the same principles can benefit your company’s message! It’ll help you get a better sense of what you need, and translate into a much better piece down the road.

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