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Top 10 Video Marketing Companies You Are Missing Out


It doesn’t take much to realize the popularity of video online. People are engaging with it more than ever before; it’s everywhere! Which has led to customers wanting (even expecting) more video content from the brands they engage with.

However, the problem is that as more businesses jump onto the video marketing bandwagon to stay relevant, the challenge builds up! It’s no longer enough just to put any video out there. If you want to make a splash, you need nothing short of brilliant pieces that draw your audiences’ attention and lock them in.

Best way to do so? Teaming up with an excellent video marketing company! One that can elevate your overall strategy with meaningful pieces that make your brand shine.

Here, you’ll find several of those companies that are more than equipped to bring that breathtaking video idea you have in your mind to reality.


Top 10 Video Marketing Companies You Are Missing Out

On Choosing The Right Company

The increasing demand for videos has sprung hundreds of production companies seeking to satisfy it. The problem, though, is that not many among them are truly able to create unique pieces capable of impacting audiences. And finding the ones that are can be overwhelming.

Unless you know what you’re looking for that is.

An effective video marketing company needs to do more than just put out nice-looking videos. They also need the ability to translate your company’s mission and values into a  piece that not only looks amazing but also works to fulfill the marketing objectives behind it.

Something that only occurs when they have the necessary experience combined with a talented core team to make it happen.

But how do you go about finding such companies? Well, you can start by paying attention to the following factors:

  • Quality and expertise: a great video production company should have a strong portfolio that displays the quality and scope of its work. Check their portfolios for past projects and get a sense of what they can offer you.
  • Communication: a company worth working with has effective communication channels that prevent delays or misunderstandings. Take a closer look at your prospects’ production processes to see how they handle communication. You can also reach out to them and gauge the quality of their response.
  • Customization: the best video production companies offer tailor-made content that reflects their client’s uniqueness. Watch their videos and see if they capture the essence of the different brands they worked with.
  • Feedback: great video companies often have online reviews and feedback about past projects that provide insight into how they work. Look for reviews and testimonials on their work to get a better picture of what it’s like to work with them.
  • Price: Cheaper services often use templates or trample on quality to manage their lower price points. Find a company that can deliver the quality you need at a budget you can manage. Otherwise, you’ll be just throwing your money away.

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Top Video Marketing Companies Out There

Now that you know what you should be looking for, it’s time to jump into the list:

  • Yum Yum Videos
  • Sandwich Video
  • Epipheo
  • Demo Duck
  • Think Mojo
  • Switch Video
  • Veracity Colab
  • Sparkhouse
  • Rip Media Group
  • LAI Video

You’ll notice some of the listed companies offer a wider array of services, while others are more specific and niche. This is intentional! The idea is to make sure that regardless of what you are looking for, you’ll find here fantastic video companies that have the talent to craft it for you.

#1 Yum Yum Videos

Yep, that’s us! Honestly? The last thing we want is to come off as pretentious, but we genuinely believe we are one of the video marketing companies you can’t miss! At Yum Yum Videos, we have assembled an amazing team of people with all the necessary skills, experience, and expertise to create the videos you need.

How do we manage that? Via robust services we’ve honed over the years:

  • We create fully customized videos tailored to the client’s marketing goals.
  • We offer top-of-the-industry video quality across the board.
  • Our video production process is sophisticated, with an eye on detail and a focus on our clients’ feedback.
  • We deliver an outstanding price-quality guarantee.
  • And we provide integrated video marketing strategy services that enhance our clients’ branding.

It’s a formula that has led us to work with satisfied clients from around the world, including some big brands like Wal-Mart, Red Bull, McKesson, Fox, and DocuSign, to name a few.

However, we are glad to let our work speak for us whenever possible:

Also, you can hear directly from our clients about how they feel about working with us!

#2 Sandwich Video

Sandwich Video is a production company with a focus on live-action videos. Its process has its team working from the scripting phase all the way up to the video distribution phase, so you’ll never feel alone during the video creation process.

#3 Epipheo

Epipheo is a pioneer video marketing company, having been one of the first to create explainer videos for brands. It offers customized teams for each project, depending on the client’s need and the final purpose of the video.

#4 Demo Duck

Demo Duck’s mission is clear – to meet with the client and learn all they can from them to later pour that knowledge into an eye-catching video. The company’s main focus is to provide explainer videos for the media and education industries.

#5 Think Mojo

Think Mojo is known for its explainer and product videos, but their video marketing for business covers more than that. The company also offers educational videos, ads, support videos, and other video content to companies of all sizes.

#6 Switch Video

Switch Video has established itself by providing video marketing for businesses following three pillars: reasonable scheduling, smooth communication, and thorough work in all production stages. Working principles you can really see in the company’s animated, whiteboard, and motion graphic videos.

#7 Veracity Colab

Veracity Colab is an experienced video production company that offers a comprehensive array of video services for medium companies and big enterprises. Its main strength is the elegant visuals they create, bringing to life their videos in a dynamic and lively fashion.

#8 Sparkhouse

Sparkhouse’s mission is to take its clients’ goals and combine them with carefully crafted artistry to get high-quality videos that make an impact. They are focused on creating videos that educate, inform, entertain, and sell through the power of storytelling.

# 9 Rip Media Group

Rip Media Group is a video marketing company that mainly offers live-action videos, character animation, and whiteboard animation. Its chief purpose is to use its team of storytellers to create videos that explain and sell to all kinds of audiences.

#10 LAI Video

LAI Video is an agency whose primary goal is to produce video content for campaigns. Thus, it works for corporations, non-profits, associations, and academic institutions to instigate action, make a change, or bring an important issue to the public’s attention.

There you have it! Experience, high quality, and attention to detail – an essential trifecta that wins all the companies here a spot on the list!

While we can’t speak to the process by which other companies in this list get to their great videos, we sure can say that here at Yum Yum, we get there by keeping our client’s needs front-and-center.

We make sure we understand who our clients are, what they are trying to accomplish, what they offer, and who they want to connect with, then we come up with high-quality videos that deliver their message in innovative, effective, fun, and creative ways.

Attention to detail is essential since it is in those details we find the aspects that make the client’s brand and essence come alive, even if dealing with complex or abstract concepts. Of course, those details stem from listening to the client’s feedback, which feeds into our production process in every step of the way.

So, if you’re ready to get that perfect video for your company, reach out today and let’s talk about it!

To Sum Up

Doing effective video marketing for businesses calls for a lot of talents to come together.

Combining a quality-oriented process, a skilled team with proven expertise, passion, and enough experience to fill a boat, the companies in this list stand apart from your average video marketing company.

Whether you go for one of these or continue your search, you now have at least a robust framework to compare your choices to, and a good idea of what the market can offer.

Follow our tips, and you’ll be much closer to finding the perfect partner for your next video adventure. Are you up to the challenge? Start your video project now!

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