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Selecting the right voice over for your video


When it comes to creating an animated explainer video, there are some things that you just have to get right. While the quality of the video has to be spot on, the audio is equally as important because it helps to deliver your message and form the basis of what will capture the attention of your audience.


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Put in a simple way, a voice over is nothing more than a voice that talks to the audience through an animated explainer video. Is it as important as many believe it to be? Is it really needed? In fact, why shouldn’t you do the voice over yourself? You will save money and be able to complete it quickly but in reality, it doesn’t work like this and certainly would not help to boost the way in which your brand is noticed.

Therefore, the voice and the actor behind the voice is what you need to focus on because this is what will give your video an edge over other videos created by competitors. Any animated explainer video requires a voice over. It is one of the most important aspects of a marketing video and it needs to be as relevant as the actual video itself. This makes it even more important to hire a professional who will get the best result out of your animated explainer video. So why should you use the services of a professional?

It is All About the Tone

If you think that adding the right tone to your story is easy, think again. A Professional voice over will be able to add the right tones as well as the right pauses when required. If the voice over is uninspiring, boring and lacking tone, the audience will simply switch off and that will mean that your video will fail miserably. Check this perfect example:

Can you tell the funny accent? This adds personality to the video.

Your Audience Will Feel Like They Have Been Identified

You will want your animated explainer video to be influential in every way and it will be, if you have the right voice over actor. They can make your audience feel like you are representing them and this will make them feel like they have been identified with. Understanding your audience will help you to choose the right voice actor for your animated marketing video.

They Show You Can be Trusted

Your audience want to be able to build trust with your brand and your product/service. This is what your video aims to achieve but a voice over will add a level of credibility that will make your audience feel like they can relate to you. You will need to use a native voice over because the familiarity will work wonders. Failing to do so, will make your viewers feel like they are watching a video that is not aimed at them.

A Voice Over will Help your Audience to Take Action

At this point you will already understand how important a voice over really is and how it can enhance your video marketing. The idea is that it results in your audience taking action by purchasing your goods or services. This will mean that your voice over will need to announce the call to action clearly and concisely. This will direct your customers to the action that you want them to perform. The right voice over will take them by the hand and guide them in the right direction. Check Picniic’s video for a better picture…

What will a Voice Over Bring to Your Video?

Now that you know what they can do for your video, you need to understand what they can bring to your video from a professional perspective. The right voice over will make it easier for you audience to understand your message.

They Introduce Character

When you decide to use a professional voice actor, you know that your video is in safe hands. This is because they have the ability to add character and personality in a way that will give your video an extra dimension. Their interesting voice that delivers enlightenment and complexity in a way that cannot be delivered by everyone will have viewers hanging on to every word.  This will create excellent brand awareness.

It Will Sound Great

What will be a crucial factor in the success of your video is the way in which it makes your viewers feel that your video consists of nothing but quality. This is all about representing your brand and that is what your animated explainer video sets out to achieve. If the quality is great then the audience will want to continue to watch but also understand what your company is all about.

Your video has to have excellent visuals and that will mean that the right equipment will have to be used which is why a production company like us can make a real difference. When you use the right equipment and professionals (the best explainer video company) to create an animated video you will want a voice over that is professional and matches the quality of the content because this will make your video stand out.

A Voice they Have Trust In

If you want your audience to become full paying customers then you will need them to believe in you and your product or service. Your visitors will take in the voice that you use on your animated marketing video and so, they will need to feel like it is speaking to them as individuals. This will make them feel as though you understand their needs and you are doing all you can to help solve their problems.

It Needs to be Easy to Remember

You will need your video to stick in the minds of your audience. You want them to see your brand and associate it with who you are and what you are all about. This is where voice overs can become part of the overall brand. In fact, they can be catchy and that will instantly make your brand recognizable. When you consider some of the biggest brands in the world, many have had a voice over on their ads or videos that can be instantly recognized and that makes their brand stick in the minds of their audience.

When it comes to choosing a voice over actor, you may want to consider someone who you can work with over a longer period and in the future. This will provide your brand and your videos with an element of consistency and that will look great for your business.


Where can you find a voice over actor?

At Voices.com, clients have access to over 200,000 voice over actors with many being used by brands that are known around the world. The list includes Microsoft, Reader’s Digest and the History Channel. Animated explainer videos can take on a number of different identities, depending on the needs and this would mean that certain voice over actors will be required. The marketing video may be used in a number of countries which would require voice actors in a number of languages and that is why a company like Voices.com is a great choice.

Having access to a wide range of voice over actors is ideal for the production of all animated marketing videos and it makes the process a lot more efficient.

Another option is Voicebunny.com. Creating an animated marketing video that requires a message to be delivered, needs to have a voice over that works on every level. Having more than 28,000 voice actors to choose from makes it possible to find one that fits the role of the voice in your animated marketing video. A voice over actor will provide the right touch of emotion and tone and that will help to lift your video to a level that will make it professional and appealing.

Wherever your voice actor comes from, it is vital that your video production company selects one that is perfect for your needs. There are a number of ways in which a voice over actor can be found but using an online platform provides access to thousands of professionals instantly. This kind of access and simplicity makes it possible for your video to remain on schedule and become a success.


You should, by now, understand just how important a voice over really is. They are more than just an actor using their voice to talk over a video. They are professional voice actors who understand what you require and what your video needs. They are a crucial part of the success of your animated video and that is why you need to get it right. Your message has to be delivered to your audience in the correct way and that is done through a professional voice actor. They will set the tone and represent your company through a voice over that will communicate to your audience on every level. Their ability to follow a script and add in any emotion that you require will make using a voice over actor a good investment.


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