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6 SEO Video Marketing Practices Your Strategy Needs
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Chances are, you probably heard already about how videos can benefit your website’s SEO. Yes, embedding a video on your website can impact many metrics that define your ranking...

10 Video SEO Tips to Improve Your Rankings

Video marketing is truly becoming the most powerful medium in digital marketing. According to HubSpot’s survey last December 2017, video usage is on the rise. Over 99% of HubSpot’s...

How to increase website conversions with video
How To Increase Website Conversions With Video

Many of the clients that get in contact with Yum Yum Videos wonder the same thing: how to increase website conversion through video. It’s no secret that videos can...

Step by step guide for youtube video ads
YouTube Advertising: A Free Step-by-Step Guide

Do you have your own brand and are you curious about YouTube advertising? You´re on the right track! YouTube is one of the most important platforms on the World...

YouTube rankings
Video SEO: 5 tips To Improve Your YouTube Rankings

If you’re reading about YouTube rankings, then you surely know by now how important it is for any brand to have a video marketing strategy in place. Perhaps you’ve...

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