Top 10 Video Animation Services Out There!

20 March, 2020  

Animated videos are no longer just “an option” most companies can afford to ignore. After all, there’s a reason why most businesses are including this type of content in their marketing strategies: No other type of content performs as well when it comes to connecting a brand with their customers, and conveying their message.

Thing is that, as more brands continue to turn to animation-centered content strategies, the level of competition ramps up! Making it harder to stand out and make an impression on your audience… 

Unless you team up with a company that provides world-class video animation services, that is. One capable of creating effective and memorable pieces that keep your brand relevant!

So, with that in mind, we’ve put together a shortlist of the best companies that have mastered the art of making brands come alive through their video animation services. Hopefully, by the time you are done reading, you will be able to start your next animated project with a handful of more-than-excellent options!


How We Chose Them 

Besides getting great results, animation provides a fresh take that can help brands spice up their content with beautiful and engaging pieces. Both marketers and audiences love it. So, it’s no wonder that so many companies have popped up recently to try and meet this growing demand. 

However, after many years of working in this field and partnering up with brands from all around the world, we’ve learned that not every service can rise to the occasion! To capture a brand’s identity and its core message in an animated video that delivers results aligned with your marketing goals, you need talent, skills, and creativity!

So, as we put together our list, we came to the conclusion that good video companies had five things in common:

  • Quality & Expertise: As a demonstration of their capabilities, experience, and professionalism, great video companies have a strong, creative, and high-quality portfolio
  • Communication: Outstanding video animation services also have a smooth and fluid communication process between the provider and the client. Ensuring a smooth collaboration while avoiding any issues or delays.
  • Customization: Each brand is unique, and any professional video agency should understand that. In the digital landscape, it’s very important to develop tailor-made pieces that reflect a client’s identity and message. These words are written in stone: Generic content is a big no-no. 
  • Feedback: Few things provide more insight into how a company works as previous customer reviews do. Excellent video companies display comments and third-party feedback that validates how they work.
  • Price: Cheaper companies usually work with temples and cut corners in the quality department, but the most expensive animation services don’t necessarily guarantee great results! If you are curious about explainer video costs you can read our article about it. When you are on the video hunt, it’s important to find a company that can deliver the quality that your business needs at a budget that works for you. 

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Top 10 Video Animation Services Out There

Now that you know what we accounted for when picking them, it’s time to introduce our selection of the 10 best video service companies!

  • Yum Yum Videos
  • Epipheo
  • Wyzowl
  • Demo Duck
  • Explainify
  • Sandwich Video
  • Thinkmojo
  • Switch Video
  • Studio Pigeon
  • Blend

#1 Yum Yum Videos – Video Animation Services

We know how this looks, but bear with us for a sec before rolling your eyes 😉 We wouldn’t put ourselves on the list if we didn’t genuinely believe that our talented and committed team could deliver the top-tier video animation services you are looking for!

However, that doesn’t happen by accident! Here’s a brief glimpse into what sets our company apart from most others!

  • Every single video we create is fully customized to our client’s needs. 
  • Our signature brand is to offer top of the industry quality services
  • Related to the previous point, we achieve said quality through a remarkable video production process that we’ve perfected over the years.
  • We deliver a price-quality guarantee that’s second to none. 
  • Our mission is to help our clients grow their businesses, which is why we provide an integrated video marketing strategy

By sticking to those guidelines, we’ve developed animated videos for hundreds of companies around the world. From small startups to some of the most important brands in the world, such as Red Bull, DocuSign, Walmart, and McKesson. 

All that said, we would rather let our work do the talking for us! 

You can also hear how our clients feel about our video animation services:

#2 Epipheo

The team behind Epipheo likes to use storytelling to create epiphanies or “a-ha moments” through videos. To do that, they set up their team for each project depending on its particular needs. Also, given that the company was founded in 2009 and was one of the first ones to develop this type of video, you can count on Epipheo’s experience!

#3 Wyzowl

One of the most important things about Wyzowl is that their video animation services include unlimited revisions and fixed turnaround times at every stage of the production process. They also offer a wide range of video types: animated videos, product demo videos, testimonials, and interactive pieces.

#4 Demo Duck 

Guided by curiosity and creativity, the folks from Demo Duck has a high-quality animation with stellar scripts, for companies of all sizes. They mostly develop explainer videos, customer testimonials, social media content, and brand videos, especially for the healthcare and education industries

#5 Explainify – Video Animation Services

Explainify gives their clients what they call the “VIP treatment”, which means that they assemble a special team for each of the projects they embark on. All of the pieces from this video animation service company have a solid narrative combined with delightful visuals. Cool, huh?

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#6 Sandwich Video

Sandwich Video is one of the most interesting and refreshing video companies out there. They are known for giving their pieces a very funny and creative take, especially when it comes to live-action productions. However, they also offer video animation services that meet those expectations! 

#7 Thinkmojo

Thinkmojo offers their clients a “visual experience” by creating beautiful and high-quality videos. The agency has a very talented and experienced team of writers, animators, and producers that mostly develop explainer and product videos for the IT industry. 

#8 Switch Video

Whether it is for an email campaign, social media, or a piece for a website, this agency believes that great storytelling drives great metrics. And we couldn’t agree more! For over a decade, Switch Video has perfected their video animation service that mainly focuses on a smooth communication flow and effective time management. 

#9 Studio Pigeon – Video Animation Services

Studio Pigeon only works with animation with an emphasis on well-designed characters, so they are masters of their craft. They know that animation requires quite a process, one that takes a lot of thinking, drawing, writing, and designing – which is why they work with a very tight schedule. They develop commercials, educational videos, explainer videos, and cartoon series. 

#10 Blend

Blend offers a full video production to brands of all sizes, non-profits, and agencies. From pre-production and creative development to editing and music licensing, they help each of their client’s projects across the finish line!

So, there it is! If you are looking for a company that provides high-quality video animation services, you really can’t go wrong with any of the ones on this list. 

And, while we can’t speak to the other company’s production processes, we sure can tell you that at Yum Yum Videos, our main goal is to help you achieve yours! Something we accomplish by paying special attention to our client’s needs

We also know that the purpose of any marketing video is to bring to life a company’s unique message in the most innovative, clear, and effective way. And, for us, the only way to achieve that is by keeping an eye on the details that define a brand’s identity and voice, and listening to our client’s feedback every step of the way, throughout the whole production process. 

But in case you are wondering how that process actually works, we’ve developed a great video about it! 

So, if you are looking for a video production company capable of providing one of the best video services out there, don’t be shy and drop us a line right now! We’ll be more than thrilled to hear everything about your next project!

Summing Up

Reaching out to your audience and making an impact on them is often difficult to achieve. That being said, few things can stand toe to toe with a high-quality animated video, developed by a skilled and professional video animation service company.

And finding that skilled provider is no joke! As there are many things that need to be taken into account to find the right one for you!

The good news is that now you have ten amazing companies that can help your search start with the right foot. Each of them with the talent and experience your projects require to jump from your imagination, into a cool marketing video you can use.

Best of luck in your search!

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