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Explainer Videos on Your Website: Do’s & Don’ts

Having a static, block-of-text kind of website is no longer a good idea. In today’s digital landscape, people expect dynamism and innovation in their content, especially from brands they...

What Are Explainer Videos, and Why Are They So Popular?
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There are many marketing tools that have been growing strong in the last few years. Some of them are actually useful, and some others are only popular. Few of...

What Is an Explainer Video (And How Will It Help Your Business)?
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You’ve probably heard about explainer videos already, and it’s very likely that you’ve watched at least one! They’ve become very popular in the last few years. But, do you...

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How Long Does an Animated Video Production Take?

If you’re planning to include explainer videos in your next marketing campaign and you’re thinking about how long it takes to make them, then this article is just for...

6 Common Reasons Why Your Explainer Video Isn’t Working

So, your explainer video is not working as expected, and you’ve started to think that this kind of video just doesn’t work at all. Well, not so fast. Explainer...

The Importance of Using Video for Your Business, Explained!

We’re in a time in which not using video content for businesses is almost a sin. Given that video is basically everywhere, not creating a video for your business...

What Is Motion Graphics Animation? (With Company Examples)

“That was a thrilling PowerPoint presentation,” said no one ever. As people’s attention spans continue to get shorter, giving your audience informative content is not enough to get through...

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How Long Does It Takes To Produce A Customized Explainer Video?

If you are thinking about including an explainer video in your marketing strategy, then this article is for you. Because first, you will need to plan your production timeline,...

What to Look For When Choosing an Explainer Video Company

We know – it’s hard to choose an explainer video company. There are a lot of things to be taken into account, and there are a lot of options...

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How An Explanation Video Can Increase Your Conversion Rate

We’re sure it’s not the first time you read about the important of putting out videos. The results used to support that statement are quite outstanding. Rates can grow...

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