Top 15 Video Animation Services On the Market Right Now!

There isn’t a marketing strategy out there that can’t be improved or enhanced with an amazing animated video – as the numbers keep showing us, time and again

But is it really that surprising?

Animation isn’t just an engaging and distinctive medium; it also gives you all the versatility and range you need to make truly engaging, memorable content in a cost-effective way.

But that is just the thing! Animation is just a medium, and you still need a talented video animation service that knows how to leverage it to its fullest to deliver effective and unforgettable marketing pieces. 

And that’s a bit easier said than found 😉

So, to help you find them, we’ve put together a great list of talented custom animation services that have the track record, expertise, and creativity to make the medium sing and transform your marketing message into an animated video your audience will love.

On Making The Right Choice

Before jumping into the list, we need to cover the criteria we used for this list! After all, you should find video and animation services whose products can fit your vision, and a big part of that lies in knowing what to look for:

  • Production Quality: The goods come through the eyes, so make sure to check out the animation service’s portfolio and see that their content is up to par – and their style matches what you have in mind.
  • Communication: As with any collaborative effort, there will be lots of dialog between you and your selected video animation service to arrive at your shared goal. And that can only be archived if the communication loop is a no-hassle, efficient affair. 
  • Uniqueness: You are looking for a video that sets you apart from the competition. It can’t be so if you don’t center your search on custom animation services – companies that provide tailored solutions rather than templates and one-size-fits-alls productions.
  • Experience: Few things can provide better insight into a company’s work than reviews from previous clients. They can give you a look into the company’s process and even reveal potential red flags. The smart thing to do here is to set a little time aside to go over testimonials and reviews before choosing a provider.
  • Pricing: There is no way around it – if you try to do it on the cheap, it’s likely your animated video won’t be all it’s set out to be. But that doesn’t mean you have to go broke to get a flawless, unique piece either! It’s all about finding the balance of talent at a price you can afford. Don’t be afraid to shop around and ask for quotes from video animation services online to see what works for you.

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Top Video Animation Services Out There

Without further ado, we proudly present you with some of the best video and animation services on the marketing game right now!

  • Yum Yum Videos
  • Rip Media Group
  • BluBlu Studios
  • Darvideo Animation Studio
  • Studio Pigeon
  • MHF Creative
  • TopLine Film
  • MotionGility
  • Animation Explainers
  • 5:00 Films & Media
  • Digital Spark Studios
  • PPS Content
  • Early Light Media
  • Bottle Rocket Media
  • DemoDuck

As you will see, we have included a variety of companies on this list. Some focus solely on animation, while others offer other types of productions as well. The aim here is for you to find exactly what you need, so let’s take a look 🙂

#1 Yum Yum Videos

Sounds familiar? 😋 Blatant self-promotion aside, we wouldn’t feature on the list if we didn’t honestly think we belonged, and here’s why:

At Yum Yum, we make it our top priority to create nothing but the most persuasive and visually gorgeous pieces for our clients. We work hard to make videos that fit their goals, ideas, and strategy to a tee and deliver the marketing objectives they are after.

For that, we have put together an amazing team that understands just how to pour the essence of our client’s ideas into unique videos that will stay with their audience long after watching, and a production process that makes it possible through:

  • Custom animation services tailored to our client’s particular objectives and needs.
  • Video production quality of the highest order. From uniquely creative visuals and scripts to meaningful post-production editing and design.
  • Workable timetables for your convenience without sacrificing attention to detail across the whole production process.
  • A price-quality ratio virtually unparalleled – each and every time.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, there’s no need to just take us at our word! 

That working philosophy has led us to work alongside world-renowned companies that have trusted us to represent their brands and carry their message, such as American Express, Walmart, McKesson, Red Bull, DocuSign… and we are glad to let our work speak for itself whenever possible.

And you can also see how they felt about working with us as well

So, if you want a video animation service that can deliver exceptional videos, don’t hesitate to reach out 🙂 Our best work is still ahead!

#2 Rip Media Group

This video animation service provider presents its pieces as integral parts of a business’ growth. They are passionate about what makes their clients tick and putting it out for the world to see.

#3 BluBlu Studios

An award-winning, design-driven video animation service that likes to take storytelling high, far, and beyond. Paired up with distinct visuals, it is the engine that powers their video production. They value their team as a distinctive asset and have a people-first profile we can get behind.

#4 Darvideo Animation Studio

A Ukraine-based video animation service focused on explainer videos, with an extensive portfolio under its belt. They can walk you through the whole production process, delivering effective pieces with a light-hearted feel.

#5 Studio Pigeon

Specially dedicated to animation and centered around character design, this video animation service provider has a very human approach in its production process. They are always on the search for stories worth telling, supported by a strong team of talents.

#6 MHF creative

Defined by human-centric thinking, this video animation services company favors communication and narrative immersion to guarantee honest video content. Animation is only one of their talents, though, as they provide other styles of video production services as well.

#7 TopLine Film

UK-based, this video animation service gets the job done without dilly-dallying. If you want the latest technologies, TopLine Film also offers 360 VR video, among other services.

ebook: How to choose the right explainer video company

#8 MotionGility

An explainer video animation service like ours, MotionGility focuses heavily on speedy service without detriment to quality. They pride themselves on their step-by-step guidance throughout the project, with the experience to back it up.

#9 Animation Explainers

Ready for whatever challenges the project might throw their way, Animation Explainers is more than just a video animation service provider – they are a resilient group of millennials out to get it done. Their approach to the client’s already existing branded content sets them apart and drives their unique production process.

#10 5:00 Films & Media

The most budget-conscious alternative of the bunch, this video animation service has worked closely with many non-profit organizations to deliver great pieces tailored to their specific needs. Their empathy with their client’s cause has set 5:00 Films & Media’s content apart for almost a decade.

#11 Digital Spark Studios

Born out of love for storytelling, Digital Spark Studios is the kind of video animation service provider that bases its work on a personal acquaintance with its clients. With a young and energetic team based in Charlotte, North Carolina, the custom animation services they provide are as collaborative as visually beautiful.

#12 PPS Content

A video animation service tempered in the fires of marketing, PPS Content has come a very long way from its humble voiced-over PowerPoint origins. They have the advantage of hard-earned experience on their side, getting good results since 2013.

#13 Early Light Media

Animation by and for humans is what Early Light Media is all about. The story is king for this video animation service provider – their process is almost cinematographic in a sense, going deep into the emotional journey. Keeping it succinct and relevant, they look forward to working with clients that inspire humanity.

#14 Bottle Rocket Media

You can come to this video animation service provider with nothing but an intention, and they will set you up with an animation piece up to par. Their decade of experience and extensive in-and-out-house team are big assurances that likely won’t let you down.

#15 DemoDuck

Working in pieces framed in bigger marketing strategies, DemoDuck’s animation services center around their client’s needs. From educating the audience to promoting products, this animation video company can successfully execute your marketing strategy.

And that’s that. Nothing short of a master list to start considering your options when it comes to video and animation services. Any of which will most likely get you where you and your brand need to go!

As for us here at Yum Yum Videos, we are certainly ready to offer the best animated video solutions for your brand’s objectives.

All our energy is targeted to understanding our clients, their needs, and their goals, then combining all of it with the hard work and creativity of our talented team to produce unforgettable, distinctive, and effective marketing pieces.

A task we’ve been successfully achieving for a while now, thanks to our unwavering attention to detail, our drive to work side-by-side with our clients, and never settling for anything short of completely tailor-made content.

And in case you are wondering how all that looks from our production pipeline standpoint, here’s a cool animated video we made about it 😉

So, feel free to reach out if you are looking for an awesome video to make your brand stand out! We would love to be your next partner 😊

Wrapping Up

The make-or-brake of an animated video mostly lies on the video animation service tasked with the job. if the talent behind the piece isn’t up to the task, the piece will likely fall short of the marketing objectives.

By the same token, a perfect brainchild between your brand and the right custom animation services could step up your marketing campaign for success from the get-go. Hopefully, this list has given you a solid place to start finding the talent your brand deserves!

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