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The 15 Best Customer Testimonial Video Examples to Learn from in 2021

Last-minute resistance can be one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome when closing a sale. Even prospects on the verge of converting want that extra assurance of satisfaction:...

Top 15 Best Whiteboard Animation Companies for your Business!

Whoever said “the more, the merrier” clearly never had to search for reliable, quality services online. Yes, there are plenty of whiteboard video production companies out there. And if...

The Video Email Marketing Bible – All You’ll Need to Know

Email marketing has been around for ages, and with good reason – To this day, it stands as one of the most effective outreach channels business owners have at...

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How to Train Your Employees Using Video

Have you ever feared that, if a customer inquires about your products, your employees won’t know how to answer? Do you ever feel like your employees don’t quite understand...

How to Create a Call to Action in Video Marketing

Video content is everywhere, and its importance for marketing constantly grows. According to statistics, 50% of Americans who use the internet watch online videos on a daily basis. Cisco...

7 Ways Video Analytics Can Help You Measure Success

Because of their unique ability to identify attributes, trends, patterns and specific target audience behavior, the use of analytics has become popular all over the internet. With video analytics...

10 Instagram Video Marketing Statistics You Need to Know
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As the third biggest social network out there – active-user wise, – and an entirely distinctive visual approach to content, Instagram is one of the most important platforms to...

10 Key Facebook Video Post Statistics You Need to Know

With roughly 2.2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is without a doubt one of the most important social networks to include in your social video marketing strategy. Its platform...

How to Make a Promotional Video for Your Business? Best Promo Video Ever!

What happens if you need to promote your business in a way that’s useful and engaging for your audience? You use Promo Videos, of course! These videos are short,...

7 Tips to Write Effective Video Marketing Scripts

No matter the scale of your business or the industry you operate in, video marketing can add a lot to your credibility and reputation. According to data published by...

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