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How to Do YouTube Advertising Effectively: The Complete Guide

As one of the leading social platforms and the number one for video content, YouTube advertising is a no-brainer option for video marketing. Not only does the platform have...

20 YouTube Metrics to Measure Your Video and Channel Pages’ Performance
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There’s no doubt that video is a fundamental piece of most businesses’ marketing strategies. And, when it comes to choosing the best video hosting platform, it’s pretty obvious that...

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Instagram Video Carousel Ads: Strategies & Best Practices
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It’s hard to imagine a time when Instagram didn’t exist. Since its launch in 2010, the app has gained digital ground by leaps and bounds, becoming one of the...

Instagram video statistics
10 Instagram Video Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2020
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How many times have you checked Instagram today? Once? Twice? Numbers being what they are, chances are, most of us would reply “a few” at the very least! Whether...

Top 10 Video Production Services in the Market Right Now!
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No one can deny it: video is the #1 form of media used in content strategies. And it makes sense, too – it’s an effective medium that gets companies...

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What Are the Best Video Production Companies Near Me in New York?

Given marketing videos’ growing popularity, now, more than ever, it’s important to find a video company that’s able to create unique, high-quality content. But, how exactly do you go...

The 10 Best Video Production Agencies That Can Elevate Your Brand

Promoting your brand as a whole is one of the trickiest, most important tasks marketers and business owners have to undertake. Do it right, and your company will experience...

Business Animation
Using Business Animation to Enhance Your Marketing

Some may think that animated content is just for cartoons, or (maybe) exclusively for educational content. But the fact is that every day, more and more businesses are using...

How to Use Social Live Videos as Part of Your Branding

Social Live Videos are changing the way that audiences interact with brands. Have you tried them yet? A lot of brands and institutions are including this kind of content...

5 Things Video Marketers Can Learn from Visual Merchandising

Video marketing is all about finding the best ways to engage your audiences and connect with them over the span of a video’s length. In that time, you need...

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