Things you didn’t know about animated videos for your business

9 August, 2017  

You may not know it yet… but an animated video will do great things for your brand!

In less than 2 minutes, animated explainer videos will describe to your viewers what your product or service is about –and in an entertaining way. Not in vain, they’re considered one of the most powerful resources for your marketing campaigns.

Not everyone is aware of that power, though. People need to gain conscience on the great potential animated marketing videos have to offer -so they can exploit it! Allow us to explain some facts that will bring some light to the greatness of animated videos for business!

How to make an animated video

Animated videos will be watched and shared – and they’re cheaper!

When it comes to consuming online content, people will definitely choose watching a video over reading a chunk of written text. This has been proven by the amount of people (80%) who will watch a video in its entirety, in comparison to the amount of people who will read a whole blog post. 

If you like something that you watched, it is very likely that you will later share it. It’s been proven that videos can generate up to 1,200% more shares than text and images combined. A well-produced video will spread via word-of-mouth quickly, with 76% of users being willing to share these videos to their friends and family.

If you’re able to make a killer animated video for business, people will not only watch it, but they will also spread it all around their social networks. I mean, your own audience will become enthusiastic marketers for your brand!

When it comes to production, a professional animation video is cheaper than an equally professional live action video. In live action videos, you need to get actors, a location, set up a schedule for the shooting, hire a crew, buy equipment, deal with post-production, and in some cases it needs animation like graphics and transitions. All of these resources imply, and you guessed it right, more money.

This is one of our best animated videos for business:

They will leave a mark on your memory, engage your viewers – and connect them to your brand!

Animated videos are meant to last forever. Alright, maybe not that long, but it’s been proven that the chances of remembering a video are way higher than remembering an ordinary piece of written information. The explanation is simple: our brains are able to process an image between 50 and 60,000 times faster than a paragraph. They’re also able to retain that information with a whole lot more effectiveness than anything written that they have read: the information retained in a minute of video equals  almost 2 million written words!

Furthermore, animated videos also have the property of turning marketing or promotional material into something engaging. In other words, something that will compel whoever’s watching into committing to any sort of action that will benefit your brand. Even if they don’t follow your call-to-action exactly, your audience will gain familiarity to what you’re proposing. They may not buy your product right away, but it will definitely pave the way for more positive scenarios in the near future.

You just need to create interesting and appealing characters, make  wise use of the colors of your brand, and address your story directly to your viewers’ needs. And you can achieve this, simply by creating a custom animated video, which will fit appropriately to your audience’s demands. This is the only way in which prospects can relate to your brand, and hence they will be able to get close to your product, which eventually leads to making the final decision of making an actual purchase.

Check out this TV commercial we made on how to employ the colors of your brand to generate brand awareness:

Video marketing guide for 2020

Videos are enticing material for Google and YouTube

Videos can be turned into appealing objects for Google -the world’s most important search engine. You just need to add a detailed description, come up with a killer title and insert appropriate tags.

Consider this: videos on a website attract as much as 2 to 3 times more monthly visitors, which doubles their time spent on the site and adds a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines. Also, having a video on a website, compared to just written text, will almost triple the average number of linking domains.

YouTube can also be considered as another huge search engine, so you also need to make your video appealing for its platform: it’s been reported that almost 25% of shoppers say they use YouTube to search for a video related to a product they’re considering. Not in vain, 77% of marketers are employing keyword tagging effectively on YouTube, providing a number of entries when people search for content.

Videos are popular indeed, but having videos on your website will make them even more notorious! Prospects will be able to find it -even if they’re not looking for it! One of the greatest benefits of uploading your animated video to YouTube is that it can work as an independent marketing entity. By watching your video on YouTube, viewers will gain a solid idea of your business -without even going to your website in the first place!

You can be more aware of YouTube’s power, so find out more about how you can earn a great ranking there by reading our eBook on this subject!

This is our video “What is the Best Explainer Video Style for your Business”, which we managed to get to the number one spot on YouTube under our principal keyword “Explainer video”:

Animated videos will provide you with that amazing gift of more conversions and sales!

A vast majority of marketers sustain that video content produces more conversions than any other kind of material. Companies that develop their marketing campaigns through video, obtain almost 40% more traffic from search engines than companies that don’t. Another equally impressive fact is that videos that are put on a landing page generate conversions higher than 80%

The path to generating more sales and conversions is rather simple. Animated videos can speak directly to your audience’s hearts. If you are able to craft compelling characters who tell a solid story through animation, your video will become a bridge between your message and your audience. This connection will make the way for generating trust for your brand. And this is the exact feeling that will ultimately lead the viewers of your video to buy your product. A customized, interesting and sensitive animated video will lead to more sales.

These facts and properties are an announcement of a very loud truth: animated videos provide you with higher revenues, so you better get a bigger cash machine, baby.

You can watch this great video we made for Bulls Bikes to have an idea of how you can use a video to boost your sales:

Animated Videos will reinvigorate your E-mail marketing campaigns

One more truth needs to be told: E-mail marketing will definitely bring more traffic to your site. But that truth will get a little bit more relevant with another fact: the addition of a catchy animated video for business will augment that traffic by almost 50%, which will exploit the potential of your other marketing outlets. Additionally. Just by using the word “video” in an email subject increases click through rates by 65%!

You can enjoy all of these benefits by following the next suggestions: include a video at the bottom of your emails, right next to your signature; start your company’s YouTube channel, and add one video periodically there and embed it on any section of your website. It is also very important that you make a video that tells the story of your business. This is a generic video that could work as an introduction to whoever watches it!

This a cool video we made that could perfectly work as an example of your company that you can include in your E-mail marketing campaign:

Summing it up: animated videos are great – you just may not know it yet

Animated videos for business have recently become the go-to marketing tool because of their many strengths: they can be watched, which is the most preferred way of consuming online content; they are memorable, so your story will stay in your audience’s heart; they’re cheaper than any other type of videos; they’re a great fit for the most important search engines; they will make you close more deals; and they work great with your email campaigns. Is there anything there that you don’t love?!

Now, if you want further advice on video marketing, visit our Explainer Video Academy and download our free eBooks, infographics and educational videos to help boost your online campaigns.

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