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Top 15 Medical Animation Companies Your Healthcare Business Needs!

Healthcare topics can be challenging to communicate, even to well-educated people. Not only are they often tied to delicate subject matters, but their complexity and terminology rarely make things easier. So, how to effectively convey healthcare-related messages to audiences is a challenge most healthcare businesses have to learn to navigate if they want to succeed.

And it’s that challenge that leads so many to invest in medical animation videos.

These pieces can help you break down complex topics into a digestible, engaging explanation – which makes them not only useful but appealing to a broader audience as well.

Thing is, not everyone can build such a video.

It takes experience with the healthcare niche, talent, expertise, and a solid commitment to the project. In other words, it takes a premium video company with a skilled team of professionals. And those aren’t that easy to find!

We want you to find the best partner for your project, so we’ve put together a list of the best medical animation companies out there, to help you start your search in the best possible way.

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MedVector | Explainer Video by Yum Yum Videos

The Basics for Reviewing Medical Animation Companies

We can’t stress this enough: the video company that will handle your project can make or break your medicine animation. And given that producing a video requires a big commitment of time and resources for any organization, picking a good vendor should be a carefully thought-out decision.

But if you have never worked with a video marketing company before, you may not be familiar with what “a good vendor” means.

Don’t worry – here’s a brief cheat sheet with the key factors you should look at when reviewing medical animation companies:

  • Customization. Your healthcare organization is unique, and so should be your video! Go with a studio that can craft a piece according to your particular goals and target audience, and you’ll have a video that can truly make an impact!
  • Quality. When checking out a video company, it’s super important to take a peek at their portfolio and see their work’s quality and style. Many studios sound great on paper, but you realize they won’t live up to your expectations when you look at their previous work.
  • Communication Flow. You don’t want a video company that leaves you in the dark about how the production process is going and answers your emails with delay.
  • Pricing. There’s not a right or wrong answer when it comes to pricing – it all comes down to what your budget is. Just keep in mind cheap video services tend to seriously lack customization and good customer service.
  • Feedback. Last but not least, don’t go with a video company without checking out previous clients’ reviews first! They can give you a clue of what to expect of the service (and prevent you from making a poor choice).

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The Top 15 Medical Animation Companies in the Market

Now you know which factors play a part in choosing the right video company, let’s take a look at your best options and find a vendor that meets your needs.

1. Yum Yum Videos

Yep, we believe our company is one of the best players in the industry of medicine animation. I know – we are signing our own praises, but we have valid reasons to do so!

When it comes to healthcare, our skilled team is always able to simplify the most complex topics, crafting videos that are both tactful and entertaining. Take a look at this example and see it for yourself:

Orthoscience 02 | Explainer Video by Yum Yum Videos

Now that you know what we can do, let’s see what else we bring to the table:

  • 100% customized videos.
  • A flexible and organized production process.
  • An impeccable animation quality.
  • A fluent two-way communication.
  • The best price-quality guarantee.

We have over 10 years of experience working with companies from all around the globe, like DocuSign, McKesson, TransUnion, OrthoScience, and the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. And each time we’ve delivered a piece that meets and surpasses their expectations!

McKesson - Testimonial Video


XPLAI is a small video company located in Ukraine. That said, their location doesn’t prevent them from working with businesses from all around the world!

Since its creation in 2016, XPLAI creates illustrations and explainer videos of every kind, ranging from mobile apps presentations to medicine animations – like this one!

Nimble - Innovate the Ordinary

3. Studio Ianus

Another European studio to add to our list of medical animation companies.

This Italian agency makes illustrations, branding, and animated videos… and they excel at all of those! That said, their biggest strength is, undoubtedly, motion graphics animation.

Judging by their work, it’s easy to notice this team has lots of expertise and a high aesthetic sense.

2020 Spot GUM® Specialisti Gengive

4. Motion Story

Like all the other medical animation companies on this list, this Aussie studio is a master of storytelling. All their videos explain complex topics through captivating stories.

Similar to our own production process, each of their projects is “reworked, reviewed, and refined” until the customer is finally satisfied. Well done!

FractureCare - Enhanced Fracture Management

5. Yans Media

This Armenian studio works with businesses of every size and field – including the healthcare industry!

Using 2D and motion graphics animation, Yans Media creates medicine animations in the form of explainer and commercial videos.

As you can see in the following example, the quality of their work is, simply, outstanding.

The Rejected Dentist Syndrome

6. Kasra Design

From the exciting city of Kuala Lumpur, Kasra Design creates top-notch videos in 2D, 3D, or motion graphics animation.

According to their website, their team has the ability to “visualize complex topics and technical subjects.” No wonder why their medicine animations are so good!

7. Epipheo Studio

Funded in 2009, Epipheo Studio is one of the oldest medical animation companies on the market.

In every one of their projects, their team strives to find the most important thing about the client’s company and craft a video around it.

They also work with various production styles, from live-action to 2D, 3D, whiteboard, and motion graphics animation.

All About Medicare Supplement

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8. Switch Video

Switch Video is a Canadian studio that has racked up experience working with many clients, including some internationally renowned companies.

Although Switch Video’s quality is good, their key differentiator is their production process. Like us, they are committed to meet timelines on time, keep the client informed throughout the process, and complete every aspect of the video so that they don’t need to ask twice.

As a side note, we recommend you don’t set for a medicine animation company that offers anything less than that. Otherwise, prepare to have many headaches during the production process!

Teen Depression Study

9. Demo Duck

This is one of the most talented medical animation companies on this list – and also one of the most versatile ones.

They can create explainer, commercial, testimonial, brand, and culture videos. All of these can be made from a variety of techniques, including screencasting, stop motion, live-action, and 2D, 3D, and motion graphics animation.

What is a Space Maintainer and How Does It Work?

10. Weerlig

Weerlig is an Armenian video company that creates some of the best explainer videos out there.

Their scripts are amazing, but their animation quality is even better! Mastering 2D animation, this studio creates videos for businesses of every size and field.

11. Explainify

Explainify is a video company dedicated to making complicated things sound simple – words that all medical animation companies should live by, given the complexity of healthcare topics.

Nobody can deny this video company delivers excellent quality pieces, but their real strength lies in their team of experts. Reliable and talented, they take care of their clients during the production process and create videos as good as this one:

Introducing Canopy Health - Refreshingly Clear, Human Care

12. Blink Tower

This studio located in Cape Town, South Africa, is proud that they can count the members of their crew with their two hands.

They also pride themselves on the set of values they share as a company: producing top-quality videos, making them fun, being kind and honest with clients, and caring about what they do.

Despite being a small company, Blink Tower can still produce amazing medicine animation videos. See it for yourself in the video below!

13. Wyzowl

Wyzowl is one of the most prolific studios on this list of medical animation companies.

From their headquarters in the UK, they create all sorts of video content: animations, animated graphics, interactive videos, and live-action pieces.

Apart from crafting good videos, Wyzowl delivers excellent customer service: the company promises to respond to every message within two business hours at most.

A sense of community: How hospitals are using community paramedicine

14. InfoGraphic World

One of the most versatile companies on this list.

InfoGraphic World – or IGW, for shorter – offers services from website design to a full digital marketing strategy and everything else in between. Of all those services, their main specialty is visual marketing.

The New York-based video company specializes in infographics, explainer videos, and, of course, 2D and 3D animation, among other things.

15. Epic Productions

This studio has created video content for many prestigious businesses.

From their headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, they offer a vast array of services, such as photography, video editing, and, needless to say, videos! These can be live-action or animated and be made for 360° or virtual reality.

SuperNO2VA™ Nasal PAP Ventilation System

And that’s it! 15 medical animation companies that offer the best services in the market. Each of them is a world of its own, but they all share the same passion for animated video content and have top-notch standards when it comes to quality.

We, for example, always strive for perfection. We believe quality is in the details and, therefore, we always try to refine even the tiniest bit.

We apply that same mindset to ourcustomer care. Nothing motivates us more than making our clients happy, so we listen to their feedback and strive to truly understand what they need. With over 10 years of experience behind our backs, we’ve discovered that this is the key to meeting our clients’ needs and expectations every single time.

There’s so much more we’d like to tell you about our video company, but why bore you with the details when you can watch a cool video about it?

Explainer Video Company | Yum Yum Videos | info@yumyumvideos.com

If you have any doubt or would like us to send you a custom quote, feel free to contact us anytime!

Summing Up

All the companies you’ve discovered today are different in one way or the other, but they all have one thing in common: they all have the ability to design an enjoyable medicine animation that’s easy to understand.

Knowing their skills are on point, choosing one of them as a vendor is a decision that’s defined by your own preferences and priorities. What do you value more: an outstanding quality or great customer service? Are you limited by your budget? Do you favor a specific animation style few studios work with?

Whatever the answers to those questions are, it’s essential to understand choosing a video company is a major decision that can make or break your video. So, take your time and make this choice with care. At the end of the day, all that matters is to find a vendor that fits you.

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