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Best 7 Testimonial Video Examples and How to Make a Great One!

If your prospects are on the verge of buying your product or service, they (of course!) want to know that what they’re about to purchase is great. The thing...

Video content for each stage of the sales funnel
How to Use Video Content in Your Sales Funnel Stages

In your different sales funnel stages, you need to know which types of video content will work the best. This means, knowing how to reach your customers at the...

How to use video content to close deals
How To Close A Deal With Video Content

Video is an amazing tool to help you close more deals: not only is it great to educate your target audience and generate awareness, but it’s also a key...

Why Do You Need Testimonial Videos To Build Brand Trust?

Are you ready to have the customer testimonial videos your brand needs? Of course you are. I mean, your products are obviously fantastic, but you need your prospects to...

How To Make The Best Video Testimonials

It’s time for your brand to have the best video testimonials. Do you know why? Well, just to put it in a few words, because your prospects need you...

Video Testimonials: Why, When and How You Must Use Them

Video testimonials are an incredible tool for your brand. This is because your brand is amazing. You know that, and we know it too. But, what about your prospects?...

preparing customer testimonial
The Art of Building Brand Trust: Customer Testimonials

We want you! To build brand trust (with customer testimonial videos), that is. That’s why at Yum Yum Videos we frequently share new blog posts about how videos can...

the buyer's journey
Types of Video Content for the Buyer’s Journey

When planning video content for your marketing strategy, you must do it in a smart way. This means knowing exactly which types of video content will work for your...

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